Dodge charger oil change

step one move the filler cap and this is
why this one does not want to come off
and you can’t get your filler cap off
won’t be able to refill your oil before
you get started it’s always good to make
sure that you have the right oil and oil
filter on hand and correct amount I
believe this car takes 7 quarts so I
actually have put 6 quarts of that and
1/4 that and it actually takes the same
filter as the Crown Victoria does
believe it or not I’m going to get your
drain pan out to the underneath the
drain plug and I think it’s always a
good idea to have a shop towel paper
towel and you start draining this
because it will get on your hands I
always recommend using thick gloves
particularly if the engines warm at all
on the charger when you sew straight
back from the license plates
there’s your green lid for your oil
and your oil filter is conveniently
located right there so less than a foot
away the charger is a 13 millimeter
socket and it’s listed torque to total
pounds and tighten it
while that’s draining you can see
there’s a drain plug and have a little
o-ring on them flattens out over time
I’m guessing this one has probably never
been replaced so you can buy a new drain
plug it has a new your ring or you can
replace the o-ring on America and find
the right size

Dodge charger oil change - Government Car Auctions

Dodge charger oil change

Dodge charger oil change
it’s a good idea the oilfields releasing
does not run out of it as you can can
puncture a hole in there but obviously
if you can’t get your oil filter off or
somebody’s and then you’re stuck useless
car put your oil filter on you want to
coat the new gasket or a little bit of
fresh oil it’s usually a good idea to
recap oil bottle let’s don’t knock it
over and spill it not that I’ve ever
done that get it hand tight plus a
quarter turn
earlier I was saying swear I think they
forgot on with an impact wrench and for
some me or thinking I met oil filter
wrench know I met impact wrench I think
all of them use an oil filter wrench and
a minimum that I swear I think some of
these are being impact regimens actually
I’m so tight let’s just be
and plight was a corporate earn plenti
type to Lincoln
that’s tight that’s time fill er up I
did this oil change upon the ramps
instead of on the jack stand and Jack so
car is not on a level surface right now
so instead of being able to do a
precision kill I’m going to have to fill
it up most of the way and then get it to
a level surface before finalizing the
fill let’s start with the Marvel Mystery
Oil and then we’re going to do the five
quarts of this 5w 20 synthetic Blaine
all right so that’s six quarts and
capping this off you always put your oil
filler cap back on the three-star car
can’t tell you how many clients several
years have come in I’ve gotten an oil
change in the hall change place and
place forgot to put the cap on drive
down the road oil splashing out and
eventually burns up their motor put the
cap on drive it off the ramps get it to
level ground and then check the dipstick
and top it off I said it expecting it to
be one quart low with that 6 quart fill
that I just did on level ground so you
want to pull the dipped paint it off and
on this car let’s see there’s add line
safe area that’s got patents on there so
you want to make sure that in that safe
most dipstick it’s about a clerk from
the top to the bottom of their oil it’s
right at the a and add someone had a
full court that should get us up in
within seven quarks
safe zone they’re right in the middle of
the safe zone
then we want to recycle the oil

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