Government car auctions michigan

Government car auctions michigan - Government Car Auctions

Government car auctions michigan

our Spangled Banner yet wave for the
land of the free and the home and the
hello ladies and gentlemen we are
talking about today we’re talking about
Holies auctions
government auctions and anything and
everything in between
first of all police actions don’t waste
your time
police auctions the I go to a
DEA auction at my auction all the
auction I go to has a DEA auction maybe
once every two months and the DEA
auction is full of cars nice cars is up
excellent cars at the police auctions
because I’ve been there and I like wow
this is a nice car this is a nice car
this is a nice car but the problem is
public are invited when the public is
invited everybody will come and
everybody doctors lawyers
priest everybody will come and everybody
will think they’re gonna get a huge
discount deal and that car will start
bidding up and the car will bid up so
high that it is past retail it’s past
retail so you’re gonna go there thinking
that you’re going to get a good deal and
you’re gonna come out with your mouth
open like what just happened and that’s
how it’s going to be so I would say
absolutely do not waste your time
police options because they just run the
toll no decide just run the toll oh
because you have to have exact coin then
we don’t have exact teams so we got to
run the tolls she’s running the toll
that is the dealer tag so we will get a
bill for this right here but it’s only a
couple dollars so it don’t matter
run those tolls its gg
thug life baby we just ran at old anyway
the police actions overpriced cars
they do have them but their okay
yes I still have blue hands I cannot get
this and no I don’t sniff paint okay
I have blue hands because I painted the
truck blew the motor home blue now
what what anyway they make awesome club
take you do you dog you know I did not
use the gloves but hey looking good
Tanner Tanner that is so funny anyway
folks so public auction I mean public
I mean DEA oxen police auctions all that
options crept stay away from them
because you’re gonna wind up paying too
much and you’re gonna waste your time
now then they have government auctions
government auctions but they’re old
equipment to them
they’re old equipment they send out
crown victorias bucket trucks all these
trucks they sale
they are all beat up
most of them like God another God said
they are probably maintained I mean I
wouldn’t say well-maintained because
you’ve got different people driving them
all the time with different habits so
that will wear out any vehicle no matter
how hard are meticulous it’s been
maintained so let’s say you buy a
vehicle it’s going to be white or orange
that’s what it’s going to be white
orange or yellow okay
there’s OB a police vehicle is is going
to be a detective vehicle or it’s going
to be a city vehicle some kind of City
stuff so yes there Batman is looking at
you and he is giving you the evil eye
I have this this trip to Best Buy has
been taken forever what the hell you
doing so anyway I would say it’s not
worth buying a vehicle from a government
auction either to resale it depends on
how hard they advertise these vehicles
so if they’re if they advertise these
vehicles through the papers and stuff
like do something do a lot of people is
going to be there a lot of people is
going to expect a good deal and it will
go up now it’s going to be cheaper than
a regular used Crown Victoria because
it’s a police vehicle once it’s a police
vehicle I don’t sell for crap on the
street anyway so

Government car auctions michigan - Government Auctions Cars For Sale

Government car auctions michigan info
yeah unless you need a bucket truck to
get in the bucket and fix something or
that’s your job if your company needs a
bucket truck then I suggest you buy the
vehicle from a from one of these
auctions but chances are it’s going to
be too much any differently so as far as
Pope as far as police auctions
government auctions I give a big thumbs
down okay let’s get to some questions
hey Rick do we need to set up a separate
LLC for the financing no yeah you could
use that LLC for the financing as well
government options probably had a few
Humvees I broke in to wait yes
oh my goodness that those Humvees funny
story folks
funny story I am a 19 kilo or I was a 19
kilo in the Army which is an armored
Abrams tank so they they they funny
story I grabs popcorn anyway I’m gonna
tell it anyway I they trained us like
crazy on the tanks we go to NTC which is
National Training Center in Fort Irwin
California and they trained us to go to
the desert and all this crap and train
us on tanks and ATI was solely tanks and
then we get deployed to Bosnia and they
tell us to go patrolling the Hummers are
the Humvees like what go patrolling the
Humvees so we got out there and none of
us knew how to even start the Humvees
okay where’s the keys well war is a key
skill you know there’s no keys to a
Humvee most people know this but yeah
funny story Willie Willie do you do this
go to Publix and buy some eggs
are we ready are we ready we are we are
ready folks uh no something told me that
I needed to have more more informative
stuff in my videos but see I’m not
trying to sell anything so it’s is hard
to hello CentOS sequela Sakura a
hydrogen Sakura
so see South seda miss LCD so cool de
Salcedo yeah they they think that I
should do videos just talking about this
and that and leaving my stories out of
it what
that’s so fun and plus I like to do
everything live
what’s up being J Auto Sales you ready
go to bed bye
we’re ready to go in this fight oh oh
god I’m getting old folks getting old
ahold Lilly Lilly so we’re going in Best
Buy what are we gonna do in Best Buy we
look for $25.00 tablets yes oh my gosh
we are at Best Buy in Sanford Florida
there is a long story about how we got
to Sanford Florida when we have a Best
Buy a perfectly good Best Buy that we
was there earlier in Daytona Beach I
will tell you all that story on how we
come to Sanford Florida for the Best Buy
it was all Lilly I will just tell you
that right now
all Lily’s fault a hundred percent and
that’s that that’s it no baby come on
and that’s the way the cookie crumbles
let’s see here
I’m sure but anyway I will talk to you
later peace out and we are out baby out
in Best Buy you don’t say hello they’re
gonna say hello
no one said hello this is the first time
someone gave me hello

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