Dodge challenger oil change, Dodge Challenger SXT Plus Oil Change

Dodge challenger oil change, Dodge Challenger SXT Plus Oil Change - Government Car Auctions

Dodge challenger oil change, Dodge Challenger SXT Plus Oil Change

today I’m going to be changing the oil
on this 2014 Dodge Challenger SXT plus
it’s got the 3.6 liter v6 engine in it
so I’ll show you how to do it it’s all
eise’s a little different but between
you know the v6 the v8 all those
different ones in different years so
there’s a couple little things that are
slightly different with this car than
some others and show you how to do it so
here are the items that you’ll need I’ve
got six quarts of oil Pennzoil
and this particular one meets the
Chrysler standard this is the 5w 20 and
it meets Chrysler standards the on it
and yeah it meets the Chrysler standard
the ms6 three nine five so that’s an
approved oil got a wicks air filter
alright I’ve got a wicks oil filter not
air filter I’ve got some gloves funnel a
rag drain to catch all the oil in you’ll
need a 24 millimeter socket a 13
millimeter socket a 10 millimeter socket
and you might need some adapters
depending on which wrenches you’re using
I’ve got a breaker bar I’ve got a
regular wrench I couldn’t find the
torque spec so I’m not going to torque
these to spec but most people don’t do
that on these cars anyways but coming
from a Porsche background I’m used to
torquing to spec anyways that is what
you’ll need to do the oil so let’s get
started you’re gonna take your ratchet
and your 10 millimeter and you’ll notice
this is the guard and you’ll notice that
it has a number on it so I’m going to
take them off in the number I believe

Dodge challenger oil change, Dodge Challenger SXT Plus Oil Change - Government Auctions Cars For Sale

 Dodge Challenger SXT Plus Oil Change
you is mainly for putting it back on so
you torque it correctly and so that it’s
all even but there’s number one
and each one you’ll see there’s number
one on this one there’s number two three
and four right there and each one is
numbered so that you can easily take it
off once you loosen it you can just take
it off with your hand well take all four
of these off and then I will take this
whole guard off so that we can get to
the oil drain plug just take the plate
and you can move it back it comes right
now you’ll see right here so our oil
drain plug so on the driver’s side of
the car and I’m going to need our 13
millimeter to take that off so I’ll go
grab that next you’re going to take a
breaker bar and use the 13 millimeter on
it and you don’t have to put it in there
see if I can get the actual thing a boom
you should be able to break the torque
very easily unless some someone like
went crazy on it now you want to get
your oil your oil container the should
hold at least six quarts this one holds
ten so we should be good and you like to
put inward pressure on it this oil will
be hot now this particular oil holder
has a great so the plug falls in this no
big deal if yours doesn’t you’ll have to
make sure to touch it so yeah I’m
putting inside pressure as um as I’m
loosening it you can see where as I’m
loosening out putting it I’m putting
pressure I’m pushing in on it and
there we go flow and if you misjudge
that might happen so you need to get a
rag and just clean up that excess oil
there and clean ourselves up a bit but
that that could happen so make sure you
have it out because that really shot
quite a bit further than the hole and
then we can adjust it as as needed
actually I should have used a cardboard
box sometimes putting a cardboard box
just helps to get that kind of stuff but
now starting to get where I thought it
was going to be and so we’ll drain all
that and I’ll clean up this mess and
then we’ll go to the next step one
little tip to drain the oil while you’re
draining the oil is to remove the oil
filler cap just set it off to the side
and that will allow pressure and just
make sure we get as much of the old oil
out as possible as you’ll notice the
valve cover has already gone on this one
we took it in because we got free oil
changes for a year at the dealership
where we bought it and while that
sounded great and everything about a
couple weeks after the last time they
did it we open the hood for some other
reason and it was gone called the
dealership they have no idea where it is
so it’s anywhere from 100 to 300 dollars
to replace that depending on whether you
want just om or whether you get an
actual stock part and so just the thing
about whether you should do it yourself
yes it’s cheap but sometimes things like
this happen
and we didn’t open it up right away if I
guess if you have someone do it open it
before you leave the dealership because
now we don’t really have any proof that
they did it because they could say
you’ve had it for so long even though
they’re the only ones that touched it so
just the thought when you do it if you
want to keep the cover so it looks nicer
make sure you check afterwards
well that’s finishing the drain it’s a
good time to go ahead and take off and
loosen the oil for the oil filter it’s
in this little container here this is
where you’ll need your 24 millimeter I
know it’s an American engine and yet
I’ve uses all these metric spaces but
just take your breaker bar and it takes
it off pretty easily I’ve got a rag
right here just in case any oil spills
once we’ve loosened that enough should
be able to just get that out and there’s
our oil filter and you’re going to want
to look at that and make sure it looks
like the one that you got so now is a
good time to go ahead and speck that so
here’s our wicks oil filter we got our O
ring we’ve got an oil filter which
definitely looks the same so it should
just pop out might take two hands so
there you guys just pops right out
any one’s going to pop on right there so
you can do that now and then it’s still
draining the last little bit of it
almost done it looks like so I will let
that finish draining and then after that
we’ll put in the oil filter I like to
put a little oil so it doesn’t we don’t
have a dry start ever so I’m gonna put a
little oil you’ll see that in a second
just to be safe so while that’s still
draining I’m gonna go ahead and take off
this ring here so I got my screwdriver
I’m just gonna pry it get it up there
and then work its way off so you can
work it up or down since I already put
filter on might be easier down and then
we’re going to put on the new ring
that’s in here one thing with the new
ring that you’re going to want to do I’m
going to take my glove off for just this
one little bit one thing you’re going to
want to do with the new ring is take it
out I like to use fresh oil some people
I’ve seen people use old used oil and I
just don’t like the idea of using dirty
oil so we’re going to take the ring here
and we all put our finger in there get a
little bit of oil on it yeah nice clean
oil and just kind of lubricate it all
over try to and what that’s going to do
is make sure that our seal is as good as
possible it also might help it get on a
little easier but mainly it’s for the
seal so that we can have a good seal
there yeah so before you start screwing
things back in you might want to take a
rag and close this up so that it doesn’t
spill because we’re going to use this
again in a second but take a rag here
and kind of clean just check for any
dirt stuff looks pretty clean it should
be it’s a pretty new car but you know
you might want to just kind of make sure
you got any dirt off of there and then
run your spring down and onto it might
be a good idea not to get so hasty like
I did and put the oil filter on right
away I might take it off if this if this
gets too hard because you don’t want to
damage it but to get your finger on it
you need two hands may be a lot easier
than this one hand thing but I’ll try it
once you get your finger on it
set that down and see sorry this is a
terrible angle but at two hands it is a
much easier job Egypt one on each side
and kind of work your way in and get it
on there a lot easier and so now that
that’s got that oil all on it it’s all
ready I check make sure there’s no dirt
looks like we’re pretty good on this one
so it also looks like we’re done
draining so we should be able to take
this now we’ll take the engine oil
filter cap how to we’ll put the oil
filter cap back on or the oil drain plug
I mean put the drain plug back on and
also with the drain plug it’s also
another one that you want to make sure
you got a good sill on these things so
take the finger a little bit more oil
just kind of rub it on there after
making sure it’s clean I already made
shows pretty clean and then just rub it
on there rub it on the little seal
around it
you take the drain plug after you put
all the oil on it to get it all around
you got a good seal and then we’re going
to put it back on after the oil strained
it’s still slightly drained so be a few
more minutes then we’ll get up under
there also wanna once you get up under
there once it’s all drained any oil you
spilled you’re going to want to probably
clean up because you’re gonna be laying
on this so I won’t clean my hands real
fast and get ready to to finish this
baby up all right the next the next part
we’re gonna put the drain plug back in
so just hand tighten it at first
get it all the way in there and then
once we get that in there mmm clean up
around it make sure it all looks good
and then what there I want to take our
ratchet the 13 millimeter socket make
sure we’re on Titan and just kind of
tighten it so that’s pretty tight
already so what we’re going to do make
sure it’s on all the way but not over
tightened so that looks good and now
we’ll go up to the top and now as you
see I’ve got a coil funnel a funnel
right here for the oil that’s going
right into where the oil filter is going
to go and I’m going I’ll just put a
little bit not too much in there and
that will just help keep it from having
a dry start so we’re making sure it’s
lubricated now we’re going to put on the
oil filter
all right now we’re going to put the oil
filter in there just put it in tighten
it as much as you can by hand
yeah make sure it’s fairly tight we’re
not over tight so hey so when you reach
torque like that obviously you have a
target okay I hope that’s probably good
for there I don’t want to over torque it
and what we’ll do is we’ll run this
after we fill it up and we’ll make sure
we’ll start checking for leaks
everywhere but it doesn’t look like we
have one year what you’re also going to
want to after you do an oil change after
you drive it for about a thousand miles
you’re going to want to check the oil
maybe even less just check it from time
to time make sure that there are no
leaks here or in the drain plug so that
you don’t accidentally you know have any
issues all right now we’re going to move
our funnel to the oil filler and we’ve
got our five quarts of oil here I’m
gonna put all five in and then what
we’re going to do is we’ll start the car
move it off the jack stands or move it
off the ramps in our case if you have
jack stands you can just remove it there
is that is one advantage to the jack
stands and once we do that we are going
to be able to once we move it from the
jacks or once we take it off the ramps
then we’ll fill it up the rest way but
right now I won’t fill it up with the
five quarts the cars capacity is six
quarts but don’t want to overfill it so
we’re going to do five we put a little
bit into the oil filter and there may be
a little bit that’s still in the engine
that didn’t drain out so we just want to
make sure it’s better to have it a
little under fold and overfill so but we
know that it will take a full five
so put that in whole thing
and try to get as much in there the
funnel really does help though this
before without a funnel and yeah it’s
not anywhere as good so definitely use a
funnel that’s eventually with this angle
so got that if you did spill any and
you’d ripped off the funnel just take
your rag kind of wipe around anywhere
where any oil may have accidentally
spilled and then then we will take our
filler cap do this before we come back
and top it off and what we should see
now we’re at an angle so the oil level
is not going to be exactly right right
now because of the angle we’ve where we
are and so when you check the dipstick
it’s going to be a little tricky at
first because you know if you check it
right now you’re gonna see that it’s
going to give you a false reading so
that’s something to keep in mind right
after you check it now
now the dipstick is on the opposite side
of the engine it has a little oil thing
on it there we go
and what we’re going to do take the rag
take it off
and put it back in take it check the
level is just below the bottom line
right now I’m actually going to leap
it’s just below the bottom line right
now and I’m actually going to just leave
it there because once we move this to an
angle we have a little bit of oil in
here that’ll move it up and once we
switch the angle that it’s on it might
fill up quite a bit more so we should be
okay we shouldn’t be too terribly low
right now because of it the car being on
the ramps and then once they’re off the
ramps we’ll get it level and we’ll check
the oil level again after running it and
then we will fill it up to a proper
level it’s better to be a little low
than too high but you don’t want to be
too low either so we’ll get that taken
care of now is a good time to get up
under the car if you haven’t already
take your oil collector and as you can
see that initial part made a big mess
but the absence sometimes that’s why we
have this can also use kitty litter and
and I’m gonna take a towel for now and
then I’ll clean it with something
heavier duty in a little while when I
moved the car out after we’re all done
uh but for now we’ll just take this
towel under here and get it fortunately
we’re not like anywhere where it’s going
to go into the water supply which is
really bad if that happens so once we
move these ramps and everything going to
have to do it all again so yeah and put
that on the towel just to make sure we
get the bottom of of it don’t any oil
that’s still on the bottom but that’s
just for cleaning you want to get
everything out of the way and oh we need
to it’s an easy thing to forget
oftentimes just shops do forget this we
want to put this back on so let’s get up
under there and now that we got
everything out of our way let’s get that
back on and then we’ll be all done other
than checking next thing we’re on do is
replace the skate guard it’s got this
little piece that helps us kind of
position it and this is another thing
that you know sometimes two hands are
better than one and let’s just take the
camera down so we get two of them and so
now we’re gonna do is take this here
inside I go up under a little bit I
believe so maybe a little tricky at
first kind of move this thing down so
that we can get up and under it
there you go let’s get closer
there’s each side kind of has a tab
there you go so you have to line that up
and once you get it lined up look for
number one this one’s number one so I
want to put that in I just hand tighten
it for now get it started so hand tight
number one then come up here where it
says number two and tighten that one
sure we got it in the right spot so we
have a full
and we’ll do the same for number three
last not least number four so now let us
take these and we will now that we’ve
hand-tightened them all we’ll get our
socket wrench out so our ten millimeter
socket on it and we’ll use that to
tighten it up
so once you get that all the way in now
we can go and take this baby off the
ramps all right so we’ve taken it off
the ramps it’s now level so now is a
good time to check our oil level so the
engines also been run so let’s let that
oil circulate good news is the oil
warning light did not come on so there
must be at least enough oil in there and
I went through kind of checked
everything you want to take a rag or
something or gloves that you can see I
checked around Steel’s and doesn’t look
like we have any leaks so that’s a good
good sign you want to check again and
say a thousand miles it looks like we’re
a little low like I thought we might be
so looks like we’re about half a quart
low so that’s why we got this one get
our funnel in our little filter take
take the oil and carefully get it in you
don’t want to put too much in we’ll put
like half a thing a little more
just slightly more and then we’ll go
check our oil this is kind of what
you’ll do you kind of let it sit for a
come back with the dipstick clean it off
put it back in there check the level
still a little low but it hasn’t gotten
all the way in there so kind of clean it
off wait a second longer
just be patient it’s better to be
patient then to find out you overfilled
it and that the oil seep down later and
your way over so want to be a little
under that line we’re a little under the
lowest still so give it just a second
longer and check one more time and then
we’ll put a little more in and if we’re
still there
yeah it looks like we’re right up that
bottom line so I think we need to put
probably another almost whole cord in or
half a cord in
so a little bit more left in the bottle
so I’m going to keep that in there and
see if we need it we might end up
needing the whole bottle the full
capacity is exactly six quarts so in
theory our five quart and our one quart
is exactly how much we need but because
we don’t know that every single drop of
oil you know there might be a little bit
left and you don’t it’s better to have a
little bit of extra old oil then too
much new oil so get a second longer and
start the process again definitely
coming up might have to put just a bit
more oil in there but wait a little bit
check again oh yeah it is I think we’re
going to need to put the rest in but we
are very close to where we need to be so
I will put the rest in just a little bit
left and let that sit and then we’ll
check our final level and it’s okay for
a little note you want to probably drive
it a little bit keep an eye and make
sure the oil light doesn’t come on it’s
not a bad idea to have an extra quart
just sitting in the car just in case and
you want to drive it for a little while
and then check it periodically see if
after you’ve done an oil change if any
of the seals are not sealing up
correctly the drain plug losing oil or
anything like that just good idea to
keep an eye on it so after all the oil
yeah it looks like we might be just
about right a little under but some of
it might seep back down because I had
the car running for a minute so might
take a second for all of that to seep
back down and
yeah we’re right in the good range right
not quite to the very top but just a
little under it and I think the rest of
the oil is probably asleep done it will
probably get right very close to that
top range and again better to be a
little under than a little over so now
it’s time just to clean up you would put
your valve cover on or if my case I’ll
order one but that’s basically it as you
can tell it’s really hot in my garage so
I’m sweating like crazy but not a hard
job pretty easy right different slightly
different you know the way that the oil
filter is that housing is a little bit
different than some others but well it’s
uh not a hard job and something you can
do yourself and save a bit of money all
the supplies cost about 30 bucks so the
nice thing is if you do it yourself even
if it’s 30 bucks to do this at a at a
garage at a dealership or something you
might lose your engine cover so that
costs another hundred bucks or so 100 to
300 depending on where you get it so
make sure you do it yourself because
you’ll know it’s done right and you
might save a little money but even if
you don’t probably won’t lose a car part
so thanks for watching and see you next

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