How To Change Your Oil And Oil Filter

How To Change Your Oil And Oil Filter - Government Car Auctions

How To Change Your Oil And Oil Filter

you know my old buddy Robbie’s been
changing his own oil in his car since he
bought his first car back in high school
Robbie how you doing good to see you
doing hey Nick
well he thought it was about time and he
showed Nick just how simple it can be to
change your own oil and your own oil
you know dad said it should only take
about 30 minutes to change my oil if you
don’t get to meet X and tweets okay guys
you take care of business with the car
I’m going to walk through the process
over here now Robbie’s been doing this
for a long time so he has all of the
equipment he’s going to need to help
Nick out on this job

How To Change Your Oil And Oil Filter - Government Auctions Cars For Sale

Truck oil change

SamCurry / Pixabay

so let’s look at
those things right now first of all
we’ve got an oil filter wrench set a
catch and recycle oil pan need a funnel
good collection of clean rags very
important safety goggles or glasses set
a work gloves good idea to have hand
cleaner nearby and the right amount of
oil and of course the right type of oil
but most importantly the Platinum Napa
filter this is a right filter for this
job now at this point it looks as though
Nick has checked his owner’s manual to
make sure he has the right type weight
and number of quarts of oil that he’s
going to need since warm oil drains
faster than cold Nick needs to run the
engine just for a few minutes to make
sure it warms up never ever change the
oil and an engine when it’s at full
operating temperature because it’s going
to be way too hot all right we’ve let
the car run for a few minutes it is
warmed up Nick is going to check his
owner’s manual to locate the car’s oil
drain plug the car is turned off the key
is removed he has applied the parking
brake and placed Chuck’s behind the rear
wheels for safety but before getting
started Nick also needs to remember to
put on his safety glasses and his gloves
the oil drain plug is usually located
near the front center of the engine but
some vehicles do have more than one plug
he’s locating the plug and Nick is going
to put the drain pan right underneath
the oil is going to drain at an angle so
we make sure to position that right in
the right position to catch that oil you
should also make sure the drain pan is
large enough to hold whatever
mount of oil your car requires next nick
loosens the plug with a socket wrench so
he can unscrew it by hand
now as the oil drains into the pan Nick
checks his service manual to find the
location of his filler cap on top of the
removing the filler cap makes the
draining process faster because air can
enter from the top once all the oil is
drained he replaces and tightens the oil
plug by hand making sure it’s not cross
threaded once the plug seems tight you
can finish tightening it with a wrench
always use a new drain plug gasket and
never over tighten the drain plug
even though Nick has drained the old oil
he knows that the old oil filter could
still have some hot oil inside the
cannister though he’s very careful to
remove the filter Robby reminds Nick to
clean the mounting surface on the engine
and checks to make sure the gasket from
the old filter is not stuck to it before
installing the new platinum Napa oil
filter Nick lightly coats its rubber
seal with fresh oil he checks to make
sure the seal is properly seated in the
filter then screws the filter on by hand
it’s usually not necessary to tighten
the oil filter with a wrench but check
the filters instructions to be sure now
Nick can remove the chucks and back off
the ramps now that Nick’s installed the
new platinum Napa oil filter it’s time
to pour in the new synthetic oil Robby
gives Nick a clean funnel to make sure
he doesn’t add any dirt when he pours in
the new oil make sure you only add the
amount of oil specified in your
vehicle’s service manual and after
pouring in the oil don’t forget to
replace the oil cap on the engine now
these changed his oil and oil filter
Nick cranks his car and runs the engine
for a few minutes
Robby and Nick check the area around the
oil drain plug and the filter to make
sure there are no leaks if you see a
leak you should cut off the engine and
correct it seeing no leaks Nick shuts
off the engine and lets it rest for a
minute or two to give the new oil time
to drain down to make sure he’s put in
enough oil Nick
moves the dipstick wipes it off replaces
it then removes it again to see if it’s
up to the full mark looks good to me
looks like the right amount of oil was
used and all is good good job Nick
now you know how to change you your
right to head that was pretty easy now
you can check your texts and tweets so
whatever you do with that thing when you
change your oil always remember to
dispose of the old oil and oil filter at
an authorized Center dad should we check
since the air filter in the cabin air
filter needs changing
well you’re just a chip off the old
block just like it I’m impressed
hey you guys know it’s going to end up
on YouTube I can go viral do I need a
shot when you change one filter take the
opportunity to check all your vehicles
filters you’ll be glad you did
here are a few more tips check your
owners service manual to see how much
oil to buy and what weight and viscosity
you need you will also want to know the
year make model and mileage of your
vehicle when you go into your Napa auto
parts store to buy your oil and filters
note that some vehicles use remote
mounted oil filters that may be on top
or on the side of the engine also check
your owners service manual before
working on a specialty vehicle to see if
there are any other things you should do
to stay safe for example some hybrid
vehicles have auto starts so removing
the key from the ignition that’s a must
always record the date and mileage every
time you change your oil so you’ll know
when your car or truck is due for
another oil change always handle hot
motor oil with extreme caution and wear
gloves to keep your hands protected and
clean and remember if you don’t have
time or you’re not inclined to change
your own oil you can always take your
vehicle to your local napa auto care
center they’ll be happy to do it for you
Napa filters all you need to know

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