Dad’s New Bike

There’s a new breed of suptrikeer bike out there that’s heaven sent for the over 50s. They are safe, big and really look the part. Put on your helmet, stick on some tattoos and you are one bad boy out for a ride and trouble (maybe!) Some of you older guys might even go for a trike, but this is first of all tending too much towards a dreaded four wheeled covered vehicle, and there are also really expensive. A decent custom made trike complete with paint job and shiny chrome will set you back 40 to 50 thou, so best stick with you two wheel ride and just learn to ride it properly – you don’t need stabilizer wheels guys!

For the rest of us who like our rides precarious, and are the wrong side of 60, there are some great alternatives out there. Modern bikes are much more reliable than you might remember, which is a godsend really. Decades ago the Japanese bike industry decimated the UK and European manufacturers by simple offering machines that look great, were cheap and didn’t drip oil all over the place. Doesn’t seem like a tall order, having a clean bike engine, but those guys just couldn’t manage it back in the days.

The foreign ‘competition’ still dominates the market globally, but the old companies are fighting back, like Triumph in the UK and Indian in the US. Of course, Harley Davidson were never affected much – the American rider prefers it’s own home-grown variety of ride. For the rest of us there’s plenty to choose from. My recommendation is the Honda Shadow. It’s got a big wide seat for the fat ass’s among us, it looks great and it comes in two engine sizes, namely 750cc and 100cc – you can’t go wrong for $6000.

Honda Shadow 750Ace