How to do an Engine Oil change on a BIG Truck-DIY Duke

How to do an Engine Oil change on a BIG Truck-DIY Duke - Government Car Auctions

How to do an Engine Oil change on a BIG Truck-DIY Duke

do I do kid hey let’s do something fun
to me let’s change the oil this pig
Freightliner it’s really simple let’s
get started
okay let’s pop the hood on this pig boy
and take a look at the engine it is the
caterpillar 3406 ii and it puts out a
maximum of 450 horsepower 290
foot-pounds of torque
at 1800 RPM it is 893 cubic inches or
fourteen a little over 14 liters compare
that to a 2016 Mustang shall be 350 with
5.1 liters so this is almost three times
as large it’s a big diesel engine and
the big diesel engine is going to use a
lot of oil this one we don’t talk about
quarts like people do in cars like four
or six quarts we’re talking gallons and
this big boy uses 11 gallons of motor
oil so we’re going to take that old oil
out and that old filter off put a new
filter on and put some new oil in so
here are some of the things you’d need
to change the oil in this big truck one
you’re going to need something to put
all that old oil in this is part of a
oil drum some handles welded on it we’re
going to need a filter Grinch
that’s a strap wrench because that oil
filter is huge this big box has it in
mold we’re going to need this big wrench
to undo the oil drain plug and a cheater
bar in case we need to get some leverage
on that thing then we’re going to need
to all that or

How to do an Engine Oil change on a BIG Truck-DIY Duke - Government Auctions Cars For Sale

Truck oil change
all some rags are nice to have some
gloves a creeper so we can get
underneath that on a pair of coveralls
to keep that oil off of you I don’t care
how hard I’ve tried I’ve been changing
oil in trucks since I was 17 I always
end up getting some oil on me even just
a magnet to dirt and oil but hey that
makes you look way cooler first thing I
like to do before I get started as a
safety precaution is to take the keys
out I learned that’s hard way when Tama
heat drain all the oil out and I got to
talking somebody blah blah blah all
night okay
and I forgot I didn’t put any oil in it
I jumped in started it up what and it’s
always good to watch the oil pressure
gauge and I saw the gate in sight oh no
and so I shut it off right away it
didn’t hurt anything but it’s always a
good idea to take the key out just in
case you get busy doing something else
in there you go to lunch come bang go
then you just blow it off or somebody
else comes in they don’t know what’s
going on and it gets started there’s no
oil in it made your major expense
replace an engine like that even though
it’s an older engine and still be
expensive so let’s go ahead and drain
the oil so get this beat each other and
loosen it okay and back a little bit
because this stuff comes out pretty good
and just wear the gloves come in handy
because it’s impossible to not get it on
themselves it’s always good to let the
engine run a little bit – and that way
to boil to warm there it goes we hit a
geyser the mother lode
it’s always good to recycle the oil
because it’s a lot of oil so does it
take a little while to get out of there
11 gallon they don’t fill this thing up
pretty good you can see it rising pretty
fast hot beautiful black oil Texas tea
from the Beverly Hillbillies anyway let
it drain out do its thing and then we’ll
go ahead and pull out put the plug back
in and then when we take the filter off
which is right there
oil is going to come out of that too
it’s kind of messy a lot of times you
can put a plastic bag around there like
a little shopping bag or something catch
most of that but definitely just leave
the the pan down here that way you can
save the floor for save yourself from
too much cleanup but this is the steps
first drain the oil and then when it’s
empty just remember to put the plug back
in people have forgotten that before and
then they’ve put the oil start putting
the oil in and it just simply comes back
out that plug okay we’re going to put
the plug back in oils all out now we
take our big wrench well tighten that
you want to make sure it’s tight enough
it’s not going to come out again right
oil filters you should be able to take
them off without the wrench the trick
with oil filters is you never want to
put them on very tight because they
tighten up as you go through the cycle
in between oil changes and if you reap
up reform on with a filter inch they
should only be hand tighten because if
you read on with that filter wrench it’s
so difficult to get them off a lot of
people don’t realize that they think oh
the tighter the better but not with an
oil filter there’s directions on the
labels now or they didn’t used to be but
it’s just like a Turk once it hits the
then it’s like a turn and a half or
whatever but in this case I shouldn’t
need to filter wrench so let’s go ahead
and try you can see it’s turning when
that thing has a gasket on it so I get
them on there so you can take them off
without the filter wrench but sometimes
you need them
let’s go ahead and get off oil is going
to come out of there so we’re going to
get the pan back in there it’s gonna put
a plastic bag on it you can tip come
over we’ll be able to fit all of it
so far so good my gosh must be living
right the thing is the thing kind of
heavy so once it gets to the end of the
threads remember it’s been a lot of draw
if I do this now still digging oil is
gonna be like the first time huh I can’t
believe it
no what you fall over ah getting a cramp
in my side okay here is the old oil
filter and this is a spin on type which
all had a rubber gasket on top that
seals it
one thing you want to make sure is that
gasket doesn’t stay on the base of where
the filter goes because they wouldn’t
put the new one on that’s going to
create a leak because there should only
be one gasket because that’ll make them
bunch up each other so just check that
to make sure that gasket came off and
then we’ll go on to the new filter now
these filters are round whoops are round
so they don’t stand up very good and
just going to fall over is oh I always
find something to put him in like this
old folder scan that way I can just fill
this thing up and this is 1540 motor oil
which most diesel engines will use a lot
of people have gone synthetic but this
ones have this oil in it this engine has
over a million miles without a rebuild
so the very long lasting engines so this
filter is going to take a gallon of oil
and just the filter alone so you once
you get
some oil in there you can take some of
it and just smear it around on that
gasket and again now lubricate that
gasket bunch up when you spin that back
on you don’t have to fill weight to the
top or it’s going to run over because
that’s going to be messy
but just again this one’s going to take
the whole gallon and it’ll be still
little space in there and that way we
can have a little maneuverability to get
it on without spilling a bunch of oil
out there we go let’s go ahead and put
it on another little item a lot of
people will put right there mileage or
their hours or the date and stuff on
this filter if they don’t have a record
in the cab but I always put it in the
cab sometimes I put it on the filter
also just so there’s like a dual record
you can see a little bit of oil there
you can wipe that off you want I always
double check to make sure that’s clean
before I go ahead and put the new filter
on looks pretty clean a little bit of
used oil arrow wipe that off okay try to
put that on as straight as you can so
don’t spill the oil and you’ll get it in
the threads filled take hold and you
guys spin that and there it is now we’re
only going to take it one turn and
sometimes it does move it good turn but
when you put that on it hand tight like
that that’s good enough okay so what
identify where we’re going to need to
put the oil back into the engine and in
this case on the 3406 it’s on the
passenger side
and there’s the filler neck which is
right next to the dipstick
so some shops have a pump that they can
pump the oil into and it measures the
quantity this shop does not so we’re
going to go ahead and put it in a gallon
at a time and I already know how much
oil it takes so if you don’t then put
some in and gorgeous it’s a big engine
so you’re easily going to be able to put
five to seven gallons in there before
you start checking the dipstick but
we’re going to do it a gallon at a time
and we’re going to put it into there so
let’s get started now these are always
challenging sometimes you can sometimes
this they’re not designed as well as
they should be like they’re obviously
designed for an automatic pump usually
so when you do it at a gallon of time
that’s going to present a problem
because we’re not going to be able to
even get that tilted back far enough so
we’re going to have to adapt that by
using a funnel we’ve got little over ten
gallons in there we’re going to go ahead
and check the dipstick and check out
that level which is here it’s going to
be hard to see because this is brand new
oil well yeah but it’s right here which
is pretty much out in a full mark we are
full of oil there’s a damage our next
step is this give it a once-over make
sure we haven’t left anything anywhere
that’s kind of caused some impedance
when we start the engine but the next
step is to go ahead start the engine
and go ahead and identify your oil
pressure gauge which is right there
because we want to make sure that oil
pressure comes up it’s important you
don’t overfill them because that will
stress out the seals that holds the oil
in because if you overfill you need to
drain it back because that puts too much
pressure on the stuff so anyway let’s
crank this thing up and watch that oil
pressure gauge you’re good
and remember we took the key out there’s
a good reason for that
as we spoke about go ahead and put the
key back in okay so we’re going to go
ahead and start it watch this
there you go
that’s good oil pressure big step
next step is to check for leaks
step is to check the level again to make
sure we’re good to go give it a little
time for all that oil to drain back into
the pan there’s a lot of oil let me
check that some good ok as usual
if you if you put in up to the full mark
and you start it and it all gets up of
the engine lubricates and get to where
it needs to be sometimes you need to add
a little bit in this case we need to top
off that 11 gallon mark okay done with
your oil change what you want to do is
right under my light so you’ll know
where next oil changes do I usually
write it on a card and put it in the
truck some have windshield stickers
wherever you need to do it go ahead and
write that down and notate that it’s
interesting that no matter what size a
vehicle you have all internal combustion
engines use oil and have oil filters it
all works the same this big truck can
seem intimidating but it’s actually not
it’s actually easier to change the oil
on this than it is a small car because
it’s very easy to get to everything in
this truck because everything’s big you
can get underneath and that sort of
thing if you want to do your own oil
changes you have to remember you have to
be able to dispose of that oil here we
have 11 gallons of oil to get rid of as
well as that stuff a lot of automotive
parts houses will recycle out for you
you take it in and they’ll put it in a
barrel recycle it this is recycled try
to recycle everything you can another
thing is if you decide to go to an oil
change place like a minute lube or uh or
quick oil change place just be wary that
sometimes people would take an advantage
of you or seemingly your lack of
knowledge of how the automotive world
works a lot of times people go in for a
$19 changing come out of there with a
300 dollar bill because they go all you
need belts need a air filter you need
wipers you need this or that you know we
need to change your radiator fluid
transmission fluid whatever if it needs
changed fine but if it doesn’t just be
worried of that if you trust your guys
gals whoever does your oil change cool
because you can be in and out no time
and not have to worry about all that
mess you don’t even get your hands dirty
but if you want to do your own oil
changes awesome I love doing them I have
three more trucks to do to me it’s
enjoyable and then I get to look at the
engine and look at the trucks and make
sure everything else is going on okay
and nothing needs repaired I do the
whole my own oil change in my pickup
it’s just something I’ve always done
since I was seventeen so just kind of
get into the habit and it doesn’t bother
you too much to do it but again just be
worried of those who do oil changes for
you and I hope this helps you out till
next time DIY Duke

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