N Ways To Remove An Oil Filter Without Special Tool, DIY – in 4K UHD

N Ways To Remove An Oil Filter Without Special Tool, DIY – in 4K UHD - Government Car Auctions

N Ways To Remove An Oil Filter Without Special Tool, DIY – in 4K UHD

today I’m going to show you how to make
oil filter wrench so this is the wrench
you buy from the store to take the
filter off so I’m going to show you how
to make your own alternative oil filter
wrench it depends on how much space you
have to work with for example if there’s
no space limitation you can just use the
you put this here you use the jack you
can turn this like this by you to lay
you don’t have that space it’s a pretty
small space for example if you have a
tool like this this is a sea crime do
you have a space for a another client
like this you know you may not have a
space so I was going to show you a few
alternative that work on a smaller space
this is the timing belt it’s pretty good
you need to find the material has a good
traction with them or like this you just
use a hoe like this and turn it like

N Ways To Remove An Oil Filter Without Special Tool, DIY – in 4K UHD - Government Auctions Cars For Sale

Car oil change easy

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thank you today you don’t have this
lying around nor other battles but maybe
you could have a regular bell for your
pants you can do similar things like
this a lot of time you do want to damage
your stuff so I’m going to show you a
simple way this is a regular rope the
first thing you have to do is make a
knot watch this you make a knot one do
and then have a second loop once you
have these two loops you put on this
and this when they go very good not
pretty sturdy but you shoulda a duel I
feel more you should do a few more and
then maybe just Omega not here maybe you
can spray some water here it will stay a
little bit better once you have this how
do you turn so that’s the key thing I’m
trying to show you have a lunch like
this as a whole I’m going to put the
Rope through the hole like this and then
I just make a few turns like here so now
it’s getting tighter and tighter you
turn this like this it getting tighter
and tighter if you still cannot turn
this maybe you’re not strong enough you
can use a second wrench and put it here
and turn like this this will be making a
very strong torque like this so you turn
in like this if you don’t have a rope I
have a wire so you same thing you make a
knot and put it on here
you should try with a new filter so you
don’t have to work on the the old one
one direction will be very hard to turn
so that’s the way you do it and then you
just use supplier you turn like this if
it’s really really a tough one stuck
there you can use a screwdriver to put a
screw in but the length of the screw
should be long enough almost maybe reach
the end of it even better maybe puncture
it go through and then once you have the
screws in you can pull it either like
this or using a plier like this or
another way I’ll show you is this way so
you have a wrench have a screwdriver so
you can connect this use this notch this
here to this to the screw and then you
turn the screwdriver
so you turn like this just one caution
this is a one-time use filter you don’t
we use the outer shell if you have a
filter like the Lexus has only internal
you don’t want to damage an outer cell
so you have two differently I will make
another video to show how to change this

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