Oil Change Procedure For The 2014 Toyota Corolla

Oil Change Procedure For The 2014 Toyota Corolla - Government Car Auctions

Oil Change Procedure For The 2014 Toyota Corolla

right here’s our 15 millimeter wrench
and get this nut off drain the oil
all right and because this is a
synthetic oil will let it drain for a
little while perhaps for a good 10 or 15
minutes and then we’ll come back and
start on the oil filter to remove the
oil filter on this vehicle that has a
canister here this is our oil pan and
this is the oil filter so to remove it
what we will do is that we will still
allow the pan to keep draining and take
our special branch there is a tab here
as you can see and you have to sort of
Bend this tab out a little to get it off
let’s smooth it out of the way okay
alright so what you best thing to do is
to take your special wrench and you
place it over the filter so it lines up
with these special grooves here so
you’ve got these notches in right here
these notches and there are notches on
the filter itself so we want to try and
line up one of these notches with the
filter there we go that’s perfect okay
this will be standard procedure lefty
loosey righty tighty

Oil Change Procedure For The 2014 Toyota Corolla - Government Auctions Cars For Sale

Oil Change Procedure For The 2014 Toyota Corolla
and they work I usually comes off pretty
easily if you haven’t torqued it down
too tight we’ll support down that tight
so should come right off
boy I want myself there
you can spin it off my head like so and
then you’ll see someone will start
bringing out
I usually do this with two pans I have
an additional pan underneath the the
filter so I can keep the oil in the pan
stop raining out while I do this
just let that drain out a little okay
there we go all right we’ll just let
that drink eh so now I’d like to show
you the procedure for preparing the oil
filter as you can see this is the
cartridge and this is the oil filter
that is sitting in there this is the old
one so we’ll go ahead and give this a
nice cleaning just to get some of that
old oil out
and we will have to change the oil ring
that comes standard with this oil
cartridge filter every time you change
the oil you change the ring so the ring
you better be able to see it but it sort
of sits like right here in this group so
we have to remove it
you can remember with a screwdriver
let’s up okay
comes right off
all of them
so then what we want to do put our ring
on this is the ring that comes standard
with the filter put this like so and if
you get confused about where the ring
goes there’s instructions on the filter
that tells exactly where it goes
those in the groove right here
simply slip on like so
all right just like that okay and that
is where the gasket goes just like so
then take your oil filter simply drop it
that okay
and the oil filter in the cartridge is
ready for reinstallation all right so
I’m going to pretty much show you how to
button everything up under here go ahead
and just give this a quick cleaning just
make sure that before you put on the oil
pan plug that I of the washer is present
or present on the plug we’ll go ahead
and close this up there’s supposed to be
a washer that’s always make sure that’s
so it doesn’t crush the pan okay we will
need a wrench go ahead and just pump
this up just keep in mind these things
won’t have to be that tight okay that’s
not good
all right yeah on our oil filter I’m
sorry I didn’t show this to you earlier
however just want to make sure that
along these threaded areas and on the
gasket that you apply a very thin layer
of clean motor oil it’s the same motor
oil we’re going to put back into the car
the reason why we do that is so that
when we’re trying to put this in this
has been all cleaned out I’ve cleaned
that with a cleaning solution and we
don’t want this rubber gasket to make
contact with this metal here and not be
able to turn so what you want to do is
after you have the filter put in just
make sure that you just which is thumb
on your finger apply a very light layer
of clean motor oil around the entire
filter housing all right and then this
filter housing
it’s canister goes right back in just
like this slips right in and very gently
make sure that you don’t cross thread it
should go right in just like that okay
and it’ll start to get a little tight as
you start to put it in a little muscle
all right so now we will use our wrench
again I went and change the socket on
this wrench I was having some troubles
with the other one it’s 24 millimeter
lug nut wrench that I’m using on the
back of the filter housing remover okay
so same thing as last time make sure we
get into the slots there this right
there okay put that on and with our
socket wrench
we will to start to turn this and it
eventually will make contact with here
we will turn it till it’s tight but not
too tight so this oil we allowed it to
drain for a good 15 minutes you’re not
going to get all the oil out of the
engine but allowing it to drain for a
good 15 minutes is usually good so now
we’ve made contact here
I felt that make the contact and we will
just give it a little bit of a turn to
tighten it up and there and then this
slides right off then keep in mind that
we do have this little pin here okay we
just push that back to make shorts on
there alright everything’s button up
down here I’m just going to do a general
cleaning of everything all right so now
we get everything buttoned up underneath
the vehicle we put the oil plug back in
and we got our oil filter back back on
the vehicle and now we’re going to put
the oil back into the car you’re going
to use our 0w 20 and the 2014 toyota
corolla calls for 4.3 quarts of oil back
into the engine if you replace the oil
filter so go ahead and do that now and
put our 4.3 quarts of oil back into the
okay so I’ve gone ahead and started up
the vehicle I’ll let it run for about
three minutes just let the oil circulate
through the engine and now we’ll go
ahead and double check and make sure
that we don’t have any leaks coming from
our lora filter housing which is here
and from our oil plug which is right
here so as you can see there isn’t any
oil sometimes you may have a little bit
of residual oil that may drip from the
bottom here from where we had placed it
on the threats so a good thing to do is
just make sure that you clean all that
oil with a cleaner and then start to be
able to make sure that there aren’t any
weeks so everything looks really good
here okay

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