Police auto auction chicago

Police auto auction chicago - Government Car Auctions

Police auto auction chicago

coming up the top 10 tips for beating a

Police auto auction chicago - Government Auctions Cars For Sale

car dealer how you can fight back and
organize a much better deal buying a car
is not fun everyone on the other team is
match fit and systematically
incentivized to rip you off if you let
them but it doesn’t have to be this way
here’s how to recognize the tricks and
sidestep the traps
Police auto auction chicago
car dealers are under pressure at the
end of the month every month that’s when
they need to report back to the car
companies if they sell their quotas
there’s a huge bonus if not they’re out
in the cold for the next 28 days so the
only time for serious negotiation is the
end of the month if you pitch a low
offer at a dealer who’s short of his
quota you might be surprised just how
enthusiastically he embraces it timing
is everything always shop at the end of
the month and pitch your offer well
below the driver way price dealers
actually own all the cars on the
showroom floor and plenty you can’t see
in holding yards out the back they’re
bought on credit and the interest on
that credit is substantial so the dealer
is highly motivated to sell any car in
stock now zero in on one of those that’s
where all the real discounting happens
there’s no such thing as an insulting ly
low offer because you can always come up
the car in stock now might not be
exactly the car you want you can use
that to your advantage if it’s automatic
and you want the manual tell the dealer
he needs to make it worthwhile you could
say that even if you secretly did want
the auto it’s an option if it’s silver
say you wanted red dealers will discount
cars in stock but if they have to order
one in the potential for discounts just
evaporates part of the trick is actually
finding a dealer with exactly the car
you want in stock now and then tell him
you wanted a slightly different car and
talk the price down if there’s a waiting
list you can forget about any discount
buyers are queuing up supply and demand
says there’s no reason to offer any
discount you can wait a few months until
the next big thing comes along and
demand follows suit or you can just buy
another similar car or you can buy now
and pay through the neck but when demand
exceeds supply is basically no discount
for anyone even without thinking about
it you might find yourself conducting
three transactions at a dealership you
by a new car but you might also trade in
your old one that arranged finance
dealers make it so easy to do this but
if that’s what you do you’re giving the
dealer breathtaking leverage and he will
use it it’s at least two additional ways
to rip you off they can leverage the new
car against the finance and also

Police auto auction chicago il
leverage the trade-in against the new
car they can give you a great price on
the new car and Bend you right over on
the trade-in and the finance so only buy
the new car from the dealer sell your
old car separately and arrange the
finance independently if you separate
those three transactions you block the
major opportunities the dealer has to
rip you off and it’ll be much easier to
identify any remaining ripoffs within
that single car buying transaction
always get the dealer to tell you the
all up driver way price get him to go
first then you take off 10 to 20% and
counteroffer with a nice round number if
the dealer says thirty four nine ninety
drive away you say I can’t spend more
than thirty grand but I am prepared to
do business with you now at that price
if he says twenty nine four ninety you
say can’t spend more than twenty five
if he says 41 nine ninety you say didn’t
want to spend more than thirty five I
can probably stretch up to thirty six
it’s not that hard to negotiate don’t be
intimidated talking about money the
dealer certainly isn’t at this point the
price is the only impediment so here’s
how to stick to your spending limit
you’ve got to make your spending limits
somebody else’s responsibility and it
has to be someone who’s not there if
you’re a bloke you say mate if I spend
more than 25 grand today my missus will
kill me
if you’re a chick lay it all off on the
boyfriend it’s his problem it doesn’t
really matter who holds the limit they
don’t have to exist but try not to make
it the Easter Bunny
it only matters that this person is not
actually present the absent third party
is essential so
you and the dealer you’re on the same
page you want to buy the car he wants
you to buy it so that’s nice you’re in
it together
the only speed hump is the absent third
persons limit they’re not present so the
dealer can’t go to work on them what a
pity because you’d love to spend 4 grand
more right but if you do permafrost back
on the domestic front and nobody wants
so he says thirty four nine ninety you
say thirty grand because someone who’s
not there is going to dismember you and
feed you to the rats possibly in the
other order if you overspend a dealer
says no way you go okay no problem I’ll
just keep shopping around thanks for
your time you shake hands and then walk
away if the dealer lets you go he’s just
not that motivated alternatively if
those bonuses are in fact writing on
your sale and that car is in stock now
you might be amazed just how flexible
the price suddenly becomes walking away
puts you in a very powerful negotiating
position you could fill Wikipedia with
the top lies and half-truths used to
sell cars dealers need you to transact
now before you walk out the door and
change your mind or spend your money
elsewhere they’ll say anything for a
signature and a deposit that’s the game
any alleged special price for today only
is a lie the other customer who’s
rushing back in with a deposit that’s a
lie big price rises tomorrow that’s a
trade-in that’s $8,000 lower than your
thought that’s a lie too and why are you
even discussing that you need to
separate the transactions assertions
about in-house finance being great are
lies that’s actually a half truth in
house finance is great for the dealer
but basically if you took away all the
lies used to get you across the line
dealerships would be big fat chrome
glass cones of silence the only safe
assumption is assume it’s all BS don’t
play the game it’s better to be the
organ-grinder than the monkey here time
for the golden rules if you’ve got the
how about you make the rules dealers
generate very healthy cash flow by
selling you a stack of things you don’t
need at extortionate prices paint
protection is a joke
so is rust proofing and fabric
protection you just have to say no the
in-house insurance is also a ripoff
it’ll be rebranded insurance from a
major insurer marked up by something
like a hundred percent the in-house
finance you’ll always do better
independently 0% financed that’s a
complete ripoff – dealer delivery charge
that’s like two grand for washing the
car filling the tank screwing on the
plates and making sure there’s oil and
water in the respective reservoirs I’d
be negotiating that down to well under a
thousand bucks meeting the sales manager
this is a classic – it’s not an
opportunity to get the price down it’s a
double team effort to get a deposit and
a signature out of you right now
twice the coercion half the fun just
don’t meet the sales manager it’s not
necessary being subjected to all these
incremental insidious vectors along
which dealers try to dock their vacuum
cleaner with your bank account is
certainly an endurance event they want
to try and wear you down and in the
moment you might just say yes just to
make the pain go away but remember you
need to say one word no there’s only one
way to tell if you’re getting the right
price if you’re buying a TV you can
always shop bingley again scogan the
good guys Meyer and David Jones it’s
easy but if you’re buying a car you need
a car broker what you do is you
negotiate a price at the dealership but
don’t pay a deposit or sign a contract
then see what a car broker can do
brokers buy cars all day long their
business model is delivering a saving to
you they use bulk buying power and their
knowledge of the retail market to get
the price down it’s surprisingly good at
it and they work for you once the broker
gets the price you can transparently
compare the price you’ve been able to
negotiate independently with the price
you’ve just been offered by the broker
it’s the only way to make sure you’re
getting the best possible price let’s
focus for a sec on the car you want it
might not look like a commodity but
that’s exactly what it is
there’s no qualitative difference
between the car you want a dealership a
and the same car at dealership B I came
out of the same factory that mothers
can’t tell them apart the dealership
doesn’t change them in any way or add
intrinsic value the dealership is
actually just a very fancy vending
machine when you’re buying a commodity
the only factor that matters is the
price lowest price wins that’s what a
broker delivers nine times out of ten so
fill in the contact form over there on
the right at Auto expert calm day you
I’ll put you in touch with an ethical
car broker who can see just how low the
price on your new car really goes the
broker can also put your trade-in out to
tender if you like the time or the
inclination to sell your old car
privately buying a car is not an
uplifting experience it should be but
it’s not it’s challenging stressful and
generally fairly unpleasant but it
doesn’t have to be a ripoff you can
drive away without being absolutely
systematically violated especially now
I’m John Cadogan and that was pretty
much everything car dealers don’t want
you to know thanks for watching

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