South chicago auto auction of harvey

South chicago auto auction of harvey - Government Car Auctions

South chicago auto auction of harvey

question what do you say to yourself
when you realize you’ve made a mistake
we all make mistakes
oops I goofed I made an error for me
it’s like man I messed up okay so you’re
driving off a used-car lot
car you just bought and you glanced in a
rearview mirror and you see the sales
manager and the salesman you just bought
the car from and they’re giving each
South chicago auto auction of harvey
you probably messed up
you’re driving to work in the morning in
the car you just watch and playing the
radio and you’re reveling in your new
purchases everything is all of a sudden
a little orange light comes on the
dashboard it’s just check engine wow
check and then right after that another
light because that’s just service engine
soon like geez that’s can’t be good then
a red light comes on it says oil yeah
right oil you’re starting to get nervous
and then I’m flashing red light comes us
as ABS ABS what’s the ABS then the car
quits if you’re lucky you get closer
with a curve and the radio still plan
and you’re saying to yourself I might
have messed up maybe this has happened
to you you buy a used car you’re happy
everything seems good you get home and
you’re going to open the trunk see how
much space is in that trunk right it’s
this is a neat car you open the trunk
you look inside and they’re 14 empty
motor-oil containers in the trial three
and a freeze Jegs a set of worn-out
jumper cables a knotted up tow rope a
can of starting fluid and a empty can of
fix-a-flat you might have messed that
okay so you buy a car and three point
four years later you’re going to trade
this car back in and you find yourself
at a dealer’s desk and the salesman
comes out and you just get it sensible
then he says yeah
we checked on some things and it seems
that you owe more on your car that you
want to trade us than it’s worth you’re
upside down I’m not what do you mean
upside I’m sitting here I’m not as
the blood duration in my hair but I’m
not a side yeah anyway so let me give
you some help and maybe we can avoid
some of those messes I’ve been dealing
mostly used cars all my life some
motorcycle stuff but some of this
information may help you with a new car
purchase let’s get you ready to be a
salesman’s worst nightmare how we do
that most people are afraid of car
salesmen and it’s because they don’t
prepare they’re not ready they’re
they’re hit with a lot of things that
they aren’t used to the average car
salesman will work three car deals a
week not saying himself to regard but he
will average guy will work three car
deals a week the average car buyer buys
a car every three point four years what
that means roughly he’s going to work
500 car deals to your one so no wonder
you’re nervous but get prepared and
you’ll be surprised most important thing
I can tell you is don’t get in a hurry
applies a lot of things nothing more
important than buying a car

South chicago auto auction of harvey - Government Auctions Cars For Sale

South chicago auto auction of harvey sales
unfortunately most of us aren’t
recreational car buyers we we wait until
we need a car we don’t go looking until
our car breaks down or we need another
car we have a new driver in the family
we’re going on a trip really important
give yourself enough time you know what
I’m telling you a lot of the stuff I’m
going to retire pretty soon so I
I don’t have to worry about you guys
showing up with us anyway
they say come down to our dealership we
want to make this an enjoyable
experience for you bring the family
we’ve got coloring books for the kids
you got coffee and doughnuts bring your
laundry got washers and dryers in the
back yeah I stole that one but yeah so
really you should not be afraid to go to
a dealership they are there to help you
they got it they’ve got to earn their
money but they’re there I got somebody
else’s nul says okay so get the educated
find out what your job really is gonna
be you need to make a list that things
you need out of a car and do some
research go on is on websites find
information on every single vehicle it’s
built whatever your requirements are
four wheel drive gas mileage luxury you
need to travel need to haul things lots
of people look at different models and
get yourself educated so a Salesman is
not going to sell you something you
don’t really need it wasn’t always this
way seven to ten years ago buyers didn’t
have any more of an idea what they were
looking at didn’t they would come on on
my lot or at a car lot it would be well
I don’t know I got a whole ten people
what do you think in the salesman says
do you look at this nice red Tudor or
sporty little and you know not that way
anymore D P and I will say that that
most buyers car buyers now are
definitely more educated so make a list
of other different vehicles that would
suit your needs and go looking where you
going to go looking for a car
well course their car Lots you can go on
websites eBay Craigslist and there’s
always the Walmart parking lot all I can
say if if you’re going to buy a car
that’s five years old or older you need
to touch it feel it drive it look at
before you buy it so that that’s going
to exclude websites I bought lots and
lots of cars the cars that I bought over
the phone were always my worst mistakes
but Helena has a lot of car dealers and
there are a lot of cars here for sale in
a short radius Great Falls and beep even
more car dealers so you know if you’re
buying a five-year-old an older car you
it’s really important for you to look at
that car there are brokers that will do
the work for you
that’s up to you I don’t it’s going to
add to the expense of your purchase and
I think that if you do your homework you
can handle this yourself so you have
this list of cars and you go just just
start checking out car dealers and
whatever you find a couple that might
work the salesperson is only going to
tell you what he knows about that car
and that’s probably going to be very
little so what can you do from that
point you’re not a mechanic you’re not
an expert well first thing you can do is
get all the information from him then I
suggest you get the VIN number vehicle
identification number circulant you can
go online again the internet right there
are lots of different sides to the
Carfax an auto check or two the best
ones they have millions literally
millions of reports on vehicles so they
can tell you things like odometer
readings number of previous owners
collision reports
title status it’s all at your fingertips
before you ever do another thing check
that car out okay so it passes that test
now you’ve got this car you think might
work go for a test drive go for a good
long one you’re all drivers you it’s
it’s not rocket science and you don’t
have to be a mechanic you can smell you
can feel you can see dents so check it
out yourself if it passes your test then
I suggest you find yourself a good
mechanic an honest mechanic and one that
understands you’re buying a used car and
discuss the condition of this car with
him he’s going to charge you to do that
a good one well so he’s going to say the
brakes are 50% you got this side you’re
going to live with it
if he tell you the transmissions burnt
up obviously I’m going to be like play
I’m glad I talked to you but the big
thing is have a professional look at
that car it’ll definitely pay in the
long run now we come to the hardest part
of this you’ve got the car you’ve
checked it out it’s one that you want
you’ve got to negotiate with this is guy
and that is a scary process so what do
you do about that well there are Blue
Book prices again on the internet
there’s a nad a used car price guide and
Kelly Bluebird to the two most popular
ones don’t be Greg’s dealer a modest
profit he’s going to work for his money
the same as you do obviously you don’t
want to get you don’t want to overpay
but look at look at all of it if you’re
buying a really nice car the chances are
that dealer had to pay a lot more for it
so you’re going to have to pay more if
you think if you have in your mind I’m
not going to pay any that price for that
car and he tells you and you hit a wall
with him and he tells you yeah this is
this is my bottom line you’re not going
to buy that car ok don’t waste your time
if you’re going to finance a car get
pre-approved at the bank make your
landing is too
before you go to the dealer I’m not
saying don’t use dealer financing but
what I am saying is you need some kind
of a baseline if you know what interest
rate you qualify for and you know how
much what limits you what borrowing
limits you have when you get in the
dealership you have something to
negotiate with our dealers sell lots of
cars and the bank’s know this and they
give them an incentive to finance their
cars they have you right there sometimes
you can even get that interest rate
knocked down a little bit so car
dealerships a good place to get
financing but you need to have that
baseline information before you get
there so get get pre-approved add-ons
when you when you’re sitting at the
dealers desk he’s going to try to sell
you a lot of extras as a rule don’t do
extended warranties paint sealant you
know don’t do it those things are not a
good buy and particularly if you’re
financing who wants to who wants to
finance 100 art paint sealant for six
you’ve got to trade in how do I know
what my trade-in is working well again
you can go to Blue Book prices you know
what kind of shape your used car Xion
nothing worse than being out shoveling
your sidewalk looking at the truck you
just bought and your neighbor drives in
in your old truck so yeah I just bought
your old truck I know you took care of
it and you talked to him and you find
out he paid $4,000 more for that truck
than the dealer allowed you for it on
trade you messed up again so yeah
find out what your trade is worth you
will always be better off to sell your
trade in yourself a little more work
it’s your money the dealer has to market
your trade he’s going to make a profit
so yeah check that
Idina will have a trade-in value and an
actual cash value the difference being
the amount of he’s willing to discount
his car so your car he thinks your car
is really worth four thousand dollars
but because he’s willing to discount his
the car he’s selling you a thousand
dollars he can show you a thousand more
five thousand get his cash price first
how much care by the karffard never mind
trade it so he tells you
nine thousand dollars that’s my bottom
line we’re asking ten but I’ll take nine
okay how much will you give me from
right trading now you know what he’s
giving you actually so if you don’t want
to sell your own car that’s one point
Ricci buying a car off the street
Walmart parking lot you’re taking a big
chance a dealer in Montana has to be
bonded and insured he has to abide by
the motor vehicle laws if you buy a car
from an individual any any problems you
have you’re going to have to settle in
civil court and it’s your word against
theirs a dealer has to document whether
or not the car has a warranty dealer has
to document the odometer reads so you
have a lot more protection a lot more
recourse if a problem should arise
certain cases of a relative whatever
you’re buying their car it’s fine I get
that but be awful careful there are a
lot of guys we call them flippers they
buy and sell cars they have no license
they don’t have to follow any of the
rules you got to be careful to that it’s
the last page I’m right on that okay the
only thing I can really say is I got
about six more months left in the car
business if all this is makes you scared
come and see me I hope

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