Police car auctions los angeles

the boy Tony Turner here again another
week on to an auction today try to pick
up a vehicle or two that myself we’re
going to be you need to get him a car he
already got a car one auction but it
died so hard I number so I can get the
option there’s a paper in our number
right there there you go okay this is
what we got at the auction today a
couple clubs well we got a list and on
this list it tells us if the car was
abandoned if it was impounded and the
palms got a key and it runs what is this
this is the Chevy runs in power so I’m
looking at this to see what it goes for
a Chevy Malibu but like a 2002 Malibu
let’s see let’s see
popped up there see we got handling my
own fancy the mileage but you can
definitely look under the hood
see you’re working with
and so that’s this one have your mother
do not bad okay
okay this is another one – so or 2007
says it runs so that’s another one we
looking at potentially
we have three mining
all right so Jonathan bobbin Alero
for 700 bucks in 2005 go ahead and open
in the dough all right
all right so I didn’t put it on tape but
I’ll show you we pick it up I’m gonna
record the whole thing once you get it
and we pick it up but it’s in here is
locked out we’ve got to come back and
get it today so we gotta go get the
paperwork done first then we’re gonna
come back and pick it up so ii 2010 was
in 2005 i think i got it on here it’s a
silver al-arab some 700 bucks my kind of
little bit higher than I wanted to but
hey need a car
so this is what we’re gonna do I’ll show
you when we come back okay now I’m at
Secretary of State paperwork done okay
you just finished the auctions we just
got the vehicle we got it turned over
and everything and we just bought this
one for $700 and it’s pretty clean it’s
pretty good an engine compartment is
super clean internal arrow 2004 al arrow
so we’re gonna go home with it now it’s
a pretty nice car goodbye today so my
son has a car

Police car auctions los angeles - Government Car Auctions

Police car auctions los angeles

Police car auctions los angeles
yeah you’re me to driving a new job my
man yeah yeah no you don’t got a cover
we got that paper right there we can
drive I Drive it though just in case
something wrong young people you don’t
mean the last time to do it
nah I got it okay
here take my van you just follow me Lord
another no no no when you drive it you
don’t hear it ticking down there that’s
what he said you might hear a little
look up girl
yeah okay what I’m driving it back okay
alright I’m driving the car right now
right we find some place of something
going on with the front end on this one
too but overall I mean it’s that nice
pickup agent sounds good engine
compartment is super clean whoever did
it cleaned up the engine department real
good how you ride like that maybe I’m
too old for it now but
so I get home that’s it
this is one of those moments I’m talking
about what I say every nickel and dime
penny counts all right i’ma show you
what I do every night and it’s gonna
sound cliche cuz they got a commercial
in a guy say no no more like for like 50
years but it’s true so what I’m talking
about is I take all my change out of my
pocket every night and I put it into you
know I save it I put in a change thing
and then that’s it for it I never pull
it out unless I pull it all out so here
I’m gonna show you what I got so far and
trust me I’ve cashed your Sam like
hundreds of dollars in like coins and
I’ll show you what I’m talking about
okay in this thing is only quarters and
right now I’m gonna show you look it
don’t look like it’s a lot of quarters
right no it’s not a lot of course but
this one actually counts it so what’s
this here’s my change for today it’s not
that much change is one two three four
so like a dollar and twenty cents or
something that change right I’ll put
that here from now but look this thing I
like this because it keeps counts and I
only put the quarters in this particular
one so let’s see how many I got so far
okay let’s see see that’s thirty five
dollars in quarters right then look
that’s the only part of this thing
that’s thirty five bucks in quarters but
I never cash it in until it feels up
like I like to clean this up I’ve gotten
like a couple hundred like three four
hundred bucks out of this thing in just
quarters and I never take it to the
change machine because they charge you
so much to do it I normally roll it up
and put it in my bank account so you see
it’s still counting up thirty five so
you’re gonna witness with up to 36 bucks
oh I think my battery just went out –
that sucks on camera it’s 36 bucks
anyway this is my method 36:25 okay so
that’s all my quarters for right now
that was it like a buck so now also what
I do is I separate it so the quarters
one year I do knives of dimes and
nickels together here’s another thing
right that’s not so much right now
imagine that those are there you see
that roll in there I got a roll of Dimes
in there Alyssa yeah roll of Dimes
but that’s what I got now let me just
take the dimes and nickels in there and
the pennies go in this one all right I
got bigger things to pinch but some some
way I always end up way more pennies and
everything else I’m how that works up
and it goes in there and I got lists for
everything and that is part of a method
that I used to save money and told you
know you can use that money to invest
and I know what you’re gonna say oh it’s
just sitting there is not being invested
but I don’t care because that’s my
method you do with natural what’s
natural to you you do what works best
for you
this happens to work for me so that is
this part of the video but like I say
he’s like 36 25 in quarters
pretty cool and I buy those auction cars
and I get changed out of it this is
where it goes straight here at night
when I’m in my pockets goes here and
sometimes I you know have an end up like
two dollars and change in my pocket now
there is another method I’m going to
show you guys using $1.00 right like
ones and fives and it’s actually kind of
fun it’s called the I think it’s called
the 52-week challenge and what I’ll do
is I’ll reference that for you it’s a
bunch of videos online for a 52-week
challenge it’s actually pretty fun at
the end of it all you end up with like a
thousand dollars or something like that
thousand something dollars but I will
represent and let you guys know maybe
I’ll make a video of it and show you how
it works you know I mean because I’ve
done it but I’ve modified it because I
want more than a thousand dollars so you
can modify it to suit your own needs or
wants or you can make it less I mean
everybody’s on a different level you may
have something you want to say for that
is an excellent way to do it is fun and
then the fun part is that you’re
collecting like dollars and you’re
collecting like fives and I got to the
point to where you know I was just
collecting it and I wasn’t realized that
I was that I actually the same and money
but I was it’s fun all right
another method I got some more stuff to
show a cha

Police car auctions los angeles - Government Auctions Cars For Sale

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