How to Change Engine Oil , Chevy Silverado

How to Change Engine Oil , Chevy Silverado - Government Car Auctions

How to Change Engine Oil , Chevy Silverado

what’s up YouTube it’s that time again
gotta change the oil in the good old
truck I’m gonna use Mobil 1 extended
performance you know the good stuff no
I’m just kidding it’s all basically the
same it’s full synthetic it’s full
synthetic but I’m just gonna give a
little rundown on changing the law first
things first this is pretty obvious but
I mean since my truck is stock high with
leveling kit I mean there’s plenty of
room down here so there’s no need for me
to jack it up to even get the oil filter
or the plug so skip that stuff if you’re
good if you have a lower truck well you
gotta do what you gotta do now what
you’re gonna do coming here it’s a
little harder cuz I thought my brother
would be here to help film nothing you
know it is what it is but these things
like you don’t have to have it you just
have like a bucket or something
put it down toward you know all the oil
that’s gonna drip out is not gonna
exceed the area of where the tank is
gonna be so you don’t get any wall on
the concrete because that’s definitely
very hard to get out this is harder than
I thought it would be because I just
have one hand to work with right now
so I’ll kind of tell y’all what to do
you know I mean this is like the most
simple thing you can do on a car and
truck for maintenance so I mean it’s
pretty straightforward
but I just got a 15 millimeter socket
with the ratchet and I’m just gonna
basically unloose the plug and if your
engine is hot like mine I would strongly
recommend you’d be very careful because
that will burn you and it’s gonna be
really hot but it’s also gonna flow way
faster so it’s up to you if you want to
wait for it to cool down you can if you
don’t oh well just got to be careful I
just used a rag just so I had some
barrier between the oil so I didn’t
really burn myself too bad
I mean I didn’t feel anything yeah the
oil looks pretty dark it’s kind of
expected because I mean I do kind of
floor it a lot but you know it is what
it is and I do have the 15,000 mile
extended guarantee yeol which I know
it’s probably total BS but if it’s
anywhere close to that then changing the

How to Change Engine Oil , Chevy Silverado - Government Auctions Cars For Sale

How to Change Engine Oil , Chevy Silverado
wall every four to five thousand miles
is not gonna hurt it whatsoever yep
there it is I’m just gonna want to let
it drain all out and what I’m gonna do
is I’m just gonna open up the cap just
to get some more air flow through it to
make sure it drains out completely so
what I’m gonna do now I mean you see
there’s a bunch of wool all on the plug
I’m just going to use kim tool it’s like
a carburetor cleaner it gets rid of all
the oil but whatever you doing make sure
you just take off like make sure you dry
completely the Kim tool from from the
plug it does evaporate fairly quickly
but you know you don’t want any of that
inside your oil whenever you put in the
plug because it can spin the oil and
that’s not good so make sure you just
get it completely off it does evaporate
very quickly so it’s gonna be completely
gone I’ve just always done this I don’t
know if it’s bad or good I just know it
gets it really clean I’ve done it so
many times I’ve never had any problems
all right I gave it a little spritz with
the Kim tool and it I mean it got a very
clean there’s absolutely no oil
whatsoever on this plug now I’m just
gonna put it back in obviously I’m gonna
get some oil but it’s not gonna be all
the dirty oil and it’s gonna be a lot
easier to put in because it’s gonna be
cleaner I don’t know how well you can
see this I’m pretty tight down here
around there around the where the plug
sits you want to make sure that’s clean
and a little bit oil free or the oil
flat as a little lubrication you know
just to seal it off but you just want to
make sure there’s no debris around it
just so you get a good seal and there’s
no oil leaks going from the plug now
that you got everything all cleaned up
you just want to run down the plug you
through and you never want to start off
with the socket because it you are
driving into aluminum
and if you strip that out well you’re
pretty screwed
so yeah just driving in by hand and as
you can see there’s already no oil
dripping so it’s already sealed it off
you just want to go ahead with the
ratchet and socket to just snug it down
a little bit not too tight because
remember it is aluminum so it’s pretty
soft and you don’t want to round it out
by the way a little off-topic but okay
this is all dirt right here but I’m
currently trying to undercoat it the
truck by myself it’s taken forever but
it’s looking pretty sweet like here’s
the non undercoat side which is pretty
horrendous damn beautiful I was gonna do
a video for you guys but this is just
taking so long I just want to get it
done and over with alright but back to
the oil change you see there’s the plug
right there there’s all a filter it’s
very easy to get to it’s what I like
about the Chevy’s on this it’s just
right there and if you can get the oil
filter out with your hands
I mean kudos to you I can’t so I’m gonna
use these channel locks make sure you
have your oil tank right there because
it does get messy there we go it’s
moving a little bit like I said this is
not the right tools for it so you’re not
gonna get good results usually but
that’s good I started using these mobile
on oil filters and they are a little
stronger plus it’s also a lot harder
because I am just using one hand and
there at least for the camera there we
go it’s slowly returning this is where
if you have gloves it comes really in
handy because it’s about to just
go down before you put in the wool
filter if it’s upright oil filter like
how mine is what you want to do is just
fill it up with the oil just to get it
all in there
it’s just it’s nice and then I see all
right here what you want to do with that
you just get that all on the o-ring what
that’s gonna do is it’s just gonna
lubricate it to where it gets a nice
good seal all right I got the wool
filter up there it’s snug and then
whenever you touch it up you want to do
a quarter or three-quarters of turn
something like that I kind of don’t
follow that I just get it to where I
feel that’s tight enough because I’ve
done what I said before and I still had
some oil leaking a little bit whenever I
put in the new oil so it’s up to you on
how tight you want to do it but now that
I got everything in and all sealed
properly what I’m gonna do because
there’s all this oil everywhere as you
can see I’m just gonna take this carb
cleaner and then just spritz it on there
real quick not use too much because this
stuff is pretty expensive and just clean
it all up so whenever I do put in a new
oil I can see if there’s any leaks
now get the plug in the old filter in I
got a phone on here today
so I’m just gonna pour in the five
quarts it’s pretty easy to do no need to
film that especially since I don’t have
three hands to show you all right I’m
pretty much done with the oil change it
took about 6 quarts I’m not too sure how
much it takes I’ve always bought 6
quarts just because you never want to be
too safe and not get enough oil but
always check your dipstick and that’ll
tell you how much oil you actually need
so mine says it’s good so we are good if
your truck has the or your vehicle has
the change a little seen it’s like an
estimate it’s not 100% accurate but
after you change the oil it’s not gonna
reset itself so what you have to do I
believe let me do this it’s three pumps
with the gas and you hold it there we go
you just turn it on and it is gone there
we go alright now you’ve just watched
sorry mine’s a little crazy
I just watched how to do a little change
it’s very simple I just want to make a
video on it because one hunt you know
I’m saying but yeah that’s pretty much
it I mean people have different ways but
it’s all pretty much the same stuff well
I’m gonna wrap it up thanks for watching
the video if you want more videos like
these subscribe I do how to’s quotations
I mean it’s not the best tattoos might
be videos of the truck
I do random vlogs so if you’re
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free to comment I always answer I always
answer promptly so yeah that being said
see y’all next video

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