How to Change your Oil in less than 5min

How to Change your Oil in less than 5min - Government Car Auctions

How to Change your Oil in less than 5min

Today, I’m going to teach you how to change the oil.
And this process will work for anything.
Here’s my Mazda B3000,
same as a Ford Ranger.
So let’s check out what we’re going to need today.
What we’re going to need to change to oil today is:
Something to catch the old oil;
We’re going to need a ratchet to take the oil plug off.
In this case, this is a 16mm ratchet.
We’re going to need gloves to keep our hands clean;
We’re going to need something to take the oil filter off;
We’re going to need a funnel to put the new oil in;
And we need our new oil,
This is high mileage oil,
I have over 100,000 miles on the truck
We’re going to need an oil filter;
And we need some paper towels to clean everything up.
So the areas we are going to be focusing on this truck.
Are located right here: This little oil fill area.
Then we’re also going to check out to see
where the oil plug is.
The oil plug is
Right there.
[A 16mm nut at the bottom of the oil pan]
where the oil pan is.
We’re going to unscrew that,
And the other thing we need to figure out where it is [sic]
Is where your oil filter is.

How to Change your Oil in less than 5min - Government Auctions Cars For Sale

Engine oil change

MustangJoe / Pixabay

In my case, the oil filter
Is located right there:
You see the white thing with the little ridges on it?
That’s the oil filter, we’re going to have to unscrew that.
Those are the areas of importance for changing the oil.
The first step is going to be to undo this.
Oil fill/plug right here.
To let the air in, so the oil comes out quicker.
Just undo it a little bit, keep it up there loose.
Next step is to slide underneath the car,
get your oil catch container,
and put it underneath the oil pan.
Oil pan, oil catch container.
Next, you want to unscrew your oil plug.
“Righty tighty, lefy loosey”
Get your catch can ready.
Let that drain.
As we’re waiting for the oil to drain,
we’re getting the oil filter off.
So we have our tool down here, lets see if you can see it.
It should just take one crank.
Just like that.
And then the rest should be undo able by hand.
We’re going to take this off.
And the oil’s going to be caught by the catch can below.
(Anything that drips down)
So, with the new oil filter right here,
We take oil from the old filter
And rub it around the O-Ring, right here.
That makes a good, secure connection.
The new oil filter, you just want to hand tighten.
Like so.
And now we’ll check on the oil coming out of here.
And it is done coming out.
With the oil filter in, we’re going put the drain plug in.
You don’t want to overtighten this.
So just make sure it’s pretty snug.
So once it gets snug like that,
give it a little bit of a turn, and you’re good.
Now that the old oil’s out, and the new filter’s in,
We’re going to refill with new oil.
So you’re going to take the cap off,
that you loosened before,
And take a funnel (Make sure your funnel’s clean)
and that’s where you’re going to fill your oil.
In this case, my car recomends 5W-30 oil
for high mileage oil, because I just hit 100,000 miles.
Now put the oil cap back on,
And let’s go check the oil level.
The dipstick on this car is on this side.
So all you do is pull it out.
Have the paper towel ready
Clean it off.
Put it back in.
Pull it out again.
This is filled completely, you can see;
It goes up to the spot that has the hole in it.
And that says “Max” on it, so that is good.
So now we’ll start the engine, let it run for a minute.
Shut it off, and test it one more time.
So when we start the engine,
we want to make sure that the oil pressure,
goes up.
And you see that it’s up,
so that means it’s good.
Let it run for a minute.
So we’re going to shut the car [off] and check the oil.
As you can see, the oil is still at a good level.
Up to max, which means we are done changing the oil.
And that is how you change the oil in a car, or a truck.

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