Government car auctions va

Government car auctions va - Government Car Auctions

Government car auctions va

well this is not what I want to see on
the way to the auction I don’t know what
the weather’s gonna be like I’m in
shorts and sandals know if you can see
that with the shadows but it’s not
I don’t know man it’s looking pretty
I don’t even have a list for my auction
because computer was down Wow and just
as fast as it started it’s over just
like that
hello I actually got here just a little
bit later and I want to look at this
I think it has 144 or something but the
main thing I’m coming to look at is
behind it I’ve over here something for
good I was saying I know that it been
now I’m really here for this seventy
eight thousand mile v10 in the Eddie
Bauer which I like a lot
maybe series got that I have a knife I
couldn’t find this morning up and barn
doors that’s fine get it for body good
be it
sweaters they said it was an Eddie Bauer
if I believe that yeah I believe
government rate not really all din it up
too bad
well I get clean hey sequel good
question I got some big problems on my
plate for today I’m trying to take care
of do my best on
I like it I like it a lot now they get
mad sometimes if they die but thank you
I want to make sure the I’ll
start I like it
oh three yeah okay let’s see what else
is here I guess I could look at that
mobile and I’m not gonna end up bidding
on that one it’s just not clean enough I
can tell from here yeah trim gone from
Imperial tour to hell yeah
okay there’s many cars here many cars
and come on boy is that okay well I’m
gonna do some looking around and clicks
the warrant in a minute this is one that
I had on my list it’s a little sinking
frightened VA I’m fine no v8 no certain
three-quarter-ton you kidding this
dumbass asking Martha Stewart for a Big
Mac okay

Government car auctions va - Government Auctions Cars For Sale

Government car auctions va state
d E
we 25 and you 150
I’m so angry right now will that don’t
sound as good as mine
but I love the wheel
1:57 he’s a good little cars I’ll walk
him now hold on them whoa 25 you can go
buddy 25 he’s gone
the 25 has changed can you believe that
literally changed it okay look at my
miss Clinton 301 oh my god 115 s down
there I’ll look in a minute I’m gonna
get back to make it for this excursion
ilex EEP
I’m having a rough day man not happy
okay I I bought that sucker export only
I don’t even know what that means buddy
don’t even know what that means
yeah let’s see if that means what a pain
yes that’s right there where you get a
deal but you don’t really know what you
got cannot tell you that little
cost me a thousand dollars on that rig
two miles unknown so it’s definitely a
little bit of a guesstimate I guess
you’d say and I can’t do nothing but
just try I’m gonna try
and that is what I want it’s a great
year perfect deal I just don’t know if
there’s something wrong with it
I’m gonna hope this hunt didn’t go from
there okay
well there’s a Volvo and a Honda Accord
that I was interested in and I wanted to
look at well in a Saab that’s right
and I got some problems today man just
some problems today I don’t even want to
look at that thing
there’s a Volvo here that I want to look
at oh the G 500 it has like 250 or 300
25,000 miles on s 90 with 162 sure is
clean check engine an SRS light that’s
all chewed up on them honestly I just
got so many problems right now I’ve done
what I came to do and I’m gonna leave
the auction I’m frustrated I’m just like
there I don’t know you get some problems
going on look at that classic car before
I go thank God that was going on and I
can’t go look at that but I am just
swamped I don’t have proper help in my
office so one man show one man
shows what it is
look it up I’ve had a couple of these
Malibu’s like this this is Malibu
classic probably next week
he’s all next week right gotcha when the
bank clears it
Nadel be better you can bet that
okay I gotta take breeder for a walk
she’s outside I love that stock in fact
rigors outside in the car she’s enjoying
the oxen too in a way
well one owner car guy going to go to
the bank get some funding to pay for
vehicle I actually skipped the bank on
the way out
because it was too early to go there I
knew that cost me two trips but I wasn’t
in a truck anyway so I have to come back
down with somebody pick up oh hey what
the hell I’m gonna take a deep breath
and try and stand here and watch a
couple cars tell you right now
so flustered and just out of my mind
yeah finders that a character
that’s doing yeah weird look 5,300 on
this bike goes remember how he’s gonna
stand there for a moment and be off home
I came down here to buy a car I’ve done
back into Lakeside yes siree Bob
so I don’t know that was the auction
I made a purchase it was a sketchy one
to say the least a lot of the government
cars sometimes are they claim the miles
not only are exempt which is fine buying
a car with exempt miles it just kind of
means that they’re exempt Wow
9:00 p.m. to 11:00 a.m. this roads gonna
be closed that’s crazy
for two days so exempt you can usually
not even worry about because that’s just
a kind of encase warning but
government usually lists most of their
cars not only as exempt but as to ATM
you which is true miles unknown a little
bit different than exempt and when
regular people list something TMU that
usually means either the odometers been
replaced or something to that effect you
really have no way of knowing and how
many miles are on something when it’s
listed in the auction as TMU I kind of
took my best guess on a quick preview
there and I made my purchase
I’m guessing it’s pmk turu miles known
but I don’t know you didn’t get a title
with these by the way you get a
government form that’s an application
for a title kind of like it MSO a
manufacturer of state of origin or
whatever but so that’s the deal I’ve got
a truck it’s exactly what I want it
pretty much except they listed it as
four-wheel drive and by the time I got
there they’d taken to the wheel drive
off not really it just wasn’t a full
load I’m just fine I’m good with that
Nathan can be good with that other than
that breeders here she’s a hard day it’s
hard out there for a beater pimp or
something okay one owner car guy one
owner car got plenty of stuff to
do here really didn’t need to go the
auction today is that when the
government vehicles come up every two
three weeks I look and when I seen that
they had a
oh three Escalade so now hopefully it
don’t keep raining I have to UM get to
detailing which there is a bit of
detailing to do you’re her breakfast did
bring her breakfast go pick up a car I’d
like to finish this car then I can stuff
some stuff around differently Oh God
too many things to do and it would be
nice to be shown up and have somebody
else doing something with me but I just
don’t and just me write down the hack in
the trees just me
I don’t mind I’m a happy guy at the same
time a lot of stuff keep track of

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