Government car auctions california

one owner car guy one owner car guy I’m
calm I got here in the dead damn middle
today and I kind of know where all my
stuff is but 8:25 is my main one and
there it comes
I got here just too late to see this
thing rolling through
Government car auctions california
this guy’s serious I’m gonna ask him to
pop it in reverse
are you kidding me I had to get the
dumbest driver here
I guess you could click it in reverse
where I can field engage real quick
well I didn’t feel half bad I like that
no reasons there’s no reason to be a
douche sisters he’s not that bad
you better pull up there that ox here is
gonna get mad this guy gets mad pretty
quick he’s one of the he is the fastest
auctioneer here
that guy was most definitely shoved in a
hole on that he didn’t have bitters he
bid me come on dude at least use the
coconut scene it’s not me I’m not bidden
but yeah that guy was shoved in the hole
on that he’s in it to move it to deep I
think not too deep too deep for proper
profit there you go
dat nominated me 12 of the 18 each well
Vardi a gardener who had to yeah II
twelve long gone
I’m amazed the ailing was that far off
so C will be our next car oh and the
limos already went through – god damn it
I missed them both oh man and it was a
dump truck – that’s exactly what Danny
wanted and I missed it
oh well he ain’t calling me back on
stuff anyways you don’t ever come around
and fix the cars that he’s helped
acquire let’s fuck him fuck him
this is not my Infiniti q45 I don’t
think no hundred ninety-nine okay
they’ve got it
a little bit different today this
however was my Mach one which I was
pretty interested in I would elect to
drive it I want to get a cobra jet Mach
one to drive nice little car which had
it been here Oklahoma for trade-in maybe
you’d be here next week oh man what’s
the Chevy I missed No
they’re saying it but I would have been
bid not better believe it with that list
man nice toolboxes and everything
okay now we’re caught up to where they
are now that we’re caught up to where
they are hopefully oh yeah this was here
well I mean obviously it still is but
help holdingford there’s a new card
trading of course they’ve locked this
one up
what do you big she said kind of odd
auction today it started on a half hour
mark nice srt8 why is it nice cuz it’s
yellow good how are you doing okay I
have no clue
got that sounded nice yeah that’s Saturn
I seen one of these here yesterday was
694 all over the mile
that’s the Saturn eyes looking floor
right here twin cam 300 liter v-6
holy hell that’s not even silicone RTV
or something that’s like clear this
supposedly has 55,000 miles
way to fuck up yeah this thing’s been
here for a long time there’s just
something about it that’s wrong never
it’s just something wrong about it okay
ss no bullshit ss what number was I like
see something higher in behind I know
that’s given to us would be the only one
that ain’t here yeah oh it’s c89 I’m
gonna eat anymore ease oh I did have
that Lincoln on there mystic on the list
I’m going the wrong way now it’s not
funny oh wait that means yeah I’m lost
here sometimes I got 125
we need 113 I guess I hadn’t quite
passed it up yet or something no fucking
clue SDPD Oh to 245 no it’s at 9:35 or
something there we go there we go
you know what pretty much just like the
one I got

Government car auctions california
the seat is broken
something’s wrong with the traction
control is that this cars got a good
cheap it’s only 109 probably around the
last year did you tile good-looking cars
man they hold together this for sure
hold together we want something like
that let me know because I’m telling you
this stuff goes so cheap here that cars
probably gonna go look at all these
Border Patrol thing that’s coming
through my dad’s late and he wants a
couple diesel trucks from them but
seriously that’s gonna go through so
cheap it’s a pitiful 12 to 79 bucks okay
there is a livery model library or
whatever delivery I don’t know Cadillac
at the other auction
and I think I got node bees
he says I didn’t understand what he
meant though I don’t speak Spanglish
I don’t speak Spanglish which I did
I’d be cool then
SD has been here for about four four to
six weeks one to say six at first opens
the flood engine accelerating cable huh
you gotta hit the stop even by the
ignition on this
yeah things all neat to help well I’m a
wrong side of the tracks I think this is
a ser or whatever life’s all about if
you can find yourself amusing whoa
kirbo Cooper just a hood thing no it’s
just a fucking it’s bright out
Thunder burger it’s just a thing pink
yeah we penetrated 172 on this bad bitch
just sounds so tight just great car ok I
see my suburban saturn vue spinning so
long no way to buy something like that
it’s getting hearing tested out really
good on like a date prior to auction
holy hell yeah
where is this bitch from not here that’s
you can see the whole the whole outside
metal is gone no look inside of it find
a reason to like it you know
oh hell brand-new cable on the breaks
cuz the other one rotted out block
everything the bumpers everything’s not
ready to go holy hell what stinking beat
a bad deal I give you 164 how do they
get these so hot all right
got it oh look at my hands 65 and yeah
mine runs fine it’s fine I just don’t
want to tell people that because I’m
scared of it
he said shit car
I came down here just to watch that
truck sell so everybody was like yeah he
didn’t buy nothing this video was a
waste of time you know what fuck you I
drove an hour and a half fucking wasted
part of my day you know I didn’t get
nothing out of it
so back again fuck you dealing cars is
not a guaranteed every time thing money
be 159 plus I seen a little mr2 up here
thanks forward little Porsche hmm that’s
some kind of special one oh that was
here – that’s right
he’s asking them to jump it
well you know Riley we was a ring on
that one not that one nice seat
I’ll be here for the cold start little
grocery getter
cute little motor
yesterday so whatever works right
so you already know it idles pretty good
everything I’ll just sit here an idle
probably huh little beater car I’ll let
it warm up and then I’ll get back to it
hey you thought we know then where’s
that white stepside pickup like a 70s
with two black stripes on the hood
don’t know just honor oh you know what
it might be might be over here okay cool
check thereafter yep yeah I’ll check
thereafter the back two jets weren’t
cool man thank you
that helped me a little you know
wondering could never find that thing
out here
this is gonna go pretty cheap it’s a
nice little looking something kind of
cheap I want I don’t want the 304 newer
I want 95-96 old or low Meyer super
clean and that’s why it’s cheap
that makes any sense if you don’t go
have your husband or boyfriend buy a car
yeah that’s what I said mark it down
go get him dude look up that one too
that’s it they start up to her again
four B’s they move the way they do this
every week I just never thought that my
life like finished good yeah this guy do
he’s leaving with that one he bought it
last week five nine looks like he wasn’t
an auction
the Jag no way it’s gonna start it never
has yet it’s the supercharged really you
guys take the fucking keys this week
like that’s gonna make it sell
British there you go I just don’t know
where that shit off had my got a new
pair of Google glass differently so
leaking oil like a sieve
clean little car 77
I can’t believe the owner of this car
will let it come in so late
nice little car do you 132 I’ll be
bidding on that they will be bidding on
this okay let’s see I looked at that
dart around 95 I think I know exactly
what one that was
because I’ve seen it I think it was
goldish beige-ish I’m gonna stripe maybe
a 95 though Wow it’s pretty old for a
well I just got through singing that’s
nice looking for anyway
not a Dodge no no fucking Dodge
our TV this one had a higher the miles
oh I think 162 looks pretty clean inside
one five eight that’s probably not that
bad for this type of a truck program the
PCM Chrysler authorized modification
they go v10 I think so Wow city bumper
cover guys way to go Dawgs well a blue
top Duralast Optima
okay I just tape it on them
that’ll work woo
Nelly no that is a fucking bumper holy
there is literally a plant growing
through he’s that miner
I’ve got to take a picture of that I’m
gonna no give scalability no such we’ll
make that a little picture but there is
literally growing in the back clean
it’s a decent truck I’m not a single cab
thing never happen never will be you
didn’t want that little organizer
however this thing’s loaded in and a
half or whatever oh wow
powerslide rear window I don’t work no
granny’s toast
and it is why not be totally toast but
it’s partial okay so much for this
there’s been a car walk around at the
auction it’s nice to I do want to 98 201
or whatever accident that way to do 132
that’s a long fucking ways away I’ve
watched many of your videos and now
after seeing this one I’m unsubscribing
I never realized you curse so much the
fuck have you been watching for the left
you know subscribe you lyin motherfucker
got out of here I think I almost put
this on my list but then didn’t
120 or something under don’t show them
does not show the miles
holy fucking sit buddy cookie Romano
over there
I can do
deep 5756 there are long ways away from
my car
alright let’s just see a couple go
through this Oh three odd-looking mid to
be seen
three four twenty four five twenty six
he said twenty six seven twenty seven
eight twenty eight twenty eight back
there to be negative eight twenty eight
yes 28 27
I’m getting out of here before this gets
too much more
something I have to do
okay boy on a car guy
come with the oxen and the breeder dog
needs to be wrong what we’re doing
did you cover this up you are such a
dork is eat it you dorkus
we’re doing I know it’s just fun it’s
just rough life I’m with you on that I’m
with you on that but I gotta get in here
I can’t go running yet I have to check
email baby bunch of commercial trucks
grid one solutions all coming to be at
yeah buddy where are their Toyotas I
think so homeboys gonna turn around here
in the middle of the street he’s a stud
he’s a baller shot caller I gotta go
back in the auction to whatever
by Clara