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Online car auction chicago - Government Car Auctions

Online car auction chicago

around 7 million used cars are bought in
the UK each year there’s some great
bargains to be had but also some serious
pitfalls to avoid
according to vehicle history check
experts HPI one in every three used cars
it checks has a hidden history and one
in 20 has a mileage discrepancy and that
could mean that it’s been clocked and so
in this video I’m going to explain how
to protect yourself against these risks
and buy your perfect news car at the
right price to do this we will look at
how to spot signs of accident damage
Online car auction chicago
maintained vouch its mileage and history
take it for a test drive and negotiate
the best price but before we get into
any of that you first need to decide
what type of car it is you need after
all there’s no point looking at normal
hatchbacks if they’re not going to be
big enough for your family once you
decide on the type of car you then need
to narrow it down to a specific model
great source of information are the used
car buying guides on Auto Express co uk
they also give you information about
known faults for that particular car
once you’ve done your research you can
find a vast array of cars for sale
online and this will give you a good
idea of what price you can expect to pay
dealers usually charge a bit more but
you do have some legal consumer
protection if things go wrong whereas
you don’t when buying privately though
if you do your background checks
properly there are some bargains to be
had okay then say you found a car you
like and now you need to check the
documents the most important one is this
the registration certificate also known
as the v5c as it says on here this
document is not proof of ownership it
shows who is responsible for registering
and taxing the vehicle but you don’t
want to buy a car without having your
hands on this there’s a couple of things
you need to check in it first is the
chassis number so you match the chassis
number there to the one on the car and
yes that agrees which is a good start
also check some other things such as the
colour make sure the colour matches up
and that the engine under the bonnet is
as it says here what you can also do is
check the address now you need to know
this if you’re buying privately because
you want to be at the address that is on
this form because if you’re not and you
have a history check done it won’t come
with a guarantee and do not be tempted
to meet the seller at a convenient
location such as a supermarket car park
because if there’s a problem with
car after you bought it you want to know
where you’re going to go to go and
complain if you’re at a dealership they
will probably have had a history check
done on the car already for their own
peace of mind after all of all the cars
hbi check each day 649 is shown to be an
insurance write-off 30 a stolen and one
in four have outstanding finance next
you want to check the car’s mileage now
a good way to do this is to take the
very latest MOT certificate and if you
look here you’ll see that it’s got the
cars mileage the previous MOT test and
you can vouch that back to what it says
on the odometer to make sure it all adds
up you can even double check those
numbers there to the old certificates if
they’re present and if the cars got any
invoicing for servicing the mileage by
the mechanic will be noted down on the
invoice and you can check all that as
well and if you’re having a vehicle
history check done that should report
back any mileage discrepancies as well
can also be some visual checks yourself
for instance it’s a cost steering wheel
it’s very shiny it’s a sign that the
car’s done lots of miles other things
you can look out for a shiny gear knobs
should also check the pedal rubbers make
sure they’re not wore another place to
check at the seats in particular the
side bolsters especially the one on the
outside of the car from people getting
in and out of it rubbing against the
fabric and causing it to fray now if
you’ve got all these signs of wear but
the odometer is saying that at the
caused and few miles there’s a good
chance that it may have been clocked
which means it’s mileage has been
wearing back while you’re inside the car
it’s worthwhile checking all the
electrics when you turn the car on the
warning light should all illuminate to
show they are working and then switch
off you should then try all the switches
the electric windows the stereo the
heater fan all the lights and the wipers
then you want to check for known faults
for the particular car you’re looking
out for instance these z4 Picasso’s and
known to have bits of interior trim
coming loose so have a good look around
the cabin make sure no bits are dropped
off in particular check the path or
shelf because they can damage easily
also check these seats because they
really cool the way they move but you
want to make sure the operation is all
fine and dandy and yes this is this is
good this particular model has the

Online car auction chicago - Government Auctions Cars For Sale

Online car auction chicago il
automatic gearbox and I know that it had
a software update so you want to check
that that’s been done by a dealer so
just look through the service log and it
should be noted down in there
this is also a good time to see if the
cars been properly maintained just
because it says full service history in
the advert doesn’t mean it’s necessarily
true also find out when the next service
is due and what it involves if it’s a
major one such as a cam belt change you
could be facing a large bill soon at
some point you’re going to have to get
your hands dirty
to do some visual checks underneath the
bonnet you want to look at the coolant
level you also want look at the level of
the screen wash and the level of the
brake fluid because you want to make
sure that they’re fully topped up now if
they’re low it could suggest that this
car has been neglected of course the big
one to check is the engine also take the
dipstick out wipe it pop it back in all
the way then check the level because if
the engines been run without oil or low
oil you have done some serious damage to
it now this one it’s perfect it’s got
the right amount of oil in and you
actually don’t want it overfilled
because if it it’s been overfilled
there’s a sign maybe that someone may
have you know been constantly topping up
the engine because it’s going to leak
somewhere so if you see it’s overfilled
have a look around for leaks because
there could well be some now another
thing to look with the oil is if you
check this out
you’ll see it’s a nice translucent kind
of brown color and that suggests it’s
quite fresh if the oil is black it means
it’s old
now that doesn’t apply on a diesel car
because it goes black quite quickly
another thing to look out for is if the
oil is kind of a bit more like a
mayonnaise II kind of globular residue
and you find some of that in the coolant
tank as well it suggests there could be
a major problem with the engine so but
the car like that you’d probably want to
walk away from it looking for signs of
accident damage is also key when buying
a used car a certain repairs may have
been done outside of insurance so there
will be no record of it
check the panel gaps with your fingers
to make sure they are even if not the
car could have had a shunt also look for
overspray inside the doors and under the
seals inside the wheel arches in the
fuel filler cap and inside the boot plus
keep an eye out for mismatched paint
colors and any dimpling or blemishes in
the finish as all of these could suggest
some sort of bodywork repair if you’re
not confident doing any of these checks
yourself you can always have a vehicle
inspection done by a mechanic
one of the easiest things to check is
the condition of the tires now you you
want to make sure they’re in good Nick
otherwise you can have to buy some new
ones and they ain’t cheap so you wanna
look at the tread depth and you need a
minimum of one point six millimeters to
be legal and handling most tires these
little markers to say we’re one point
six millimeters is and this tire has
lots of tread left on it which is good
you also want to look out for things
like cuts or grazes around the outside
of the tire and those can cause an MOT
failure so these tires are in good
condition also you want to look at the
wear over the whole tire to make sure
it’s not an even uneven tire wear can
signify something simple just like the
tires have been over or under inflated
however it could actually mean something
more sinister such as a problem with the
steering also inspect the condition of
the wheels themselves badly kerb rims
suggest the owner doesn’t take great
care of their car if there are locking
wheel nuts make sure the keys with the
car check that the jack and towing eye
are there too and check the condition of
the spare wheel or if the car doesn’t
have one the foam and the compressor are
missing like they are on this Citroen
now it’s time to check the engine runs
okay it’s best if you can start it from
cold as a damaged engine will make all
sorts of horrible noises before it warms
up and if everything is okay it’s time
for the test drive though you’ll need to
make sure you’re insured first if you
have fully comprehensive cover on your
car it’s possible you’re covered third
party on other vehicles but check first
if not you may be covered under the
sellers policy
once you know you’re covered you want to
pick a route which takes in a variety of
road such as some dual carriageway some
twisty roads and obviously driving
through town and if you can you want to
leave the seller behind because you
don’t want them constantly yapping in
your ear distracting you or you’re
trying to think about how the car feels
to drive and if it’s got any problems
there are a few key tests which can
highlight common problems on a used car
and it’s really worth taking time to do
them because they are easy to perform to
check the clutch if you’ve got a manual
car just cruise along 25 miles an hour
then pop it into third accelerate hard
and if it revs rise but the car doesn’t
actually increase in speed at all yes
your clutch could be wearing go now this
cars an automatic and what you want to
check with an automatic is that when
you’re stationary and you move the gear
selector it actually chooses the gears
quickly then when you’re driving along
you want shifts to be nice and smooth
and you don’t want it constantly
changing gear unnecessarily because that
could signify a problem if you can on
your test drive try to find some uneven
or badly serviced sections of road as
these will highlight any problems with
the suspension if it isn’t potholes or
bumps then specifically drive through
them Tilly another good thing as well go
over some speed humps what you want to
do is listen out for bangs or clunks
from the suspension it’s called
absolutely no problem at all
let’s go annoys is are a bad sign so too
is grinding from the wheels rattling
from the exhaust or if you go through a
very sharp turn such as round and MIDI
roundabouts if you get a clunking sound
from the front and a front-wheel drive
car it could mean that the drive shafts
are on the way out
next you want to find an empty stretch
of road because you’re going to do an
emergency stop and if the car’s got abs
what you want to do is to floor the
brake and the clutch at the same time
and what you want to look out for is
that you get this pulsing sensation
under the brake pedal and that’s a sign
that the ABS is working and you want to
notice if the car breaks in a straight
line because if it pulls to the side it
could signify a problem with the brakes
also when you’re braking you want to see
if you can feel any kind of vibration in
the steering wheel because if you can
it’s a sign that the disks are warped
after you’ve done your brake test you
want to get to a nice straight stretch
of road and hold the wheel very lightly
because you want to see if the car
drifts either to the right or to the
left if any kind of veering off is
excessive it could be a sign that your
wheels are out of alignment or worst
case scenario the car has been an
accident and the chassis is slightly
bent if your car’s got it you’re going
to want to check the air conditioning so
turn it on then ratchet up the fan to
full speed you want to make sure that
the air coming out the vents is nice and
cold it is on this car which is a good
but if it’s not it could just mean
something simple like the system needs
we’re gassing and that’s not very
expensive to do at all however it could
mean something more serious such as the
compressors gone and that will be quite
expensive take at least 20 minutes for
your test drive as this will give you
enough time to not only check for faults
but also to see if the way the car
drives is right for you for instance for
a car like this you want it to have nice
supple suspension you want the seats to
be comfortable all the controls are nice
and easy to use and it’s dead simple to
drive in town or just on the motorway
probably want it to be quite as well
just going to be carrying your family
about another thing you might want to do
when you’re on the test drive is to
reset the cars trick computer if it’s
got one and then you can work out what
kind of mpg does in your hands so you
can see if it’s going to be economical
in the field
if you’re choosing between a number of
different models take some notes from
each road test rating the car in certain
areas to help you make up your mind
which to go for so you like the car and
you want to buy it but before you do you
should see how much tax is left on it
and when the next MOT is due in fact I
look at the MOT and see if it’s got any
advisory items on it because those could
cause it to fail next time you actually
use that to help negotiate on the price
now it comes the bit most people don’t
like haggling first you need to decide
the maximum you are willing to pay for
the car and stick to it
now don’t discuss any trading just yet
because often the dealer will give you a
great price on your old motor only to
bump up the price of the car you trying
to buy also dentally you’re going to be
paying by cash up first because it’s
easier to negotiate a good deal the
dealer thinks is going to be able to
flog you some finance if you’ve done
your research you should know what the
value is of the car you’re looking at
but I’d always go in with a cheeky offer
of about 20% below the asking price and
then steadily negotiate my way up from
there keep it polite but don’t try to be
too matey because let’s face it you’re
not here to have fun you’re here to do
business and if you can’t get there
dearly 1 just walk away it’s a buyers
market and there’s plenty of other used
cars out there if you do let the price
you like before paying up get your own
vehicle history check done even if the
seller has done one already that way
it’s you who is guaranteed if something
goes wrong if you’re not buying the car
on Finance trying to pay the dealer
using your credit cards you’ll get a bit
of extra protection from your card
issuing company also you’re buying
privately pay by bank transfer because
you don’t really want to be going around
with bags of cash and then hopefully
you’ll end up with your perfect used car
at the right price

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