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Government car auctions near me - Government Car Auctions

Government car auctions near me

hey guys chrisfix here I’m on my way to
go inspect a used car that I’m
interested in purchasing and I’m taking
you with me after watching this video
not only you’re gonna be more
comfortable with going to check used car
but you’re gonna know exactly what to
look for so you don’t get stuck with a
bad car the most expensive part in a car
is the engine so in this video I’m gonna
show you how to inspect an engine in a
used car so you don’t buy a car with a
bad engine now that being said in this
video it’s gonna be impossible to cover
every single thing the video would be
hours long so what I’m gonna ask you
guys to do is if you have any cool tips
and tricks make sure you comment them
below because I’m sure a lot of people
are gonna want to read the comments and
learn new things and read the tips and
tricks that you guys have to share so
that’s enough talking let’s go and check
out the car we’re here waiting to see
the car and there it is so let’s go meet
the owner and inspect the car hey you
doing Chris Frank nice to meet you Frank
all right here she is so as you know I’m
filming I want to film this so that
people could know how to buy a used car
this might take a little while but I’m a
serious buyer so all the time you need
if I could get the keys and check stuff
out that’d be great
are there any other keys we says this
one now unfortunately that’s the only
one okay that’s good to know
ok let’s go check out this car all right
we’re in the car we have the key and the
first thing we’re gonna do and this is
what I do with every vehicle I look at
is we’re gonna use an obd – scanner and
we’re gonna scan the computer of the car
super-important I start off doing this
because if the computer detects problems
it’ll let me know and it’ll tell me okay
well what are the problems and if there
are too many problems it’s not even
worth taking this for test drive or
spending any more time looking at this
car now the obd2 scan ports are
typically under the driver’s side
steering wheel there’s the brake pedal
if we look upwards over here it’s gonna
typically be right under here somewhere
and then if you look over here on these
Jaguars the scan port is right here and
we’ll just plug this right in well take
our key and we’ll start the car
notice that there are no check engine
abs or airbag lights that are on which
is a good start and then we’ll go check
out the app then we’ll go and read the
codes and you can see here there are no
confirmed codes but we have one pending
code and if we look at our pending code
right there it’s ap1000 code that’s the
code you don’t want to see and the

Government car auctions near me - Government Auctions Cars For Sale

Government car auctions near me
reason why you don’t want to see that
code is because that means somebody
cleared the check engine light and if
you look on the dash here there are no
check engine light codes there’s no
lights at all so you’d probably think
that okay good there’s no check engine
lights then we’re good but guess what we
just found that there’s a pending code
because somebody cleared it I spoke with
the owner about this you said he got his
oxygen sensors replaced on this car and
the mechanic cleared the codes and that
is why I always use an OPD – scanner as
the first thing to check in a car so now
we could go and shut the engine and the
next thing we’re gonna look at is the
engine compartment so let’s pop the hood
and you want to make sure that the hood
struts could support the hood I hate
when these things are weak and the hood
can’t stay up so the first thing I like
to do is just take a look under the hood
just overall what does it look like
we’re checking out to see the
cleanliness we’re looking for any
obvious damage leaked anything like that
one thing I like to mention is if they
detail this and they overly detail it
they use armor on pieces you know
everything’s all shiny it looks really
good a lot of times that signifies that
the car has a problem that they’re
trying to hide so they cleaned it up you
know they’re trying to hide an oil leak
that you won’t see because they cleaned
it in this case the engine looks like it
should look for a hundred thirty
thousand mile car you know it’s a little
bit dirty but it’s relatively well taken
care of and there’s nothing out of the
ordinary that sends up any red flags if
there’s nothing that catches my eye or
looks out of the ordinary the next thing
I’ll do is see if the frame is straight
I start by looking where the fender
bolts up and make sure it’s straight one
of the hardest things for a body shop to
do is make sure this is perfectly
straight after an accident bends the
frame so take a look at the fender and
also where the fender bolts up to the
front core support and that looks nice
and straight next follow the core
support across and you want to make sure
the front core support is not bowed or
creased and this looks good
and you want to go to this side and do
the same thing look at the fender line
and where it bolts up and this looks
straight now on this car the front
bumper was damaged we saw that in the
initial inspection so investigate you
know you see this damage in the front
bumper look under the front bumper to
see if there’s any damage to the frame
and right away I could see
check this out I’m gonna pull this back
this front crossmember here is bent
inwards and there’s rust so that’s
something that you really have to
consider here if the front crossmember
is bent inwards enough is this side or
that side of the subframe bent inwards
is the engine sitting right is the
suspension sitting right that could
affect the steering and many other
things and if you’re unsure if there’s
frame damage just walk away because it’s
not worth the hassle down the road if
you buy the car from what I could see
this doesn’t look too bad and the damage
is localized to this area plus the
fenders look straight the engine sitting
square at the frame and even the core
supports straight so in this case I want
to see the rest of the car and test
drive it to make sure it drives straight
next grab a flashlight and start
inspecting for leaks but instead of
spending most of your time on the top
the engine let’s go underneath the car
and the reason why we look underneath
the vehicle is because leaks drip
downwards and this is the quickest way
to check for any major leaks and you
just want to scan underneath look for
any leaks any drips the transmission
looks nice and dry if we look back over
by the oil pan that looks nice and dry
there is a little bit of oil on this
catalytic converter but it’s nothing bad
and I don’t see any major leaks we’ll
check for more leaks once we get the car
the next place to inspect for leaks is
the cooling system you want to open the
cap to inspect but make sure the engine
is cold now cars use different types of
coolant but make sure it’s a bright
color in this case we have red coolant
so it’s bright red you don’t want to see
any oil or brown sludge in here because
that could indicate there may be a head
gasket leak but this looks good now not
all coolant leaks are visible if you
have a head gasket leak inside your
engine you won’t see that so make sure
the coolant is filled to the proper
level and this looks good and the next
thing we’ll look at is the brake master
cylinder and you can see the fluid
through the plastic in this case the
minimum line is here and the brake fluid
is up to here so this looks good and you
can just look around for leaks most of
the time you’ll see any leaks right back
here but this looks dry the next thing
to check is the power steering reservoir
and that’s right over here you want to
check the fluid color and you don’t want
to see dark fluid or specks of black
this fluid looks good and it’s filled to
the proper level so this looks good you
also want to follow the power steering
lines to the pump and check for any
leaks but again this looks good the next
thing I like to do is check the oil take
the oil fill cap off and look underneath
sometimes you’ll be able to tell if a
car has a head gasket leak
by looking at underneath the cat you’ll
see like a frothy white oil almost like
a milkshake or something like that up on
the screen is an example of a BMW that I
looked at that had a head gasket leak
and I found it right away just by
looking underneath the oil cap besides
looking at the cap you also want to look
inside the engine and you don’t want to
see any froth or any sludge in there
what sludge is gonna look like it’s
gonna look like chocolate syrup and in
this case this looks good and finally
check the oil dipstick and make sure the
oil is filled all the way in this case
it’s right in the crosshatch area so
that’s perfect the other thing is make
sure it’s not frothy make sure there’s
no metallic specks and if you see any of
this just walk away it’s not worth it
find another car because it could mean
that you have a head gasket leak or your
engine is worn out pretty good after
checking the oil the other thing you
want to do is you want to find the
transmission dipstick if you have one
and check the transmission fluid in this
case it’s a sealed system so we don’t
have a dipstick so you can’t check it
but if there is a dipstick I have a
really good video all about checking
transmission fluid so you can watch that
and learn more so the last thing we want
to inspect are the hoses and the belts
we want to go around the engine
compartment and make sure that the hoses
aren’t bulging they’re not cracked and
they’re not brittle and the rubber looks
like it’s in good condition and just go
around and inspect the different hoses
vacuum hoses coolant hoses and check all
of them then after that we want to go
and check the belts a good condition
belt won’t look shiny it won’t have
frayed edges it won’t have any cracks on
it and when you press on it with your
finger it’ll be pretty tight so the
engines cold right now and it’s a good
time to go and start the engine but make
sure you watch the exhaust as it starts
so let’s go start her up go ahead start
her up
and in this case we have no smoke which
is good if you see blue smoke that could
mean that your valve seals are leaking
into the combustion chamber as the car
is sitting here and then when you go to
stop the car up you get a burst of blue
smoke and then it goes clear now you
want to ask the owner to rub the car a
little bit can you rent the car up a
little bit
so what we’re looking at we’re looking
at the smoke to make sure that there’s
no blue smoke a little bit of smoke came
out but that’s just because the car just
started and that’s condensation but if
the car starts puffing white smoke that
could mean you have a head gasket leak
if it starts puffing blue smoke you
could have worn out piston rings but in
this case we’re good here’s an example
of a van that’s burning oil upon giving
the car gas blue smoke comes out of the
exhaust and here’s another example of a
beetle with the same problem so that
gives you a good idea of what to look
make sure you do the same check when the
car is warmed up as well because you
might only get smoke when the car is
warm now let’s shut the engine and move
to the front of the car and have the
owner started up again at the front of
the car ask the owner to start the
engine again and watch the motor for
movement a little movements okay but you
don’t want to see a lot of movement like
this van engine because that means the
motor mounts are worn out so ask the
owner to start her up and that looks
good again we’re gonna check for leaks
using our flashlight but this time with
the engine running when we have
everything under pressure we’re more
likely to find a leak so we have a
couple things we want to look at we want
to look at the cooling system we want to
look at the master cylinder we want to
check out the engine and he hoses the
water pump look over here we got our ABS
we got our power steering so just take a
quick peek around and see what you can
find and in this case everything is
looking real good so week wise we look
good the other thing you want to check
is with the oil cap removed put your
hand over the hole to see if there’s any
pulsing of air right now I don’t feel
any pressure or vacuum and there’s no
smoke coming out if you have strong
puffs of air and smoke the piston rings
could be worn out and causing a
significant amount of blow by and in
that case the engine might be worn out
that being said if you do get a light
positive pressure or a vacuum that’s
normal for some engines just make sure
that pulses aren’t strong and there’s no
smoke in this case the engine feels fine
but it’s amazing how much information
you could get just by looking under the
oil cap and then finally while the
engines running you’re just gonna be
listening you’re gonna be watching you
want to make sure that the engine isn’t
vibrating significantly you want to show
that the idle is constant it’s not
revving up and down and it just sounds
like it’s running well you don’t want to
hear any loud ticking there’s gonna be
little ticks because of the fuel
injectors like
but this sounds good this sounds normal
so everything’s checking out and then
after you go for your test drive it’s
always good and I always suggest it
again shut the engine off and start it
up listen for it again do the same test
check for a smoke check for that
pressure because things change when the
engines cold versus when the engines
warm right now the engines warming up
and then the last thing to do is ask the
owner to shut the engine and then you’re
gonna watch to make sure there’s no
significant vibration there’s no
knocking noise there’s none of that can
you shut the car and that shuts right
off so that was good to me this is one
of the most important things because
engine work and transmission where it
could get expensive so I spend the most
time here and on the test drive and
everything’s just checking out pretty
good right now
so let’s move on to inspecting the
interior or not and this just doesn’t
want to close can you pop the hood okay
so before we inspect the interior this
hood latch is working but this hood
latch over here isn’t latching and if we
take a look under the hood this is why
it’s not catching the hood cable this
looks all rusted so I feel like this
might need a new hood cable so I mean
that’s just something that you see when
you’re checking things out I want to go
shut the hood and this doesn’t close on
the Sun and that is definitely a problem
so that covers most of the main things I
look at when I inspect an engine in a
used car hopefully the video is helpful
and for the next video in the series I’m
gonna go over some pretty cool tips and
tricks for inspecting the interior of a
used car many of the tips are things you
wouldn’t think about but when you hear
them you’re gonna be like oh why didn’t
I think of that to get to that video you
could click on the screen or find the
link in the description

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