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Hovercraft For Sale Largo FL 34644

With new hovercraft manufacturers popping up all over the place, it’s sometimes tough to make the right choice. The following press article features one of the latest range of personal craft with a superb safety record and great fun for all the family:

New Manufacturing Materials Make Personal Hovercraft Affordable For The Masses

The application of new construction materials bring the small hovercraft within reach of the leisure, sports and rescue markets

personal hovercraft for sale Palatka FL 32177 — HovPod Hovercraft, a global leader in the manufacture of small hovercraft, announces the launch of a new series of ACV (Air Cushioned Craft) designed for a variety of markets at world beating prices. The SPX is the result of extensive research into new materials and is set to revolutionize the industry, addressing pressing customer concerns concerning safety and maintainability.

Hovercraft For Sale Largo FL 34644

The new design is currently the only production model in the market place using High Density Polyethelyne (HDPE) for hull construction. Hovercraft For Sale @city @state @zip. Unlike Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP), this new material is very tough and can withstand shocks that would shatter a conventional hovercraft hull.
Mike Glanville, Sales and Marketing Manager of Reaction International Ltd, the company behind HovPod, said; “Prospective clients look very impressed when I demonstrate the strength of the SPX hull by hitting it with a hammer. The HDPE material is used in the fabrication of F1 Formula crash barriers, so it can really take a beating.”

In addition to its remarkable mechanical strength, HDPE has enhanced buoyancy and the vehicle can support a ton of weight before water ingresses the hull. Full details of all manufacturing materials and specifications can be found on their marketing partner site www.leisure-hovercraft.com.

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Safety is a major concern and this new hovercraft design eliminates one of the biggest problems with personal hovercraft used to travel on water, that of ‘plow-in’, which occurs when a wave pulls the front of the craft down causing it to dip into the water with disastrous results.

The new design also boasts a completely new skirt design fabricated in small sections so that each piece can be quickly changed if damaged. In addition, the original Neoprene coated skirts have been superseded by a new polyurethane and nylon woven material which is almost impossible to tear.

Peter Ward, founder of Hov Pod Hovercraft said; “We have a standing challenge for any prospective customer – if you can tear our skirt material after we cut it an inch or two, you will win a giant bottle of the very best champagne. It just can’t be done.”

Hovercraft For Sale Largo FL 34644. The HovPod SPX is available world wide and is the only hovercraft for sale using HDPE for hull construction. The company has it’s sights firmly set on the leisure market and is also developing products aimed at the special requirements of search and rescue operations.

Source: http://marketersmedia.com/new-manufacturing-materials-make-personal-hovercraft-affordable-for-the-masses/112689


This short article just about captures the fascination with this new mode of transport – it’s fun and it’s exciting – and it’s quirky:

An Introduction to the Personal Hovercraft

A personal hovercraft might seem to be a somewhat eccentric mode of transport. However, this impression could be set to fade as luxe models start to appear and people begin to use such craft in tandem with yachts.

“We are in the equivalent of the Wright brothers period for aircraft,” suggests Filip Przybysz. “There’s still a lot of mystery around them because, unlike aircraft, you don’t see them often. People know what they are but aren’t quite sure how they work. But there’s going to be a lot more development. They’re going to get beyond niche appeal.”

Indeed, far from talking about some new hot-shot tech, Przybysz, marketing director of an Indiana-based company called Neoteric, is referring to engineering that is 70 years old but that is only now seeing a recreational market take-off. In fact, more commonplace waterborne toys can step aside — here comes, on a cushion of air, the hovercraft. Although air cushion vehicles have been understood in principle since 1716, it was Christopher Cockerell’s exploration of the use of ‘air lubrication’ to reduce hydrodynamic drag in the 1950s that introduced the modern era of the hovercraft.

“We’re selling more personal hovercraft to people who want something different but who also appreciate their flexibility,” he adds. “After all, hovercraft will take you where other machines won’t — into shallow waters, over ice, snow, sand, concrete. They’re the four-wheel drive of boats. For people who really want to explore, the hovercraft can take them there.”

Certainly the market for these vehicles (typically in the US$20,000 to US$65,000 range) is growing, even though there are only a handful of companies making personal hovercraft. Most are made under government contract for the military and, occasionally, for public transport services. Rob Anderson, of Utah-based Mad Hovercraft, suggests that perceptions are changing too. “There’s the ‘cool’ factor through to an appreciation of what an out-of-this-world experience hovercrafts can offer,” he says. “I would buy a hovercraft over a jet ski or boat unless I’m needing to transport heavy loads. Why? Because they are fun, versatile, functional and bizarre. And the experience of flying is very different to just pulling on the throttle of a jet ski. It’s like a video game. You have to unlock each level of the experience yourself.”

There are challenges to ownership, as Keith Smallwood, managing director of UK-based manufacturers Vortex stresses. The considerable noise can put some off, although the development of slower, larger fans are abating that; and some countries, such as the UK, impose a 12-knot speed limit on most waterways; 15 knots and a hovercraft can properly rise above the water, creating almost no wash and very little spray. This is one reason why some 20 percent of the market for recreational hovercraft might still be attributed to high-performance, single-seater racing craft, and to those used for corporate activities, both on private waters.

Article Source: http://www.billionaire.com/hovercrafts-/1576/an-introduction-to-the-personal-hovercraft

Hovercraft For Sale Largo FL 34644


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