Government car auctions virginia

Government car auctions virginia - Government Car Auctions

Government car auctions virginia

Richmond Auto Auction sells all kinds
of vehicles from all kinds of clients
including financial institutions
government agencies major corporations
charities car dealers and individuals
we’ll make it easy and exciting to buy
your next vehicle first how do you find
out about what’s for sale and WHAM our
website Richmond a lists all
vehicles that are registered for sale at
the next auction you can also register
for email notification of upcoming
vehicle listings oh I’ve been coming
here 18 years excellent experience great
great people great Mart Molly right Meg
runs a good good auction excellent
service Marc is a very good guy to work
Government car auctions virginia
his staff is excellent always had a good
experience here buying and selling
they’re very fair very easy to work with
Richmond auto auction holds a sale every
Friday at 9:00 a.m. the lot opens at
7:30 a.m. so it’s a good idea to come
early to check out this election it’s
free to look and you can bring your own
mechanic for advice although vehicles
cannot be test driven before the auction
you can start them up and inspect them
thoroughly it’s also a good idea to
select two or three vehicles to bid on
and determine a price range you’re
willing to pay to help determine your
vehicles value we provide Kelley Blue
Book online in our lobby and NAB a price
guides are sold at the reception desk
when you’re ready you need to register
in the lobby to be able to bid if people
that you have to work with a wonderful
everybody’s here to help friendly Zach
they’re really they’re nice they’re easy
to deal with they’re responsive everyone
was very helpful cooperative and I would
recommend it 150% the auction starts
promptly at 9:00 a.m. and that’s when
the action begins be sure to wear your
bidders badge so it can be easily seen
when one of the vehicles you’re
interested in comes up to the auction
block be in clear sight of the
auctioneer and listen to all
announcements the sale of the vehicle
will only last for about 60 seconds
the auctioneer will start the bidding
and if you want to bid simply and
clearly raise your hand you’ll be
recognized by the auctioneer or one of
the bid assistants bids are typically
raised in $100 increments here’s a tip
for people new to auto auctions the
earlier and faster you did the better
chance you’ll have to get your car if
you wait you might end up paying more
for that vehicle if you’re the highest
go to the lower auction block where
you’ll sign the paperwork and make your
deposit public bidders are required to
make a $500 cash deposit for each
vehicle please inspect your vehicle
carefully we offer a buyer protection
program on items like frame and flood
damage or major salvage history we can
also conduct a post sale inspection for
you for your protection vehicle history
reports are run on all vehicles eight
years and newer through Auto Check this
identifies major damage mileage or title
problems it’s a good idea that you set
aside approximately four hundred dollars
for any unknown minor repairs that way
if there’s nothing needs to be done to
your vehicle

Government car auctions virginia - Government Auctions Cars For Sale

Government car auctions virginia va
that’s more additional money you save at
the auction although dealers are
required to pay the day of the sale the
general public has until 4:00 p.m. on
Monday to complete payment you can pay
with a cashier’s check money order
MasterCard Visa or discovered
transportation tags for your vehicle can
be obtained online in the lobby’s Tech
Center we also provide transportation
services to get the car where you need
this short video can’t go into complete
detail so it’s important to read all of
the auction policies which are available
on the website they’ll also be provided
to you when you register if you’re not
ready to buy a car at auction yet it’s
free to come and watch there’s no
obligation but you can’t bid without
being registered can’t attend watch the
auctions live on Richmond a
there’s also live online bidding every
Friday at 9:00 a.m. for pre registered
internet bidders if at any time you have
questions or need help don’t hesitate to
ask one of our bid assistance that’s why
they’re there it’s a very good auction
mark works very well with all dealers
and individual people that’s a good
place to sell it’s also a good place to
buy they’re good folks in Richmond
although we’ve been in business since
1990 by making customers like you happy
we would like to add you to our long
list of satisfied drivers

photo by: Lisa Padilla
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