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Government car auctions los angeles

hey guys welcome to another TfL top ten
this time and this one was suggested by
our viewers what is it Nathan it’s the
top ten used cars that you can get for
under five thousand dollars
yeah because a lot of you guys are not
in the market for new cars so we thought
we’d have a little bit of fun and put
together a top ten list of cars you
could buy for under five thousand but we
took it a step further Nathan and I
actually went on Craigslist in Denver
and actually found real cars that we
would buy absolutely now in every case
we have some experience with these cars
one of us or both of us so we’re talking
about vehicles that we’ve actually
driven to some degree and on top of that
these aren’t your regular cars we could
easily say go buy a Honda Civic or
Toyota Corolla or whatever you know
which is a good investment we wanted
something kind of fun and different yeah
we wanted something that had a little
bit of out like you would say lead in
the pencil something that’s a little bit
of fun and you know something that makes
driving more than just a commute between
work and home something that you know
you can have pride in ownership and by
the way all these cars are on sale right
now on Craigslist they’re really there
they really are there now remember we
went under $5,000 for these vehicles
which means lots of mileage and they
most likely will need maintenance so
before you decide to just to jump on and
go look for certain vehicles make sure
you understand how much it costs to
maintain these vehicles and it’s really
easy to research online right once you
start with number 10 absolutely it’s the
Jeep Cherokee the XJ the one we found
was a two thousand one for $2,000
yeah the XJ is a hugely popular Jeep
because it was one of the very first
kind of off-road II crossovers and they
built a ton of them it wasn’t really a
crossover crossover so to speak because
like before crossing yeah but but it the
size was very similar to the size of
vehicles today that are considered
midsize and small crossovers and this is
a vehicle that had straight axles was
very capable off-road and today the
aftermarket the world is absolutely
caked with stuff that you could put on
an XJ yeah and you know a jeep built a
lot of the transmissions for these they
built a lot of the engines for them yep
so you can find parts form quite
yeah if you get the later versions
they’re actually pretty reliable you
know it’s a G product and it’s an early
G product so take it with a grain of

Government car auctions los angeles - Government Auctions Cars For Sale

yep but I know quite a few people have
driven these things well the 200,000
miles with original engine and
transmission there are issues and you
can go onto forums and find out what
these issues are but I’ve driven several
of these off-road both four-cylinder and
six-cylinder and I can tell you at least
with a six-cylinder it’s pretty
impressive off-road yeah I got a funny
story about the XJ which is what it is
Charlie I was talking to Mark Allen and
he was always amazed that people
actually go in mind these things is when
Jeep came out with this they never
actually meant it to be like a modified
like a never angler right yeah but now
people are modding them and you know
they they sort of kind of hold up yeah
and there’s just really inexpensive to
work with a really good starter vehicle
for those of you who have never really
had an off-road vehicle and when I try
off-roading let’s go to number nine yeah
number nine we found a 2001 Lda 4 for
now I actually own that generation of a
4 and it was a really good car I was the
first kind of a four where it became the
a four where it had kind of that that
what has now become almost iconic outtie
styling both inside and out right the
downside to the a for that generation is
they do tend to fall apart yeah and you
know it’s really hard to find one that
hasn’t been beat to hell but if you can
if you can find one that was driven by a
little leg I was gonna say a little lady
in Pasadena that would be bad but by
somebody who is actually going to take
care of the vehicle and has the
paperwork for it it could be a hell of a
first car yeah and you know it came with
the 1.8 liter turbo which is an engine
that’s been put in almost every
Volkswagen group product right so it’s a
very it’s a very good small displacement
turbocharged engine and it has all these
Quattro all-wheel drive system the funny
thing about it is that generations a4 is
now the size of the current generations
a3 as vehicle because the new a4 is
considered enormous compared to the old
a4 all right let’s go to number 8 and
this one it’s a good scene we’re putting
on this list for a grain of salt but we
found a 2002 Land Rover Disko discovery
for 3750 on Craigslist in Denver now
it’s a really cool car and it’s a really
problematic I used to own when I had a
99 with a 5-speed Auto manual
transmission which is really rare and
actually is when you met first met me I
had this and it was my third vehicle my
off-roader and I loved it except for a
grain oil everywhere the whole joke
about well at least you know it has oil
in it in terms of British cars but there
are a lot of issues with that vehicle
not just the engine but electronics and
whatnot but if you get one that’s in
good condition and if he it’s been
well-maintained it’s a hell of an
off-road vehicle yeah I talked to a Land
Rover mechanic and he called it the
nigel factor and I was like Nigel factor
he goes yeah Nigel made this bundle to
tied Nigel you know over tighten this
screw actually my neighbor had one and
he had a terrible time with it so I were
recommending it but he could not get the
front glass of fitting right and so it
always leak so there it’s a it’s a world
of issues but it’s also a really cool
car and I figure at 190,000 miles they
probably have those issues sorted out by
previous owners possibly possibly it’s a
really good idea for those of you who
are looking at possibly getting one to
get one that hasn’t been offroad it too
much it’s not so much the fact that
there could be issues with the
suspension or the drivetrain which is
pretty good it’s more of a factor of a
lot of the people who take them off road
have no idea what they’re doing they
tend to be you know yeah they’re not
necessary novices all right let’s move
on to the next one speaking of
off-roading yeah the we found a 88
Suzuki Samurai tin top for 3500
basically on Craigslist I had a samurai
you know I love the phone one of them
they’re tiny it’s like the affordable
poor man’s Jeep Wrangler perfect
off-road kind of hard on roads it’s got
such a short wheelbase that it really
rides hard the problem is you can’t find
one that’s not molested that’s right
it’s one of the tough things about these
vehicles is that they’ve been absolutely
butchered by a lot of people for good
reason you know they make them even more
off-road capable people that are into
rock crawlers oh they do indeed but
here’s the thing about it first of all I
have this whole theory you know people
run out by those razors for passenger
five passenger razors for $20,000 plus
get a samurai used Samurai like this put
the money into it and you’ll be able to
legally drive it in all 50 states you’ll
be able to drive it every day they get
pretty good mileage bro they’re
fantastic you got to be careful on road
because it’s such a narrow wheelbase
that’s what killed it back in the day
that’s exactly what killed them was the
fact that people were turning at high
speeds and they were flipping so just
simply keep that in mind and maybe you
want to flip them and by the way when he
said tint up what that basically means
is unlike some of the samurais which had
a removable hard or soft top this one is
solid it actually has a metal roof that
is connected to the whole body so you
can’t remove it I have a funny story
about my samurai moved to Washington DC
and I had the soft top and the friend of
mine we’re going for a graduate school
for journalism and so we couldn’t find a
place to live and we ended up living on
Main Street
Mei Nene which is a marina we lived on a
sailboat right which at that time was
not a great new south west or south east
I forget it was up was the thing it was
not a great part of Washington and so a
friend of mine who’s in the my graduate
school program asked me to bring his
toaster oven with him and now keep in
mind that this Samurai stop had like
snaps right so he put you know it’s like
one of those little snap that you twist
mm-hmm so you know and you could take it
off so I put the toaster oven in the
Jeep got to the marina parked it in the
parking lot brought all my stuff down
left it in the Jeep thinking it just a
toaster oven and somebody some brain
surgeon out there actually cut my top to
get to the toaster arm they could have
easily unsnapped it but they cut the top
to get to the toaster oven and it pissed
me off and a pissed off my friend
because he thought I owed him a toaster
oven and I thought he owed me a new top
which is much more expensive yeah yeah
now but that’s the same thing you’ll
fall into with any you know convertible
that’s out there with a soft top there a
quick story about a samurai that I have
is that one time on a trail in Gorman
California which is right by where I
went to school for a while I came down
with a bunch of buddies we were
off-roading in jeeps and big trucks
there was this one little guy in an
absolute standard Samurai and he was
cruising around and every single time we
came up to something we couldn’t go over
we would go around he would just toddle
over it real slow but he did make it
over and finally got to a point where
we’re getting really sick and tired of
having him show us up on every single
obstacle it wasn’t a him it was a her it
was a 16 year old girl it was their
first time ever going offroad just to
story you know that’s
of the biggest peak one of the biggest
things that people don’t take an account
when they go off-road is that center of
gravity and being light is as important
off-road as it is in a sports car so
everybody buys Jeep and you know slap on
big bumper six thousand pound GT yeah
yeah and and these things are super
light and they just they just kind of
you know just tiptoe over the wax yeah
it’s really really cool truck uh and yet
technically attract but speaking of
number six yet once you tell them this
is a good one yeah so number six is the
Volvo 850 this one was the glt we found
in 96 for 1500 actually owned an 850
turbo which was you know that that is
the car that’s the definition of like
rock solid built out of one piece but
will not go around a turn so what I want
to go around a turn because the turbo
had a lot of horsepower it had a 5
cylinder turbocharged engine but it was
not dynamically very well sorted so in a
straight line great around a turn not so
great but it was extremely safe it was
extremely comfortable and it is
extremely cool I think it’s a cool it’s
one of those cars that along with the
Saab 900 turbo I think yeah which will
become valuable at some point we talked
about putting the Saab on this list and
it just missed out on it but it belongs
here as well a couple of the different
shops that are out there but the one
thing I can tell you about the Volvo’s
are first of all even the old ones are
so much safer than other vehicles that
were made at the same time they’re
really really well made the company has
cared about safety for years the only
negative that I can think of is that
maintenance is a little expensive it’s
far more expensive than say a Honda
Civic or something like that but with
that being said you get a well-made well
maintained volvo of any style of any
class and you’ll have a safe car yeah
and also the best act from my point of
view and most comfortable seats in the
in the car biz there lies the Saab carci
I myself yeah so what is the Swedish
drinking they make such good seats no no
man but they know how to do organ of X
alright let’s go to number 5 and this is
a great car that’s no longer being made
up here but we both agree that finding
this on the list is a real diamond in
the rough however we’re pretty sure that
there’s a lot of mileage and a little
bit of abuse and that is the Nissan
Xterra the one we found is a 2001 which
is the first generation for
31 931 99 3000 $199 now going against
what they’re normally worth that is
considerably less expensive than you
might think but remember that vehicle
like this very well may have been
off-road a lot yeah but they’re really
solid and really dependable and really
straightforwardly simply put together
you know this is like a now we’re
looking probably a 15 year old truck
right yeah and they both love them so
parts are readily available there’s an
aftermarket it’s a Nissan it’s not going
to kill you up in maintenance it will
kill you in it’s thirsty right yeah the
thirst and and the dynamics driving down
the road isn’t great but that’s it’s
like truck you know and it’s based on
the Nissan Frontier and all the parts
that are available for the frontier most
of them will fit on the Xterra all right
this next car represents a whole bunch
of different cars and the here’s an area
about this car you will be upside down
at the second you pay for it yeah that’s
absolutely true
so we found a BMW 740 2003 for 5500 but
we figure you can get it down you can
bother get him down about 5,000 which is
how we want up on the list 170 k 170
thousand miles but it is a 740 I that’s
the big one
yeah so this huge BMW with all the smile
äj– isn’t worth it well it depends I
mean obviously gonna pay a lot of money
to maintain this vehicle just changing
the components that are regular is three
times what it would cost of a regular
car so that’s the first thing you have
to think about the second thing is you
still have if you haven’t
a dynamic car that handles well and in
this case a big car that’s just like a
proper saloon yeah you know the 740 of
that generation weren’t very popular
right being BMW hadn’t quite figured out
luxury yet they figure out the sports
car part of it but they hadn’t figured
out luxury so the three series of five
series was really popular but the 7
Series not so much so they plummeted in
value and cost relatively quickly
compared to say an s-class Mercedes
right but they’re actually really good
cars and you know if it wasn’t for the
fact that you actually have to go and
have a BMW mechanic work on them pretty
much a German mechanic at the very least
yeah but you know if I were 17 and
crews that made 40 that you call that
extra power and over the offside be
now speaking of German cars our next one
is a Volkswagen Jetta vr6 yeah we found
the 2002 for 3450 on Craigslist in
Denver and that engine is a gem the
engine alone is worth the price of
admission if it’s been well taken care
of because it is one of their best
engines ever and I like the BMW it’s a
Volkswagen so parts are readily
available you know everybody knows about
them you don’t need to have a specially
trained mechanic they’re relatively
straightforward yep you know the engines
will be more expensive to maintain but
it’s you know the car itself is like a
sleeper right because it looks like a
regular Jetta yeah yep and unless you
know what you’re looking for you don’t
understand that that thing is really fun
performance drive properly quick yeah
yep now this next one’s not very fast
however it’s uh it’s what I would call a
very safe bet it’s right up there with
the vole Bowl in terms of being safe and
at the same time it has a little bit
more utility that makes it very friendly
to places like Colorado and that’s the
Subaru Outback and the one we found was
a 2000 which is for $2,000
but it also has 140,000 miles on it now
you know some of you guys are probably
wondering well what’s the mileage cut
off before you have to really start
worrying it’s impossible to say for sure
some cars can go 250,000 miles on the
same transmission and engine other cars
can barely make it past 90,000 miles
before everything craters the one thing
you can say about at least Subarus is
that they tend to be very reliable up to
around a hundred thousand miles this is
a popular consensus and then things have
to be replaced such as certain types of
components inside the engine all right
keep that in mind so make sure it’s been
properly maintained before even
considering it yeah plus it’s the kind
of car where you don’t feel bad about
like door dings you know I mean this is
true for a lot of use yeah especially
especially that one right it’s got the
utility of a wagon yep it’s got the auto
drive in the winter and you don’t feel
bad about like stuffing your dog or your
friend’s dog in the back of it you know
if you’re if your dog pukes the back of
the kill again PETA Beckham on yeah yes
and and here’s the funny thing in
Colorado we find a lot of those up at
the ski slopes with like the roof rack
filled with skis were thousands and
thousands of dollars and the cars are
rusting the pieces but still
get up to the slopes so it’s kind of a
popular site here and I think you guys
can figure out the number one car
because we actually owned it for a while
yeah it’s the Jeep Wrangler YJ and if
you can why J I think it was the last
year was 95 if you can look for a TJ
which is the one before the JK which is
a current model right but those are
relatively reliable vehicles we had ours
it had a hundred and forty like thousand
miles on it I think we put like 10,000
miles on it over the course of a year
and a half that we had it yeah and you
know it ate a little bit of oil but you
hate the transmission it’s a 3-speed
close down yeah which was you know
pretty miserable on the highway but
around town it was fine yeah okay and
that straight-6 is actually not bad bull
engine yeah I mean at the end of the day
you have to ask yourself if you’re
serious about off-roading you know I
still say the XJ is like such a great
way to go if you’re just starting out
but of course a TJ or a YJ so is you
know a great great vehicle to get and if
you can get one that hasn’t been overly
baked with too many lifts and Springs
and all these other things if it’s
fairly stock I think it’d be a great way
to go because then you can be the one
who modifies it and you know maintains
the vehicle yeah automatic but at that
vintage it’s probably more likely to be
a manual which is cool the top of course
comes off so you have a convertible
that’s right you could you could do that
cool bikini top thing there’s just a
million different ways you can you can
change it and update it and you know
make it make it your own and so you know
safety wise it didn’t have airbags but
it was a pretty hefty truck so yeah I’m
not a metal Roger once you learn how to
drive them properly and understand that
you’re not driving a sports car they’re
pretty damn good full roll bar yeah yeah
now this next one is also an off-road
vehicle and this is our bonus yep go for
it and this is one that you see
everywhere here in Colorado and they
built them like in one color which is
silver but no seriously but but there’s
sometimes why but they’re great cars for
under 5,000 this is the 1999 Toyota
4runner now the one we found was for
four thousand four hundred ninety nine
dollars it was really clean but it also
had get this two hundred and
ninety-eight thousand miles on it that
is a lot but it also speaks volumes for
the vehicle we’ve talked about Toyota
reliability before and this is a real
a good example of that this vehicle will
sell I have a feeling it won’t go for
for $44.99
I would imagine maybe in the high threes
but still I think about that’s that’s
incredible yeah actually on this vehicle
the poorest regulation yeah and you know
it was uh it wasn’t fancy but it was
bulletproof that six-cylinder you just
felt like it would go forever it had a
basic four-wheel drive system so it had
a proper transfer case you know and
everything was like over built on it
yeah and that’s one of the reasons why
these things last so long and go so for
so long and there was one of those magic
Japanese vehicles that actually was
somewhat bigger on the inside than on
the outside so even though it’s you know
right now probably a midsize truck back
then it was considered relatively big
and you could put five people in you
know pretty good comfort and their stuff
in the back didn’t the rear window go
down into the tailgate the rear window
goes down and now I know a little bit
about these trucks the fenders tend to
rest out rust out because water gets
into them and so in the points like
where the water stays in the corners
you’ll see a lot of them with like rust
damage right but those are easily
replaceable so you know if you if you
know if you don’t if you see rusty
fenders don’t freak out you can replace
them they’re ultimately off-road worthy
because you could do a lot to them and
you can get them in the sr5 model which
was kind of the more expensive upgraded
one the one I had had a six-speed manual
transmission I think which was a 6-speed
really with five I think might even find
a five-speed back then yeah yeah man but
it was it was just fine thirsty but
otherwise really good so guys we really
appreciate that you guys came up with
this for us we really did you suggested
that we come up with vehicles that were
used for under a certain amount of money
so if this is a popular video we may
continue doing these as well let us know
in the comments below and if you guys
are yearning for like more non list
videos we’ve got a lot of stuff over on
TfL truck and our new YouTube channel
TfL now quick above to go there where
Nathan does this ask Nathan series and
we also do like zero to 60s and behind
the scenes and live videos coming very
soon and remember check out TfL car comm
more news
and real-world reviews on this edition
of hot or not we have a very special
episode because we have a very special
guest star and I’m not talking about
palm talking about this the brands
making new Porsche Cayman gt4 and this
Porsche has a possibility of setting a
track record and that is coming up right
so buried midships is the Carrera S
engine to the 3.8 liter boxer that puts
out 385 horsepower and 310 pound foot of
torque now this particular Cayman has a
six-speed manual transmission and paul
call this engine while he calls it
perfection it powers the rear wheels and
it should set a track record you think

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