Welcome To The World Of Personal Vehicles

Still building the site guys, so don’t freak out! Keep coming back and I promise there’ll be more and more interesting stuff for your to read in the coming months.

Don’t be fooled by the site URL! I’m interested in all kinds of personal vehicles, from gliders to hovercraft, from quad bikes to electric cars (although the prefix ‘cheap’ has a major influence!) Nowadays the unusual is becoming commonplace and so we are going to explore the more exotic means of transporting ourselves around. Remember that film bout the guy who drove across the United States on his lawn mower? That is super cool and we need more of this stuff, not just thinking outside the box, but acting and actually living outside of any boxes.

Cars, Boats & Hovercrafts

Having driven everything including motorbikes, scooters, cars, trucks, small airplanes, gliders, boats, electric cars, go karts – have to say I love ’em all! The only thing is that we can’t keep killing the planet’s resources, so we need to go electric boys and girls. That’s all – take a look around, leave me messages to tell me what you want, and most of all have fun.