Oil Change & Filter Replacement Toyota Corolla

Oil Change & Filter Replacement Toyota Corolla - Government Car Auctions

Oil Change & Filter Replacement Toyota Corolla

welcome and thank you for joining me
this is a 2013 1.8 litre Toyota Corolla
S when I opened up my car it says who o
w dish 20 and that’s synthetic oil 4.4
quarts is needed
get yourself a container get yourself an
oil filler you need to get yourself a
wrench special socket 9/16 I believe 14
millimeter socket as well and you’re
going to get a hole for one five two
dish yzz a six with the ring paper
filter and you’re going to get all that
look at that little design on the back
it says how to put the ring on how to
put the filter on very simple to do so
what we’re going to do is get started
and page 358 474 475 and 476 you are to
use o w 20 no matter what you can
replace 5w 20 in the car but they highly
recommend that you get it out of there
and put it back in a little W 20 next
fill so you’re not really subject to
this they may scare you so let’s get
started showing you how simple it is to
change the oil filter and oil out but
before we get started this is my very
first oil change and everything is at
hand tight from the factory let’s see
how hardest manaphy
okay everybody there’s no need for me to
show you how to set up pin and all that
good stuff

Oil Change & Filter Replacement Toyota Corolla - Government Auctions Cars For Sale

How to Change the Oil in a Toyota Corolla,

so I’m going to be pulling a wrench
towards me oh man was that so loose I
thought it’s going to put a lot of
strength on there one take
okay got some gloves on for protection
my pen is underneath here we go quickly
as it comes out and I don’t believe this
a ring on it there goes one right as we
speak ready to do that time-lapse
the yep the floor
called it a filter clean it up a little
switching the wrench over and that’s how
tight it was just like that but make
sure it’s nice and tight to spec there I
go because my next trip may be a long
one 1500 miles okay the very next point
spot is right over here which is going
to be a canister opening your filter
let’s take a closer look this is a
safety clip when I hit this part right
here it’s going to stop I wonder if
that’s all the mistakes people are
making let me bring it closer so you can
see exactly what I’m showing you this is
a safety clip it’s going to hit this
free it up by oh man putting a lot of
pressure on there okay now we’re going
to try to get that baby off you can see
how it pushes on there right it’s nice
and clear my cap goes on ready I’m going
to put a lot of force not at all look
how simple that was unreal a lot of
people complaining that it’s very tight
I wonder they’re making mistake and not
finding that that clip there do you
hearing me getting my oil next to it my
oil container catcher now if your car is
hot maybe that’s a problem plastic metal
don’t like one another my car is cold
there it is I’m going to shake it off
and now I’m going to get my hands on
there I’m going to try to get my hands
out of the way
I’ll let the oil seep out I try to catch
all the oil as possible and here we go
it’s just about free I’m going to try to
turn it around the correct way for you
there’s the filter and you can see all
the oil that comes out of it 1,000 miles
brand new car let’s bring all this to
the outside and show you how to set this
baby Otis the filter has it’s a plastic
top to it got this plastic eye ring
notice the way it’s facing those two
slots right there right where this part
is that I’m going to lift it right up
place that to the side there’s my ring
there’s my filter exactly identical to
where I need to put it at let’s take a
look like for like
not bad if you ask me push everything in
it has a spring loaded to it some spring
you’re going to find the ring you’re
going to lift the ring off you know put
the new ring on slide it down to fits
into that slot and let’s go back
underneath the car the old-school
fashioned way was to take some oil and
go around on the ring this is what we
just did as you take this off you put on
how hard could that be
suspend it till goes on now I think
that’s pretty tight by hand you hear me
getting ready the the wrench fit it on
in nice and snug
remember don’t over tighten this tighten
it just good enough that it stays on
there nice and snug and this is where
the markings were they were right about
there so I got maybe one more turn
and that’s where it’s tight right there
and that was the tightness just like
that from the factory so I push back the
ring so it doesn’t slide off and I
tighten it nice and tight pull the ring
off I call it the ring you pull the
socket off and my safety clip is good
one thing I want to do now is wipe the
clean try not to leave any oil residue
because it’ll smell up your car until it
clears off there you go let’s go ahead
the oil into the 2.4 quarts of sae-oh
w20 that’s what’s on the cap put the cap
in a safe place place your funnel on my
first quart I’m off how much point four
quarts will be
oh look at that nice container give you
some protection
this one goes away just in case I need
to add more later on so there you go
they had the rest of the courts in
it’s titanium made for the car you may
have a different preference and this is
what I like to use been using this for
many years
all finished place the baby back on
startup and check your oil right about
here when I lower my car and it’d be
right there now that we changed the oil
it is time to find the information
provided when the next oil change will
be the reset light will come on around
5,000 miles and if you ignore it in the
next 5,000 miles it should go away so
when will the next oil change be it is
not like the older 2010 corolla s where
you have general and severe on the older
2010 i chosen to change my oil at 10,000
marks as well as this one we’re going to
change at 10,000
so there you have it very simple to
change your oil some of the difficulties
I hear people out there having trouble
getting that oil canister off make sure
you bend back that safety tab and it
comes off very simple two things I found
very easy was wow that drain plug wasn’t
tight at all and that oil canister was
loose as well
nothing was taken off beforehand
everything was done right at the spot
edit the video to show you how simple it
is to change oil on your new car the
Toyota Corolla has gone more green than
ever so do not be afraid to put five w20
in as the book tells you it says sae-oh
20 that’s what I’m going to keep – if
the book says own 20 on the cap says oh
20 it’s going to be Oh 20 on a note I
thank you very much for viewing the
Toyota Corolla how to change your oil

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