Government car auctions chicago

Government car auctions chicago - Government Car Auctions

Government car auctions chicago

and everybody and welcome to a new video
today we’re going to be looking at my
top tips for when you’re buying a used
these car market is full of gems and you
can really find some fantastic deals
when you’re looking around but you can
find some horror stories too cars have
been abused just mistreated and not
maintained properly so there are a few
things to look out for and a few signs
just to be wary of again lads you can
find cars on the used car market that
have been sports cars looked after by
you know elderly couples you can find
Government car auctions chicago
fantastically rare four tenths of the
price that you could buy new cars for so
it really is a good place to look out
for to find that people in the car
community rarely read buy new cars one
because the probably can’t afford it but
even if they can they could buy so much
more metal for the same price in the
used car market so that’s at the very
minimum make sure you’re buying your
cars in the day or at least in showrooms
and places with good lighting if you’re
buying cars at night and you have the
light thing with the torch you’re
probably going to miss details like
dents and scratches and bits of rust
anything like that that could show up
much more visibly during the day so look
at your cars in good conditions I know
it sounds really simple not when it’s
raining as well make sure it’s dry well
lit and good condition it might save you
from bringing home a car in the dark and
then in the morning when you wake up you
see massive scratches and bits missing
that you would have noticed otherwise
over the bodywork and get right up close
to it look at each panel gap look at the
paintwork if different body panels don’t
match up then start raising a little bit
of concern one wing power has a slightly
different gap to the other one it could
potentially have had body damage the
owner is not telling you about so every
little detail kind of push it and if
they haven’t disclosed it in the sales
information then you can use that to
push the price down too so every little
detail try and find out keep an eye out
for rust you can want to get under the
car look underneath it too a lot of
people when they’re buying cars don’t
even get underneath to have a look if
there’s any sign of rust on the chassis
things like the exhaust going to have to
be a little bit worried rust is a pain
in the ass to get rid of especially if
it’s on the chassis if it’s on the
chassis that’s a hell of a lot of money
to get rid of that
that fixed so rush patches are a big
no-no a lot of the time if it’s
oxidizing under the paint after your
paints bubbling especially on the rims
and things like that the rims you can
refurb them and they’re not that much of
a pain in the ass chassis is definitely
a worry though when it comes to tires
the wear itself is necessarily that
important you need one point six mil
that much of an issue the thing you’ve
got to look out for is how even the
wearing is on each of the tires so if
say you look at the front right tire and
the left side of it is more worn than
the right side on the tread then the
cars camber could be out it could be
just an alignment issue but if you’re
seeing that and then you’re looking at
some slightly dodgy suspension
components as well it could be
suspension damage it could be your
shocks a shot it could be bushings are
out you’ve got to look at the tires if
it’s unevenly worn then there could be
hidden problems with the suspension is
also be a little bit careful if that’s
not a problem for you you have the tools
to fix that sort of thing you have a
workshop or you don’t mind paying labor
and that’s fine but keep an eye out that
it might be extra craft doing that of
the tires you’ll need to buy to replace
so keep that and one of the most

Government car auctions chicago - Government Auctions Cars For Sale

Government car auctions chicago il
important tips is and get the bonnet up
and check all your basic fluid levels
you know you callin your engine oil all
that basic stuff you’re going to want to
take the cap off the oil filler cap as
well and look to see if it’s clean and
consistent if it’s got any dark dirty
bits in the engine oil and maintenance
could be on the low priority for the
previous owner if under the oil filler
cap does anything that looks white or
creamy or anything you should be worried
in a few ways all right the potential is
is that’s going to be a blown head
gasket or one that’s just leaking badly
anyway and that’s going to be coolant
mixing with your engine oil that is not
good that is not cheap to fix either so
keep an eye out for that when you chance
to buy a car turn it on from cold and
listen to it cold start sure you’re
listening for any rattling noises any
clunking noises anything that sounds
like knocking if it’s anything like that
then one that’s going to be kind of low
maintenance high where it really wants
stay away from that sort of thing again
as well
she’s unfortunate some cars just aren’t
looked after properly and they’re ranked
everywhere so keep that in mind the cars
been idling for a while as well get
under the front and look to see if it’s
leaking anything oil coolant anything
like that could spell trouble and more
money in the future too when the cars
idling it should be smooth too it should
be kind of rising or falling or sort of
every now and then stuttering or
catching anything like that make sure
it’s rock solid and smooth the test
driving cars your ears are going to be
the most important thing too if you’re
hearing anything inside the car like
grinding from any one of the wheels not
under braking then that could be a wheel
bearing this shot and talking about
braking too if you step on the brake and
you’re kind of hearing squealing
grinding noises and that’s probably
discs and pads a shot to use your is
anything like suspension knocking going
over bumps and things like that it’s
going to signify not maybe massive
problems but things you will have to fix
eventually and that are gonna you know
stack up and bite your wallet later
those two and there’s a test you can do
if there’s if there is like a grinding
sort of rattling noise coming from the
front of the car and you put the clutch
in and it goes away that will probably
be a thrower bearing too and then fairly
expensive jobs to not necessarily if you
do it self but they’re quite hard on
some cars to do yourself with no proper
tools once you’re moving and you want to
get moving check that the clutch is
smooth when you release it it doesn’t
cramp too hard or doesn’t stick to the
there’s no grinding noises all your
gears going properly first to fifth or
sixth if you’ve got it reversed to make
sure everything’s smooth it’s not good
winding and it’s not resisting too hard
if you get a check engine like popping
and staying on the dashboard as well
then that could be a myriad of issues
that could be an o2 sensor that could be
a coil pack that could be air filters so
be wary of that just grill the owner and
check if they know of any issues if not
stay away from the car and simple as
that again unless you have the tools the
space and the money to fix it so once
your car’s warmed up as well you can
tell a few things about the state and
the healthiness of the engine by looking
at the exhaust fumes the basics of what
your exhaust fumes are
telling me if you see a light blue smoke
that’s generally a sign of oil being
burnt out the exhaust pipe doesn’t mean
your engine is drinking a little bit of
oil and will mean it will need to be
kept an eye on a top top it could spell
big trouble later on so you can have to
be really careful with it if it’s blue
and you’re looking to buy the carbon and
be wary unless you’re really sure what
you’re doing sign of a leaking turbo
extra cars turbocharged – it just means
your wallets probably gonna get stung
again smoke – is steam its water
evaporating and if your car is cold
that’s absolutely fine that’s just it
with evaporating out the exhaust pipe
but if your car has been running for a
while and it’s sort of bellowing white
dickish smoke then that could be a blown
head gasket that’s water entering the
combustion chamber and that could be
really damaging later on black smoke is
never really a massive problem
especially if it’s diesel if it’s a
petrol it just means the cars running a
little bit rich and it could be a couple
of senses are on the way out it’s not
never really a massive problem unless
it’s billowing black soot and it’s
petrol then you’re going to be worried
you just got to use a bit of common
sense and be wary push the sellers get
as much money off as you can and find
yourself that bargain so before we give
a look at the 7 car might be a good idea
to search online for its common faults
beforehand it didn’t let you know a few
things that might be off or not working
on the car you’ll begin to test drive
let you know if the one on 2 things that
you might need to look out for when
you’re in the car a quick simple google
search such as 2006 Ford the espen
common fault will find you a myriad of
forum pages and search results to let
you know the most common problems people
have had with that specific car in the
past you can use this to to push on the
seller and ask if they’ve had those
exact answers replaced in the past or
not or had any problems with them at all
this will give you an idea of what you
might need to replace in the future – so
it’s good to know what you might need to
budget it if you test drive a car it
looks great but then things like the
engine and transmission feel a little
bit off or the other way around it look
at the engine and transmission look
great but it looks battered on the
outside the suspensions off things like
that just grill the seller if you can’t
get the price way way down because of
these things and they haven’t mentioned
it before
be really worried just there are so many
cars on the market especially in the UK
there is something else that’s going to
come around I promise you keep an eye
out you will find a bargain eventually
and just keep going thank you so much
guys for watching got some really
exciting news coming up with the channel
very very soon so thank you so much for
chilling and being awesome the support
is crazy we’re going on wait past 5000
subs we’re nearly a million channel
views things like that so that’s
mind-blowing for me thank you so much
again drive safe and I’ll see you in the
next video

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