How To Change Oil On Toyota Rav4 2015

How To Change Oil On Toyota Rav4 2015 - Government Car Auctions

How To Change Oil On Toyota Rav4 2015

guys today I want to show you how to
change oil on to your tie wrap for 2015
so in the top oil cap this is U 0 W
– 20 so we’re going to use 0 that 24 oil
here watching your eyeballs
catch Rosie Road – 24 synthetic you can
use not for this man CPU and oil filter
I bought it on Amazon so cheaper than
the local dealer in the port numbers are
you ok including the filter paper and we
do not you know the heck is I have a how
to give you a instruction how to do that
so I think that’s a nice tank taking out
all your from the oil filter first and
then you can open the oil filter I guess
I never done that before today I try and
including two o-rings in the small one
the big one so I guess I need to pick
and tore my this and then you need a
socket 3/8 so you can use attention that
you can just socket range itself so this
matter but this one a year tensor know
they’re important right here the oil cap
range you can say that and after you can
pull the top and turn or get the cap oil
filter we sell you later

How To Change Oil On Toyota Rav4 2015 - Government Auctions Cars For Sale

How To Change Oil On Toyota Rav4 2015
oh and this I just adjustable range
chart I can open a cap like this mm-hmm
because I don’t have anything big size
to fit think so okay now I’m gonna show
you what underneath that II so this is
the first time I do this let’s get your
gear so that’s all you’re trained plush
right here and then oil filter right
here that’s where you use the 3/8 socket
job and is not fast right here to open
did not fast and then you put that the
sucker in to get also oil filter out and
then you use all your filter data cap to
open this black thing and I guess that
will come out of filter inside all right
now let’s do that I forgot to tell you
how to use a 14 millimeter socket to
open this whole tray
that’s okay don’t forget to wear your
safety glasses it party take your eyes
get electron oil all right here come
this 3/8 socket to go out yeah okay
this moves good okay I don’t know oh
your cup I can’t make sure what oil
drained out no just leave it so I think
you have to stick that thing in there
all right and you can see another small
orderings right here so we replace it
after this so I think this one they say
bus finally I found out at the post one
time but very hard so we stick in there
oh okay I’ll learn the lesson okay
and you help them out waiting waiting
for the Train it now dopinder alright
remember you push one time very hard and
fast just I don’t get all your only
hands like me alright
I absolutely training myalgia so you did
poor and secondly a bitter to pull it
out and we came out ideas huh yup we
broke up away replacing new one again an
oil filter cap that’s an app that keep
pulling there you may reach open down
they use my right hand my left hand suck
see so that’s why I thought we join all
your outfits
that’s why not landing on the car model
when you took the money we all over you
alright change it alright you get all
right here
the big one small one down here see
right here you get the big one it’s
model so pick one that’s one small one
died to show you and you just replace
this one with this so need to use two
hands alright alright
yeah replace the news small ring in
there I pull this one back
now before I forgot I had a four
millimeter socket so I can open that cap
right here
so I use there so you tie this one off
and that one over on your trade block
also tie it up and pull pull five
quarter control zero deeply with twenty
and then you go to go and that’s it for
today see you guys later

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