How to Change Your Oil and Filter

How to Change Your Oil and Filter - Government Car Auctions

How to Change Your Oil and Filter

hi i’m dean donnel for
now what we’re going to do is replace
the oil filter on most of the cars we
have the older cars your oil filter is
in a place where you have easy access so
that one of the first things you need to
do when you’re going to remove the
filter is find out where the filter
location is unfortunately this car takes
more work the newer cars sometimes have
very little access to the filter in this
case we need to take the tire off tire
and wheel off to get access to the
filter to remove it move your tire and
wheel okay

How to Change Your Oil and Filter - Government Auctions Cars For Sale

car oil change

RyanMcGuire / Pixabay

okay now we’ve got easy access to the
filter get our oil filter wrench put it
on the filter start to remove the filter
okay now that it’s hand time we can take
the rest off a hand
bloomer pan over drop the filter in the
pan that’s how we remove an oil filter
we’ve removed the old oil filter and let
it drain completely the reason we let
the old oil filter drain completely we
don’t want any old oil mixed with the
new oil now we’re ready to install the
new filter what I like to do is put a
little oil on the seal to make sure that
we get a good firm seal once we put the
new oil filter on take a little oil
another important point is you only want
to hand tighten this filter and make it
snug with one more turn once it seats
it’s not necessary to go ahead and
tighten it real tight with an oil filter
that’s how we replace an old oil filter
and install a new one

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