Government car auctions oregon

Government car auctions oregon - Government Car Auctions

Government car auctions oregon

okay we got a 1997 crown victoria here
and this has been my personal car for
over a year and i love this car and it’s
got good tires and chickpeas varzil i
just put before playing tires on here
cost me three hundred eighteen bucks
over america’s tire and it’s a good
running car the only reason i’m selling
it is let us show you from a distance
here i bought a really nice time in
country you can see it on the end over
there or straight ahead so anyways just
take a ride in this car oh I pop the
hood for the engine so you can see the
engine let’s take a look at the
extension here this engine is really
Government car auctions oregon
runs good I just put new brakes on it
and let’s just take it for a little spin
okay it’s a nice right in car Crown
ok get some traffic coming
okay you’re right all right let’s go
it takes right off okay good yeah
step that right up to 35 miles now right
there if you suck it’s nice run car nice
smooth it’s been a nice family car for
and the wife and so comfortable real
comfortable writes like a Lincoln Town
Car but its crown victoria it actually
has the same chassis in the same
transmission is the lincoln town car and
i believe also the same motor pretty
sure and say everything works really
good power steering brakes are good
okay so plus you have the peace of mind
you know I just put new front brakes on
its all done by ASC certified shot yeah
and plus get new tires tires are good
for 40,000 miles I just put a valve
cover gasket on it because it was
leaking oil from the valve cover gasket
so we put about eight hundred dollars in
this car

Government car auctions oregon - Government Auctions Cars For Sale

Government car auctions oregon info

SamCurry / Pixabay

so it’s uh it’s going to be a good
runner for you for a long time ah I got
new tags and just one through DQ a few
months ago so no prom with emissions
just a good solid car I wouldn’t
hesitate to drive this car across
country in a second
gonna miss her because she’s been a real
dependable car for us
so whoever gets this car is going to
enjoy it have years of trouble-free
maintenance these cars last a long time
and just to show you car i bought over
here and it means it’s a nice lincoln
excuse me my next tongue country they’re
just beautiful cars you know so so
somebody’s going to get a good car and I
know you’re going to enjoy it okay let’s
pick up here see everything shifts great
tranny strong motor strong
you want you could run this car if you
didn’t want to put any you know
maintenance or upkeep pretty much
maintenance free gonna run this car for
our practically there we go
so I put all the numbers in at the noon
call me and reduce the price we were
we were asking
asking 1500 for it
but I’m going to drop the price down to
twelve ninety-five
and they give me a call the phone number
will be in the ad
and be happy to have you come out and
take a ride in it and I had the title
have a clean title for you so there’s no
problem there it’s already signed ready
to go so I encourage you to come on give
me a call and we’ll take you for a ride
alright we show you
listen to this video still a little run
around the car here we show you it
bodies really good shape OOP fix that
okay yeah she it’s not you don’t give a
lot of his that banged up it shines
really nice I probably put about 10
coats of really high expensive wax on
here I just love wax and cars and so
anyways give me a call we’ll go for a
ride thank you

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