Dodge dart oil change, 2013 Dodge Dart Rallye 1.4L Oil Change

so here we are doing a an oil change and
wiper blade replacement on a 2013 Dodge
turbo sounds like fun huh
fuckin’-a you don’t pay attention
alright so your oil filter is right
there it’s one of those stupid canister
filters right next to the airbox and
your whatever the fuck this plastic
thing is here what you’re gonna need is
a 1/16 yeah is it I can’t read for shit
yeah one in 1/16 socket and a 13 mil
socket for the drain plug and an
extension well
lots of extensions for the what
so glad I grabbed the cardboard so I can
actually put the drain plug down
don’t one get your driveway all dirty
again yeah and then we’ll we’ll pour the
old oil into the these whatever the fuck
these things are the old container that
the new containers of oil after we dump
the new oil in and for reference the
Dodge Dart takes four quarts of full
synthetic oil SAE 5w 40 I only got five
thirty because that’s all I could get
but still good enough give it a little
bit to drain all of her fluids out this
thing is leaking transmission fluid like
a bitch hold shit yeah yeah it’s like
dripping yeah that’s whatever
all right that’s nice loose I’m gonna
move the cardboard underneath it so it
zips on to that
that’s our new filter okay but for
canister filters you always want to put
like new oil and coat these rubber
gaskets with whatever new oil you get so
that they don’t seize up
get it all nice and lubed just like that
see that on to L canister a new filter
in make sure seats right actually goes
in and then we do a piping well escape
you don’t want to over tighten these
because when you go to get them back out
again you don’t want them to be party
shit these are plastic caps so you don’t
want to break I’m trying to get him out
next time I had that almost happen on
the Genesis and that was not fun trying
to get that thing off

Dodge dart oil change, 2013 Dodge Dart Rallye 1.4L Oil Change - Government Car Auctions

Dodge dart oil change, 2013 Dodge Dart Rallye 1.4L Oil Change

 2013 Dodge Dart Rallye 1.4L Oil Change
nice and snug so like I said four quarts
of oil for the 1.4 liter turbo shit as
cold as fuck out here who doesn’t like
samba I know what crazy ass kids
oh he um slipped he’ll still get died so
hard if you want to hold this thing
my hands are shaking cuz it’s so cold
it’s like 30 fucking degrees no no that
one go down by the radiator yeah don’t
drop shit really one more now originally
the darts 1.4 liter motor the original
manual that came with these cars said to
put six quarts of oil in and that was
actually incorrect
they put a new manual out saying that it
takes four quarts not six so half the
things about this car is incorrect when
they built them pretty much
you can’t put a Sun Visor on right no
shit breaks right right off
go one click
let the oil just kind of drain into the
oil pan so check it you know got redo
all that because it wasn’t recording no
I was recording no wasn’t what do you
mean it stopped what do you need to stop
you fucking dick you’re fucking handsome
fuck you dude
all right while we’re draining all the
oil out we’re doing it again
fucking asshole ha ha I can’t even focus
that I would go you know what I can’t
even focus this shit I’m not even gonna
let you hold the fuck yeah there we go
ok now I can focus leave that nice clean
you can’t even fucking see it it’s not a
sink alright now we did this now we got
to take it to the parking lot and test
it out doughnuts doughnuts
yes front wheel drive we can’t do that
alright whatever good enough this mean
you still can’t be done
even know where the thing is there’s
always a way to do donuts
not exactly is it actually okay
no Mason where the oil filter is check
and look for leaks you’re gonna do a
pressure test for canister filters you
have to do start it look at the filter
and basically redline it now I’m
completely getting now what you got to
do is hold it at 2500 rpms for what is
it like 10 seconds
I can’t even know this this I hate this
fly by wire throttle shit sucks
you can’t even hold it steady
it’s just that stupid good
there we go and I got a stick
alright fuck did you go oh is it good no
leaks alright cool so we good

Dodge dart oil change, 2013 Dodge Dart Rallye 1.4L Oil Change - Government Auctions Cars For Sale

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