Honda Civic: How to Change the Oil Filter at Home (2006, 2007 – 2013)

Honda Civic: How to Change the Oil Filter at Home (2006, 2007 – 2013) - Government Car Auctions

Honda Civic: How to Change the Oil Filter at Home (2006, 2007 – 2013)

in this video I’m going to show you how
to change the oil filter for the Honda
Civic summarize the 2007 model now
before you can change the oil filter you
make sure that you have all the empty or
you’re all in the car so you need to do
this step first before you can start to
change the oil filter because if you
don’t envy the oil when you open up the
oil filter all the oils in the spew out
so once you have done that you solve the
tools you’re going to need you’re going
to need a new oil filter and you’re
going to need an alternate C this is the
oil filter opener you can use that one
or you can use this one here this is how
good hard-to-reach places so I’ve got
another one here of the similar type so
you can use this tool to open your oil
filter if some time the oil filter is
not very tight you can use it to open it
just use it here and twist it and will
should open it so just turn it
anti-clockwise and it should opens now
it is too tight you can use this tools
here just put it in like this and using
this tool you can just simply open it

Honda Civic: How to Change the Oil Filter at Home (2006, 2007 – 2013) - Government Auctions Cars For Sale

Car oil change Honda Civic
like this so you really need two hands
for this because I’m holding the camera
in this tools but you just taught use
these tools and then open it and well do
is I’m just going to use my hand to open
it so you can see I can just about to
turn it now make sure you have your
whole pocket ready because once you open
it order always going to come out so I
have my whole pocket lady here gonna
turn it
I’ll speed it away and start turning or
just run away sir
push your pocket right in the middle and
then just twist it like this just always
call coming out it is a dirty job
that’s why we need to empty the oil
bucket em empty the oil before we start
doing it no more hours in the car mouth
like this left always come out and let
it drain me not this yeah that’s the oil
through the entry the oil oils coming
out which is what we want anyway what
old oils come out the engine so that
later we can we fill with new oils okay
so with the old oil fuel coming out
where they put the new one in
so just get a bit of oil and wipes
around this rubber seal I’ve got a
little bit of oil here from the old from
the oil bucket and I’m just gonna wait
it a little bit on the top here and
we’re gonna ship a rag and we saw her
give it a wipe here as well because all
those little ever insist enough it’s
very clean is wipe it out
so there you can see it’s nice and clean
and then we’re just going to grip the
new all Fudo you can see if you hate to
tighten this one this makes me super
so why stick at the whole feast a second
you can then start to refill your own
engine and that should be good enough

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