Synthetic Oil Change Intervals: How Often? What Filter? What Oil? Who to Trust?

Synthetic Oil Change Intervals: How Often? What Filter? What Oil? Who to Trust? - Government Car Auctions

Synthetic Oil Change Intervals: How Often? What Filter? What Oil? Who to Trust?

you know I have to say I really love
changing the oil and the oil filter in
these m112 b6s an m113 v8 mercedes-benz
engines look at the location of the oil
filter not only is the location nice but
when you pull the filter out it doesn’t
leak all over the place so you can just
pull this straight up like that and it’s
going to drip a little bit then you just
put it in a drip pan and set it aside
but let’s talk a little bit more about
filters not all filters are created
you know with this long oil change
interval recommendation on most of these
newer engines I think the synthetic oil
does just fine but I’m a little
suspicious about how well the oil
filters fair I’ve pulled a lot of these
oil filters out at 10,000 miles and man
they are filthy particularly when the
engine gets over about eighty thousand
miles and of course when it gets up to
140 thousand miles like this car here
this e320 wagon I don’t go with the ten
thousand mile interval okay
and I’ve had so many emails over the
last twenty years

Synthetic Oil Change Intervals: How Often? What Filter? What Oil? Who to Trust? - Government Auctions Cars For Sale

Car synthetic oil change
Kent what do you recommend for oil Kent
what do you recommend for oil change
intervals and so on and so forth emember
this is a lot of this is an opinion this
is my opinion this is what I do with my
own cars so I’m just going to let you
know that right up front this is my
opinion I don’t have any hard and cold
scientific facts which are going to
support everything I’m going to say in
this video but if you think about it
logically nothing I’m going to say is
going to do harm if anything if you
stick with the original oil change
intervals up to the end of life of an
engine maybe at 250 300 thousand miles
then I suspect you may be doing some
harm you’re going to be spending a
little more money on more frequent oil
changes but I have something that I’ve
started recently on my cars I call it a
mid change filter replacement now I
wouldn’t do this on most cars because
it’s such a pain to just replace the
filler on some cars you get underneath
you know and you pull the filter you got
oil running all over the place but you
saw how easy it was to replace the
filter in this m112 engine so why not at
the midpoint of your oil change interval
just pull that filter out and put a new
filter in now is that going to cause any
harm I don’t think so
now let’s take a close look at this
filter and we’re going to talk about the
importance of selecting the right filter
if you’re running one of these newer
engines with synthetic oil let’s pull
the filter off this housing here and
take a closer look
okay this oil isn’t very clean-looking
either you know we’re looking at about
6,000 miles here when the last oil
change was done so let’s take a look at
the filter you know once again without
using a microscope it’d be really hard
to tell just how impacted this is within
minut particles but you have to remember
when an engine ages you have you know
carbon going by the piston rings mixing
with the oil and you know circulating
throughout the image of course the oil
filters supposed to take care of that
but to when it gets this dirty why not
just replace the filter now the filter
element that you use in these cars is
not just any normal filter element and
this is where you’re going to run into
problems if you just go into an auto
parts store and ask them to give you a
oil filter for your Mercedes m112
whether it be an M Class C Class C LK or
II class they’re gonna maybe give you a
paper filter and that’s bad okay you
want to use fleece filters let me
explain more if you’re driving one of
these newer cars with a recommended high
interval oil change like the
recommendation on this III 20 you have
to be really careful about the filter
you purchase there’s what’s called paper
element filters and fleece filters I
won’t go into the technological
difference between the two in this video
but just keep in mind that the paper
filter element does not cut it with high
interval oil changes when using
synthetic engine oil you want to go with
a fleece filter this is very important
as you already saw how dirty these can
get with ten thousand miles put on them
and if you’re running a paper element
filter some of these can even
deteriorate and fail over that long a
time period so stay away from paper
element filters all right stay away from
make sure you get fleece now I found
that even some of these parts stores
don’t know the difference so you you
just be careful where you purchase the
filters make sure that they are the
right filter we only sell the ones that
are made in Germany our filter of choice
is the Hanks there’s a couple things we
really like about it
the quality of the o-rings that they
supply in the kit they now supply a
white Oh ring at the top of the lid and
I think they did this because it’s
pretty hard to miss forgetting to put
the o-ring on you know a black Oh ring
against a black cap that’s kind of easy
but when you see this white one you know
the o-rings in place you want to put a
light film of oil on it of course before
you install it and the other o rings
need to come in place they give a little
bit of instruction but what I’ve done on
my website because we’ve decided to sell
these in a three pack I give you a
training video on how to do this oil
change yourself then you’re going to
make sure that you’re getting the right
filter and you’re getting the job done
right because another thing is you want
to be very careful how clean you are
doing this job I’ve seen a couple videos
on YouTube where it’s like you know
people are changing their own just
throwing things around and they don’t
even care about particle contamination
in this housing here oh I don’t feel
that way I’m a little particular about
what goes inside my engine and you need
to know that I use a very special
lint-free cleaning cloth to wipe out the
inside of that housing just wipe it out
very carefully because there might be
some sludge and other junk done in there
and of course you can clean this part
here completely with this paper towel
it’s going to take some rubbing and
wiping but you don’t want to use a
normal paper towel like this it just
starts to fall apart you’re going to end
up getting you know paper towel down
there paper towel stuck to your shaft
into your filter so avoid normal shop
paper towels when doing this type of
cleaning I’m not sure you can check my
website but we may even decide to
include these cloths with our filters
are kind of expensive but we may decide
to just raise the price a little bit on
the filters and give you some cloths so
you have those on hand when you do an
oil filter change on your m112 or m113
engine now what about intervals I want
to kind of close talking about intervals
you know ten thousand miles I feel it’s
okay up to eighty thousand miles
you say why eighty thousand miles well I
just from my experience of working on
engines you know from 80 to a hundred
thousand miles that’s when the wear
seems to start accelerating and what I
do is I
drop the interval of 20% so if it’s a
10,000 mile interval change when my cars
hit 80,000 miles I drop it down to
80,000 miles and then when it hits
120,000 miles and this is kind of
another point I’ve seen with engines at
120,000 there’s a lot of things that
start to wear out 120,000 miles you have
water pumps you have a lot of the
bearings in the front of things you have
motor mounts things like that you also
at that point may notice that your
engine starts burning a little oil and
so when my engines hit a hundred and
twenty thousand miles I dropped the oil
change interval 40 percent to six
thousand miles so on this car it’s every
six thousand miles and every 3,000 miles
I just popped that cap off and put a new
oil filter that’s my preference you know
maybe if I run this car to a million
miles and run another one that I don’t
do that to to a million miles and take
the engines apart I can show you my
proof but once again this is my opinion
it’s based on experience and probably a
little bit of logic and once again I
don’t feel you there’s any harm you can
do to your engine by lowering the
interval and replacing the filter more
often if you have one of these engines I
highly recommend that you do the oil
changes yourself I’m going to put some
links below in some of the other videos
I’ve shot on what happens when you get
oil changes that these quickly who
places oh it can be really bad and this
is something that can be very clean
particularly if you have a vacuum
extractor to suck the oil out which I
did earlier I’m not even getting under
the car and you saw how easy and clean
it is to remove this filter well then
you’re going to make sure you get the
right oil you’re going to make sure you
get the right filter and you’re going to
make sure the job gets done right so I
highly recommend this is a job you do
yourself we’re going to sell these
filters like I say in a 3-pack check to
see about the rags whether we sell them
as an add-on or include them with the
kit and then you’ll get that free
instructional video on the step by step
procedure how to do these oil changes
yourself and not only save money but add
a lot of peace of mind
so you might be thinking hey Kent what
about viscosity you didn’t say anything
about how thick oil you use well I
generally follow the manufacturer’s
recommendations up until a point when
the engine starts to show some signs of
wear that’s usually in the hundred to
one hundred and twenty thousand mile
range when I start seeing an engine
using a little bit of oil or other signs
of where I up the viscosity that’s my
personal preference it depends of course
on the time of the year if it’s real
cold in the winter I’m not going to put
a 50 weight oil in the engine but we’re
approaching summer here in the northwest
and I’m upping the viscosity on this car
because it has a hundred and forty
thousand miles it’s using a little bit
oil less than a quart between oil
changes but enough to show me that I’ve
got some room where so I’ve upped the
viscosity on this car to 540 instead of
530 and this is something you can play
around with I generally will increase
viscosity when the engine gets over a
hundred to 120,000 miles and that’s my
personal preference once again just a
slight increase to reduce oil
consumption and maybe give it a little
bit more oomph because of the excess
bearing and ring wear that might be
occurring in the engine you also
probably noticed I didn’t really show or
say what kind of oil I was using and
that’s deliberate I mean talk about
opinion this really gets up in you so I
don’t want to get into any oil Wars here
this is not the purpose of this video
say well this oil is the best in the
world or that oil all I would say is
follow the factory recommendations
Mercedes has a specification for oil
just check and make sure that the oil
you’re using is approved by
mercedes-benz and you’ll be just fine

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