Toyota Corolla Oil FILTER ONLY Change, Can It Be Done?

Toyota Corolla Oil FILTER ONLY Change, Can It Be Done? - Government Car Auctions

Toyota Corolla Oil FILTER ONLY Change, Can It Be Done?

okay guys I’m doing a quick video here
to help out anybody trying to do a oil
change on a 2012 Toyota Corolla with a
plastic oil filter housing might have
heard all the store or er stories about
stuck filter housings well I’m in that
boat you know of course the first step
you do is drain the oil out of your
engine and then and now you have no oil
in your engine you put your drain plug
back in attempt to remove the oil filter
cap only you can’t get it off so now I’m
like crap what am I going to do all I
had was this strap wrench and I’m almost
cracking a housing trying to get it off
so I quit and poured my good oil into
the engine and didn’t change the filter
because I couldn’t get the housing off
so that leads me to do not attempt an
oil change on your 2012 Toyota Corolla
unless you get this I’m try to yep but
make sure you get this one I got this
one at for me it was Napa it wasn’t
cheap it was fairly expensive I think it
was in the $40 range there’s a 3/8 drive
and also 27 millimeter hex on it which
is what I’m going to use I’m going to
actually use it in my 27 millimeter
socket here to take the strain off the
corners of the casting it’s a

Toyota Corolla Oil FILTER ONLY Change, Can It Be Done? - Government Auctions Cars For Sale

Toyota Corolla Oil FILTER ONLY Change, Can It Be Done?
high-quality casting it’s not cheap
because it was $44 things I bought this
thing I practice auto I don’t think it’s
going to work it’s our version of Harbor
Freight it’s a decent 64 millimeter
socket for a filter housing but all the
stories I hear is that this will end up
damaging more than it will help you need
something here that actually has the
splines that log into the outside of the
cap which you’ll see in a minute once I
click up there is one let you know if
you’re thinking we’ll do an oil change
on your car and you don’t have this
right here forget it go get this first
okay get this thing up and I’m making
sure I put the power up you guys figured
out on your own I’m just going to show
you if you can actually do a filter only
change that’s my whole purpose here is
to see if I can do a Philips after I
dump my oiling I want to see if I can
somehow save that or if not I got a or
fresh oiling which I already have pipe
the book most expensive oil change in
history and it get back to you once I’ll
get this thing up and reposition
underneath job
okay guys underneath the car you can see
there’s the housing there there’s the
little clip that they’re talking about
that you have to get out of the way so I
was initially trying to use one of these
things right around here like that and
then you try to undo it and normally
that would anything else I’ve ever
worked on this workers fine
I didn’t have the exact right thing a
strap wrench always seemed to work on
this kind of stuff but you’ll you’ll
break this housing I think so I got this
part right here which fits on there and
dogs in hopefully in my clock there we
go right there like that so if you don’t
have this tool
my advice would be don’t go it forward
with your oil change and get it so right
now I haven’t changed drain the oil out
of this engine because it’s full of my
precious expensive synthetic oil and I’m
going to temp to see if I can do a
filter only change with the new tool
here and hopefully I don’t break the
housing in the process so this is to
find out if I can actually use the oil
now I’m not a professional video guys
what happens here Oh
Oh daughter got it yeah don’t even
attempt this without this tool you will
regret it so let’s see how much we’re
going to get don’t drain well well know
this can be a mistake
okay huge mess
oh here comes we’re going to be a gusher
not too bad well better than dumped
enough five liters of oil I guess I’ll
get all five degrees out of it let’s
Helen get this new filter in here that’s
I’ll next put a decent quality filter in
there too and last oil change wasn’t
expecting that
hey guys
camera cut out I mean I don’t know why I
guess my video links only set for five
minutes so using my phone to do this so
there’s what I lost I don’t know how
that works out too if maybe even half a
leader I think that was just what was
inside the filter housing I did not
change the or drain the oil out of the
pan so I did this because like I said I
couldn’t get the filter housing off so
your options are you know he has a good
tool that I got this one at Napa like I
said it was like $40 this is like your
$10 Harbor Freight slash princess auto
thing which I’d never attempted to use
because I think it would have been a
disaster and then strap wrench so you
probably use cheap tool or the strap
wrench if you know your filter housing
is on loose like hasn’t been jacked down
by some girl
but from what I’ve seen of there there’s
a lot of these filter housings are it’s
just stuck in there not the one that I
pulled off this guy was pretty tight too
so there’s no need for them to be that
type of knowing in there and a little
keeper spring so and we you don’t have
to jack your filter housing on real
tight just tilt bottoms out you’re good
right that’s it man
good luck you later okay guys in summary
I so I dropped the car down off jack
I started up ran it for a little bit and
check the dipstick and it’s right up
levels are right up under the caning
tell that I’ve pulled the filter housing
off so in summary can you change the
filter only on your 2012 Toyota Corolla
the answer is yes yes you can you can
change only the filter and the amount of
oil you’re going to use loses negligible
so good luck later

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