one thing that everybody has is a car
and that car needs an oil change from
every three to five thousand miles doing
it at Walmart or Jiffy Lube or any of
those quick change places can be an
expensive proposition I'm going to show
you how to do it at home in your
driveway with very few simple tools
these are the materials that I'll be
using today to change the oil in this
car this is the jack
I like this kind it's easy to use but
you can use the jack came with the car
there's no problem with that pair of
jack stands I do recommend these because
you'll be up underneath the car and you
want to make sure that it doesn't fall
on you these are cheeping them for about
$20 a pair a couple of wrenches this one
you can use this or a socket wrench or
whatever to get the oil drain plug out
this is an oil filter wrench you
probably won't need that unless you've
been taking it to Jiffy Lube or Walmart
and they really cranked that baby on
once you do it yourself you won't need
that that would log there is a block for
the wheels assortment of some old rags
that you don't care if you ruin a pan to
drain the oil in this is a actually an
old oil can with a adapter on basically
it's a funnel B to refill the car Y by a
puddle if you can make one out of
something and of course here's the oil
that we're going to put I'm going to put
back in the car this is the RAM extended
guard has the grip on the top if you use
good oil this says it's good for 7,000
miles the car that I'll be changing the
oil on today is this 1998 Suzuki
Sidekick sport it's a nice car
get a four-cylinder in engine about
87,000 miles it's in pretty good shape
trick is need to find the oil filter
this happened to know then on this car
oil filters on this side down there see
it's that white device look for a small
can looking device first make sure the
car is on a fairly level surface use
your block behind the back wheel make
sure the parking plate brake is on and
the car is in gear
next Jack it up on the frame jack it up
right under the frame damn see that held
up by the jack stand that's good to
minimize the amount of times you have to
get out and in to minimize the number of
times you need to get in and out from
underneath the car I like to take
everything in all at once get my oil pan
my rags my two wrenches and I'm also
going to take this filter
first locate the drain plug it's usually
a bolt off of something that looks like
a pan here it is in this car loosen the
bolt what was on fairly loose that's
good you will get dirty expected get a
little oil on you manly king chicks like
a tube okay let her drain here goes
don't lose this you're going to need it
is a adequately drained put the oil plug
back in you want to make sure you don't
cross thread it put it in securely use
your wrench to tighten it do not over
tighten because that would be a bad
thing I'm just going to put enough
pressure to Snug it up good enough now
while you're under here see if you can
locate that oil filter there it is there
you can kind of see it there yep there
it is okay that happens to be right
under over my drain pan too so I'm gonna
head and take it out let's see I think I
had this done at a dealer last time
we'll see how tight normally you should
just be able to grab it and twist now
like you'd expect they crushed it so
we're going to use the wrench to take it
off work the tool up underneath it oh
yeah you just just move it loose press
lucinda pressure twist it okay that's
all I needed to use the wrench for it's
loose now now I can just unscrew it now
it sounds a while in it see it started
leaking that's from the oil filter you
ready for that it has just like it's
supposed to should have oil in okay
unscrew it
lower it through where the whole you can
find maneuver yourself you want to make
sure that it's clean when you put it
back on hit it with a rag it's going to
wipe off that surface when you be
careful when you wipe it off so you
don't get more crud on it then you clean
it's also possible see there's all nice
and shiny is the oil filter want to get
some oil on your finger from the oil in
a drip pan there's this gasket around
the top again it's very hard to want to
hand it up we're going to do it prove
that you can do it one-handed
look mom one hand put oil around this
gasket that allow it to still work the
filter back up through whatever path you
found before
find the hole or that thing that screws
off oh there it is alright and then
gently screw it on do it in you know be
sure you don't cross thread that either
you'll know it will either go or it
won't you see it in there yep there it
is okay now I'm just going to hand
tighten this until it's tight this is
what hand tightening is all about if
you've got to use a wrench to push it on
any further you're making a mistake it
has this nice grip surface to make it
easy to make sure you don't over tighten
okay now that's it that's on that's back
on that's it we're done underneath the
now we move back into the engine
compartment we'll fill it back up with
oil now engine oil on your should say
something similar probably will have
yellow on it if it's a newer car insert
your funnel so you have something to in
which to pour the oil fill it up this
car should easily hold five quarts you
can check your owners manual for precise
information you can see it don't
overfill it let it catch up just about
let this drain down in you can see it
going right in the engine it's kind of
let's locate that dipstick that we
talked about earlier there it is
pull it out remove all traces of the oil
should really give this a couple minutes
for all that oil to to run down into the
bottom of the crankcase push it in as
far as you can pull it back out take a
look at it now you can can you see the
where this is on it there's a couple of
holes there's a hole here and some space
now because this dipstick has a problem
you can see it has a cable tie right
here this prevents me from sticking it
all the way in the hole
that's about the exact same amount of
distance I have from this fill mark so
this car is full of oil we're done we'll
check it again in a few days make sure
that it's still full and that's cool
take your funnel back out put it away
now I like to take my oil back to
Walmart it's a good place to go they'll
let you recycle up to five gallons at a
time there's a lot of oil put that back
in there dispose of it
someplace nice saline oil this is an old
bottle I cut in half that's nicely under
the top of this can then just pour it in
black that is it's good things those
impurities are not in the engine and
recycled put everything away that's it
I'll change complete okay once completed
you should start the car run it for five
minutes make sure that there are no
leaks normally if it is going to leak
it'll be around the oil filter or a
rattle one
I'm Tony the tool man take care - Government Car Auctions
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