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hey folks so if you were recently put a
comment on one of my videos asking if I
could do a review on use police vehicles
and if they’re a good buy and the answer
to that is a very very difficult answer
provide mainly because different law
enforcement agencies have different
maintenance cycles in different ways
that they treat their vehicles generally
your smaller agencies let’s just say
agencies with less than 20 patrol
vehicles don’t really adhere to the same
maintenance schedules that you might see
on larger agencies and I say that
because I work specifically with law
enforcement agencies quite a bit and
specifically their fleet vehicles and
there’s an old saying that if it can be
broken a cop can break it and I see that
all the time you know you look at a
panasonic toughbook cf-19 computer which
is arguably one of the strongest
computers ever built
is pure milspec it is a tank of a
computer I’ve seen them completely
destroyed after being in the hands of a
patrol officer for six months whereas
you can deploy these things die rack and
they come back still working and it’s
not because they’re being purposely
destroyed but it’s generally because of
a rush to action you’re using if
something happens you leave it on the
top of your patrol car you back over it
and falls off the top you run over and
things like that happen
happens to all the equipment that that
really is attached to or is around a pro
car now that being said police vehicles
are stressed in ways that most non
police vehicles aren’t and I’ll give you
an example if you see a police vehicle
for sale at auction with 140,000 miles
on it you may think well you know that
vehicle has relatively low miles you buy
a Tahoe or you buy some other vehicle
you know that may not be an excessive
number of miles but the part that you
don’t see is engine hours many of those
vehicles are sitting idling on the side
of the road for hours upon hours upon
hours and have a tremendously high
number of engine our utilization on the
engine which is almost as bad as driving
models and in many cases they have the
equivalent of 300 to 400 thousand miles
on the engine just because it’s been
idling so often the same thing holds
true for EMS vehicles ambulances
so if you find a really good deal on a
Tahoe or on a police interceptor you
know you’re seeing more and more of
crown vics being decommissioned and up
for sale and auctions it may be worth
your time to invest in one of those
little scanners that can actually scan
the engine hours off of the control
module on the vehicle only because you
might be surprised now that being said
there are several law enforcement
agencies that take their budget very
seriously and they try to get the most
out of their cars for the longest period
of time so they adhere to a very strict
maintenance schedule on their vehicles I
know for a fact Customs and Border
Protection or border control they have
one of these strictest maintenance
schedules on their vehicles mainly
because their vehicles tend to be
off-road and you may have an agent by
himself out in the middle of nowhere for
an extended period of time and the last
thing you want is a vehicle broken down
on you
you’re starting to see a bit of a
transition with the types of police
vehicles that are out there you know you
look 10 15 years ago all you really saw
were Crown Victorias and now you’re
seeing more of a mix a lot of police
Tahoe’s with the police pursuit package
or the PPP package you’re seeing a lot
of Ford Explorers it’s actually called
an interceptor SUV and Interceptor cars
with Taurus and the big difference
between those two vehicles is and what I
mean between the Tahoe and the
interceptor SUV or the Ford Explorer is
really the cost of the size of course
once Ford ones GM but most law
enforcement agencies are going to decide
on one or the other based on cost and
the Explorer or the interceptor SUV
generally costs about $7,000 less than a
Tahoe now a lot of folks don’t realize
that buying these vehicles is just the
first part of it in many cases cities
can purchase these vehicles off of a
contract that’s already been
pre-negotiated that gets the vehicle
already equipped with about 80% of the
gear it needs from the cage to the
overhead light bars to the strobe lights
the sirens things like that and all the
agency really has to add to it is the
MDT or the the computer the mobile data
if a police agency is purchasing just
the bare-bones vehicle which is the
interceptor package of the PPP package
with no cage stripped down and they’re
having up fit the vehicle they may get
the SUV or the Ford SUV for you know
twenty five thousand dollars they may
get the Chevy Tahoe for thirty thirty
one thousand dollars but by the time
they up fit that vehicle to where it
needs to be to be ready to be used out
in the field they’ve generally added an
additional twenty to thirty thousand
dollars worth of equipment per vehicle
of course some agencies have a much more
conservative approach to it so they may
not put you know a five thousand dollar
mobile data terminal or computer inside
your vehicle they may not put an
advanced AVL or GPS tracking system
inside that vehicle they may not opt for
cages in all of their cars or certain
packages sometimes they’ll go with the
smaller engine in Ford’s case you can
either pick an all-wheel drive or two
wheel drive same with General Motors so
there’s all sorts of different options
believe it or not even the light bar
configuration going with the Whelan
liberty or justice light bar can be mean
the difference in thousands of dollars
per vehicle and some of these vehicles
are lit up like Christmas trees they put
strobe lights all over them and those
lights are extremely expensive and
they’re not the little cheap ones that
you buy off of Amazon or off eBay these
lights are generally going to
anywhere between 50 and 150 dollars per
light and those are those small ones
that you see flashing all over so
another concern is the cost of the
camera system so a lot of times they are
going to go with something like a
Panasonic arbitrator and that’s going to
be their camera system our DVR recording
system for when they pull someone over
they may even have an on officer camera
that links to the vehicle the radio
systems all of that can easily account
for twelve to fifteen thousand dollars
worth of gear if an agency opts to put
radar equipment in their vehicles again
that’s several thousand dollars added so
by the time everything said and done
it’s not unusual for a traditional
patrol car to be equipped and have a
total price of anywhere between fifty to
sixty thousand dollars even though the
vehicle itself may be half that
so again the main point of this video
though is is it a good buy as long as
you realize what you’re getting into if
you have some basic mechanics knowledge
and you can do some work on your
vehicles and it may be a great buy most
of the times these vehicles sell at
options super cheap but just keep in
mind that if you’re expecting to get
into a vehicle that is going to last you
a long time just keep in mind that that
vehicles probably been in service even
if you can’t tell by looking at the
odometer for you know an excessive
amount of engine idling hours as well as
just wear and tear on the suspension
components the chassis and the
transmission many people get into former
police vehicles just to find out that
the transmission fails on shortly after
or they have a major component that
fails on the engine or starter a power
steering pump things like that to start
to go out simply because these vehicles
are really stressed out to the max at
anyways I hope this answers that
question I hope I didn’t make it more
confusing for you if I did I apologize
anyways if you like my videos please
like and subscribe to my channel thank

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Used police cars chicago
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