Government car auctions bay area

now calm you’re watching this video
because you know you’re interested in
the car business and you also if you’re
interested in the car business you’re
also thinking about where you’re gonna
get the car from the cell excuse me this
is this is hay fever season I’m in
Atlanta so it’s hitting me hard excuse
Government car auctions bay area
cars from all right so the base the base
platform of our business whether you’re
getting a metal plate or you’re just
getting access only is the wholesale
dealer only auto options what is it if
you just get it starting this business
perhaps you pick up some corazon from
Craigslist but you’ve probably been to a
few auctions public auctions the
government auctions police auctions in
your local you know auction house maybe
in your town this I want to talk about
the difference between a wholesale
dealer wholly auto option which is what
we provide in our program and the public
or public public or the government
auctions it’s a big difference for one
in the public auctions and the
government auctions the cars are taken
aggressively their repossessed they’re
taken if a car is taken for tickets and
the person doesn’t pay why because they
feel the car’s not worth what the
tickets are worth well the tickets cost
so if you took my car that a lot of
times are on a lower end of the value of
the market you know lower value cars
cars with more issues more difficulties
more repairs a lot of times there’s no
keys you know that’s what you’re talking
and with a lot of the public auctions in
your local town these are auctioneers or
these these wholesalers basically have
this went to dealer only auctions and
picked up some stuff for the two of
their dealer and calling it a public
they’re setting up as an option all
right so they’re still going to the
wholesale dealer wholly auctions so
about the public officers and the
government auctions what have you those
cars are taken aggressively and that for
the public right now
dealers are in the business of making
money the public is looking for a good
deal but dealers are in business and the
car business to make money so how are
they making money they’re buying cars at
wholesale from dealer only auto auctions
such as a desperate man I’m in others
those are the biggest ones
what does wholesale mean wholesale is
essentially when you buy a large volume
of a product that you get a discount on
that product you’re buying you know more
than one that’s how and that’s how
walleye makes all that money Walmart
makes their money because they buy such
huge volume they’re getting a dramatic
discounts on with their bottom right so
with the deep with the wholesale dealer
only auto options what you’re doing is
getting the privilege or the ability to
buy wholesale without having to buy more
than one vehicle it’s still getting that
discount that’s what it is what’s the
source of these vehicles most of them
are leased turn-ins
you know corporations buy at least a
whole fleet of cars when it leases up
they’ll turn it into auction they’ll
sell deals they’ll drop off into an
auction having sold or the bank will do
that banks on what the car is they’ll
take them to an auction to have them
sold that’s the main source and then the
second main source of the wholesale
auctions are when you are you know
typical customer is going to pikal
consumer is going to a new car dealer
and they’re turning in their five year
old car their four year old car or
whatever what is that car go the dealer
could keep it and sell it right they
only give me the customer below
wholesale right
if a customer turns in their car the
deal is going to get the less than
wholesale or maybe about wholesale but
listen wholesale for that vehicle
the dealer can either keep it and sell
it at full retail or they’ll drop it in
the auctions they haven’t sold but the
bottom line is that car has been turned
in it’s been taken better taken care of
it’s a high value of the car better a
better value for your money so in a get
in car from a wholesale dealer only auto
auction you’re looking at cars that are
taken in passively for the most part
they have been better maintained and so
you they have better value to sell good
every one every one of your customers
we’re gonna buy a car for you it’s
looking to get the most value for what
they can afford the most bang for their
buck your business brand will grow
easier when you provide high-value cars
valuable cars not expensive when I talk
about expensive cars to my value taking
his a better Joe hayfever here I love

Dodge Government car auctions bay area
your season so we’re talking about
auctions so that’s the difference
between the public auctions where most
people are starting out and when I get
in the car business and I you know
they’re not ready to do anything else
other than look at Craigslist and the
public auctions and you’re getting you
know you’re getting what’s left over you
know as opposed to the wholesale dealer
only auto auctions what we provide in
our program you’re giving top pickings
first you’re giving your tier one supply
Tier one supply will always give you the
most potential for profit all right so
we had six minutes here thank you very
much this is Gerard fairly if you’re
interested in our program and getting
involved without a dealer license
program which comes in two parts first
part is the actual dealer plate right
and access to the wholesale dealer only
auctions around the country and the
second tier a little bit cheaper you’re
just getting access only to the
wholesale dealer only auto auctions so
you’re able to buy as a dealer with no
limitation and sell as a dealer in your
home state thank you very much
links are on the bottom phone
on the bottom talk to you later