How To Change Your Oil and Filter | MC GARAGE

How To Change Your Oil and Filter | MC GARAGE - Government Car Auctions

How To Change Your Oil and Filter | MC GARAGE

the oil change is the cornerstone of DIY
maintenance it’s an easy way to save
yourself both time and money in this
video from the MC garage I’ll walk you
through the process the oil and filter
change is one of the most important
pieces of maintenance there is and it’s
the single best way to protect your
motorcycles engine but to change your
oil you’re going to need a few supplies
if your bike doesn’t have a center stand
you’re going to want to rear sand our
front wheel chock you’re also going to
need a drain pan to collect the old oil
some gloves and rags to keep things
clean a funnel for pouring in the new
oil if you don’t have a beastly grip
you’re going to want to strap wrench to
get the old filter off and of course
you’re going to want a land filter
appropriate for your motorcycle that
information can be found in your owner’s
manual the best time to change your oil
is after the bike has been warmed up but
you’re going to want to give it 10 or 15
minutes to cool down so you’re not
working with scalding hot oil

How To Change Your Oil and Filter | MC GARAGE - Government Auctions Cars For Sale

Motorbike oil change easy

you’ve got your bike up on a stand like
this you’re gonna want to take a rag and
wipe down the engine around the oil
filter and the drain plug once you have
the area cleaned up go ahead and put
your drain pan under the engine and then
crack your drain plug loose all right
now you can unscrew the drain plug by
hand but position your arms that it’s
not in the way of the oil that’s about
to come pouring out of the engine if you
don’t drop this guy in the drain pan and
you don’t get oil all over your arm
you’re doing a great job it’s always a
good idea to keep some rags handy in
case you spill any oil and typically if
I’m doing this in the driveway I’ll put
a big piece of cardboard down so I don’t
stain the ground once the oil is drained
out of the engine it’s time to remove
the oil filter sometimes you can just
grab that thing and spin it off but more
likely than not you’re going to need to
fill up the wrench like this universal
strap wrench from motion Pro go ahead
and pour whatever oil you can out of the
filter then wipe it off and set it aside
all right now it’s time to install your
new oil filter what you’re going to want
to do is take your rag and wipe the
sealing surface for the oil filter clean
then take your new filter and apply a
little bit of oil to the sealing o-ring
on the bottom so that spins on smoothly
get your filter started by hand spin the
filter on until you feel the o-ring
touch the mating surface and then turn
it another 1/2 to 3/4 of a turn no more
than that you don’t want to over tighten
your oil filter you could risk damaging
the seal also this particular filter
it’s a high flow it’s got a nut on the
end that’s for removing the filter not
tightening it if you’re going to use
that to tighten it make sure you use a
torque wrench all right now that your
oil filter is installed take your drain
plug wipe it off and give the sealing
washer a look your owner’s manual will
always recommend replacing the sealing
washer but I’m not going to lie if this
thing’s not chewed up I usually just
flip it over and reuse it so the easiest
way to screw up an oil change
besides forgetting to put oil back in
the engine is to over tighten this guy
the drain plug is steel the engine is
aluminum if you over tighten the drain
bolt with threads on the bolt we’re
going to win out over the threads in the
engine so please don’t go all Dwayne
Johnson when you tighten this thing down
use a torque wrench in the appropriate
torque which is usually 14 to 16
foot-pounds if you’ve got a good idea
what that feels like go ahead and use
your box and wrench to Snug the bolt
down okay now it’s time to pour in that
fresh golden oil make sure that you’re
using the correct quantity and grade as
listed in your owners manual once you’ve
added fresh oil go ahead and start the
bike and let it idle for a few minutes
then turn it off and check the oil level
also check the filter and the drain plug
for leaks finally you’re going to want
to recycle your used oil and filter you
can usually take it to any auto parts
store and they’re gonna be happy to take
that stuff off your hands alright so you
might be wondering how often should you
change your oil here’s my tape unless
you’re racing there is no reason to
change your oil more frequently than
what is recommended in your owner’s
manual doing so is just a waste of
resources also if you’re wondering about
the difference between synthetic semi
synthetic and mineral oil we’re going to
cover that so stay tuned subscribe and
we’ll see you next time

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