Dealer auction chicago

Dealer auction chicago - Government Car Auctions

Dealer auction chicago

hey guys chrisfix here and today I’m
going to show you my tips and tricks on
how to check out the interior of a used
car in the first video I showed you how
to inspect the car on the side of the
road with the for sale sign in the
window in the second video I showed you
what questions to ask the owner on the
phone how to figure out what the car is
actually worth so you get a good deal
and how to check the VIN for free and in
the third video I showed you how to
inspect the engine and in this video I’m
Dealer auction chicago
checklist to show you how to check out
the interior of a car and a little bit
of the exterior – to make sure you don’t
get stuck with a bad car my checklist is
available for you to download and print
with the link in the description so you
can bring this along with you the next
time you go check out a used car and
before we go and check out the interior
I can’t cover everything in this video
because the video would be hours long so
any tips and tricks that you guys have
that I don’t cover make sure you comment
below because that really contributes to
the video it helps everybody out all
right so let’s get started checking out
this interior on a luxury car the
interior is one of the nicest things
it’s very lush it’s very comfortable but
on any vehicle the interior is where
you’re going to spend most of your time
so you want to really thoroughly inspect
it and make sure that you’re going to be
comfortable driving this car everyday so
the first thing I like to do is you’re
going to be sitting in these seats
everyday it’s what holds you into the
car I inspect the seats so we’re going
to be looking for any rips any tears any
worn-out parts of the leather and these
seats look excellent I don’t see any
marks of wear and tear especially for
130,000 miles there is a mark right here
and that’s probably from the seat belt
sliding back and forth but I might
actually be able to clean that up maybe
diet again might even come back with
some leather conditioner otherwise these
seats look great another thing you want
to check make sure that the power seats
work in all directions because if you
can’t adjust your seat when you’re
driving then you’re going to have
trouble driving the car and a lot of
times these power seats are expensive to
so that’s just another thing you want to
check now you’re going to inspect the
seats on the driver side but also go to
the passenger side inspect those seats
and finally you want to go to the back
and inspect the back seats you just want
to take a look around on the interior
and check all the seats the next thing I
like to do is check out down by the
floor mats the floor mat area gives you
a lot of information and I have a couple
of really good tips so the first thing
you want to do is you want to remove the
and you want to inspect the condition
underneath the floor mats feel around
for any water and also hid around and
feel for any soft spots if you can you
could also go underneath the car and
look up and make sure that there’s no
rust a lot of times if there’s a leak
water could accumulate here get in
between the carpet in the metal and
cause rust and then your floorboards are
all rusty next we want to look at the
brake pedal and the gas pedal because
this will help us tell if the car’s

Dealer auction chicago - Government Auctions Cars For Sale

Dealer auction chicago
odometer has been rolled back now it’s
not a definitive way to tell but it’ll
help give us clues and what you do is
you look at the rubber on the brake
pedal and you want to see how worn out
it is now in this case we have 130,000
miles Jaguar and the brake pedal doesn’t
look that worn-out but if the guys
claiming to have a 40,000 mile car and
the brake pedal looks like this where
it’s worn down to the metal well guess
what you know that car has way more than
40,000 miles so this is just a quick
thing to look at and it gives you some
more information and it could tip you
off that the odometer has been rolled
back especially if the wear on the brake
pedal or gas pedal isn’t consistent with
the amount of miles that the car has so
this is the driver’s side let me show
you a tip for the passenger side under
the dash on the passenger side you have
the heater core and if there’s a heater
core leak you have to rip out this whole
dash just to get to it so one thing you
want to do is you want to go underneath
both floor mats in this case and you
just want to feel back here for any wet
spots this should be completely dry and
that’s one thing I see a lot of people
miss they’ll go check the heat and make
sure the heat works and heat will be
working but they don’t check under here
for any leaks and then eventually
they’ll feel why is there water under
here and they have a heater core leak
and they need to get their heater core
replaced so following our sheet the next
thing we want to do is check out the
trunk now surprisingly enough you can
learn a lot from looking at the trunk
next we want to go in the trunk and we
want to look for any water spots
indicating that there’s any leaks and we
also want to feel around and make sure
that we don’t feel any leaks anywhere
and another place water likes to collect
is down in the spare tire well and if we
look here it looks pretty dry since
we’re down here at the spare tire you
can make sure that the spare tire is
filled with air and pumped up and it is
we have our tow hook here and we also
have our jack and everything under here
I could see it through here I don’t want
take this all apart but make sure you
have your jack so if you get stuck you
could put the spare tire on another
thing is the trunk down here tells you a
lot about the person
if you look here we have a kids toy and
the guy said he has kids also if you
look here I found this module and the
guy actually told me that it’s the
parking sensor module which is this over
here and this is what he thought was
wrong with the parking sensors so he
replaced it and it still doesn’t work so
he doesn’t know what the problem is so
that’s all just by looking in the trunk
and then finally the last thing look at
this spare tire carrier is perfectly
round and on the sides here it’s
perfectly straight in a rear-end
collision when a car crumples this up
body shops aren’t going to be able to
pop this out and make it look perfectly
good again so if this looks indented at
all and doesn’t look straight and
factory and if this glue here doesn’t
look factory then you might have had a
serious rear-end collision so that’s
something you want to look for and as I
put all this stuff back in the last
thing you want to make sure is if you
have locking lug nuts on your vehicle
make sure you have that lug nut key
because trying to get the tires off
without that lug nut key is sometimes a
pain all right now comes the tedious
part we’re having this sheet is going to
help out a lot because we have a lot of
things that we need to check out cars
these days come with tons of options I
mean we have navigation here heated
seats there’s a sunroof up there so we
need to make sure that we check
everything to see if it works or doesn’t
work so let’s get started checking out
the interior by checking out the gauges
first I should also mention it’s a good
idea to make sure that the car will lock
and unlock when you hit the buttons and
the hood pops and I don’t to hit the
button for the alarm but the alarm works
so now let’s go check out the dashboard
put the key in the ignition turn it to
the run position but don’t start the car
the check engine light airbag light and
abs light should all come up you could
do this a few times to make sure you
also want to make sure that any lights
such as the brake light seatbelt light
the oil light and then well that’s
interesting right there you can see
right down there where the battery light
should be is a piece of tape over the
battery light and that’s because on
there’s a problem with the battery cable
not allowing enough current to run
through it and give enough voltage when
it warms up so a lot of people on this
car put these little pieces of tape on
the battery light so it doesn’t show up
so it looks like all the dash lights and
everything worked on this car so now I’m
going to go and start her up
now there are tons of buttons and stuff
that you should be checking got to make
sure all your lights work make sure all
the windows roll up and down and then go
to the navigation screen in this case
this car is really nice it has
navigation so make sure you check
everything we’re going to start by
turning on the heated seats make sure
that they work we’re going to go on to
the audio turn up the volume make sure
none of the speakers are crackling and
that sounds good so you want to make
sure not only does the FM work but you
want to check the a.m. if you look at my
sheet here one of the things that I
found on my research is that the AM
radio for some reason goes bad on these
cars the signal doesn’t work and I can’t
get a channel to work now I don’t listen
to a.m. that much but this car is going
to be for my father and he does so
that’s something you want to think about
and that’s why you do your research
because I looked up online to see common
problems with these cars and AM radio
was one of the common problems and look
at that the radio doesn’t work so next
thing you want to do is just go through
and just hit all the buttons literally
hit everything make sure everything is
working test the climate control make
sure you put it on completely cold so
that we know if the air conditioning is
working check the compressor make sure
the compressor kicks on I heard it kick
on and then feel for the air conditioner
already this is getting real cold so
that works which is good air
conditioning stuff could get expensive
so if you want to have air conditioning
make sure it works and to check the
compressor just look for the compressor
over by the belt and it should be
clicking on and off if you look down
here you can see with the AC on the
compressor clicks on and the outside of
the poem moves if the compressor is
clicking on and you’re not getting cold
air there’s probably not enough
refrigerant because of a leak and it is
ok for the compressor to kick on and off
as long as it stays on for a couple
seconds and stays off for a couple
seconds you don’t want to be kicking on
and off real quickly know that if the
guy tells you oh you know it just needs
a recharge no the air conditioner never
just needs a recharge I promise you if
it’s leaking there’s a problem so don’t
fall for that
oh it just needs to recharge for the
summertime now we want to go down here
and we’re going to turn the heat up all
the way and we just want to make sure we
could feel the heat the engines at
operating temperature and right away I
could feel this heat blast now that’s
nice and warm so that’s good and you
just want to play with all the buttons
make sure everything works make sure all
the screen works for the touch
we could go hit navigation agree you
want to make sure that the navigation
could find your car and in this case we
have no problem finding our car here so
the navigation is working right another
thing to remember our options like the
sunroof the sunroof we’re going to press
the button let’s see if it works good it
goes all the way back the next thing we
want to do is we want to inspect around
the edge of the sunroof and make sure
that we don’t see anything indicating
that there’s leaks I don’t see anything
indicating there’s leaks so that’s good
and then we’re going to press the button
and make sure that the sunroof goes all
the way back and seals good it’s a good
idea to also put the car in neutral and
then check the handbrake to make sure
the handbrake is working and in this
case it is so really check everything on
the interior even little things that you
don’t think about like the windshield
washer fluid hit the button make sure
that it works because even little things
like that add up and then driving around
with that windshield wiper fluid you’ll
realize how quickly that becomes a
nuisance now the last thing we’re going
to want to check out before we go for a
test drive is this exterior now I did go
over the exterior a lot where we first
inspected the vehicle but I want to show
you a few extra little tips and tricks
one little trick that you want to do is
you want to check the panel gaps you
want to run your finger down the panel
gaps just like this and feel for any
uneven panel gap so when you start up
here it should feel the same as when you
end up down here the gap should not
change size the same goes for this side
of the car when you start your finger up
here the panel gap should feel the same
all the way down and this side should
match that side now you want to check
the panel gaps on everything all the
doors even check up above the door
because if you have a sagging door the
panel gap will get wider over here than
it is down over there
now this front panel gap is going to be
the perfect example of a bad panel gap
if we follow the panel gap with our
finger that feels good that feels good
and I can start feeling it getting wider
not only can I feel it getting wider but
if you look here you can see it getting
wider and that’s because our hood isn’t
closing all the way because the hood
latch isn’t working and then another tip
I have is
one of these fridge magnets and anywhere
there’s metal body panels and you think
there’s been body work body filler like
bondo is not magnetic so we could test
to see if there’s any body filler so if
you think this area right here has been
just get your magnet and test around the
area don’t rub the magnet against the
car you don’t wanna scratch the paint
but test to make sure that the magnet is
sticking and in this case it’s sticking
in all these areas and this is a good
way to test for bondo now I don’t really
care about bondo on a car like this this
isn’t an expensive car but if you’re
buying an expensive car and you think
you see like a little indentation you
think they might have used some bondo
there you could check to see if there’s
magnetism if there’s magnetism and you
have a steel body panel then they didn’t
use bondo but if you lose magnetism then
that means that they have a layer of
bondo on here but again be careful
because not every panel is going to be
steel could be aluminum could be plastic
in this case we have a plastic bumper
and you’re not going to get any
magnetism anywhere over here and one
thing I also want to check out is the
duct tape over here I want to see what
damage was done here I’m gonna peel this
back I’m sure he won’t mind yeah that’s
what I figured there’s a hole here so
that’s gonna have to get fiberglass and
spray-painted and everything to fix that
that’s a little bit of a pain that’s
going to be an expensive fix and the
last thing I like to check for bodywork
and stuff like that is open the door and
right where the door closes what you
want to do is you want to check this
seam right there and what you’re looking
for is a hard tape line because when
your car gets damaged and they have to
respray it they’re going to put a piece
of tape on the inside so you don’t spray
the inside of the car or the weather
stripping so a hard tape line would look
just like that and what you do is you
run your finger over and you’ll feel an
edge you can even grab it with your nail
in this case this edge was just waxed I
was able to rub right off but that’s
exactly what it will look like so
instead of wax
it’ll be dried clear coat or dried paint
that’ll have a little lip to it so just
roll your finger over the edge just like
that and that’s what you want to feel
for and look for especially it could be
in here as well so just feel around and
in this case this looks good now you
want to go to each corner of the car and
bounce the car up and down this is going
to check the suspension it should be
firm and it should be hard to bounce now
if your car bounces around a lot and
it’s easy to move just like this Mazda
three I was checking out your shocks are
bad it shouldn’t be like driving on a
trampoline it should be nice and firm
awesome there should be no squeaks or
clunking either because squeaks and
clunking community their bushings or
ball joints are bad and you’ll feel all
of this and listen for all this on the
test-drive this is just a quick thing to
test now let’s check the front
suspension with the engine running turn
the steering wheel and this will give
you good access so you can inspect the
front end now that we can see under the
car go take a look at the strut at the
top while you’re inspecting the strut if
you see rust on these coil springs that
means it’s bad also if you see any oil
leaking out of the strut itself that
also means it’s bad it just looks like
it’s wet it’s nice and shiny in reality
it should be dried but this is the bad
strut and the strut right there seems to
be pretty dry so it looks good next we
want to move downwards and we want to
take a look at the axle boot right here
and the axle in general so the axle
looks nice and straight and the boot
isn’t leaking anything and I don’t see
any grease anywhere around here so
that’s good and since we’re looking at
the axle right to the side here is the
brake caliper and you just want to check
over here and you want to make sure that
you don’t see any leaks any brake fluid
and then since we’re on the brakes if we
look at these rotors here these rotors
are shot you can see all the different
grooves in them but we already knew that
it needs brakes and then finally if we
look at the ball joint at the bottom
here that’s the ball joint right there
you want to make sure that’s not rusted
you want to make sure it’s not leaking
any grease and that’s pretty clean and a
lot of these suspension components
you’ll be checking when you go for a
ride so you’ll feel it or you hear it so
that’s just a quick way to do an
inspection down at the suspension and
just look for any oil any leaks any
grease any cracks so check all four
wheels so the last quick thing I want to
cover before we go for the test drive is
the tire alignment you want to take a
look down the car and see if the tires
are tilted inwards or outwards sometimes
it’s easier if we go to the back here
and you really get a good example of
negative camber here so the tire is
supposed to be straight down this body
line almost like the front tire but the
rear tire is tilted inwards so there
could be a suspension problem such as a
worn out spring and another way to check
for tire alignment is to look at the
treads I showed you before checking the
tread to see how deep they are but now
we want to see if they’re all the same
depth across and right away you can see
here look at that this side has a nice
tread depth but the inside here is
getting worn down to the belt so this is
going to need new tires
this is getting worn out faster because
the contact patch is more on this side
of the tire because the tire is tilted
inwards as you could clearly see so you
need to make sure you check the rear
alignment and the front alignment on all
four tires all right and that is what
you want to do to inspect the interior
as well as the exterior of the car
you’re looking to buy in this next and
final video of this car-buying series
I’m gonna go for a test drive
and I’m going to show you how I
negotiate and hopefully we get a good
price and then drive this car home I’m
also going to show you what to look for
on the title to make sure that the car
is owned by the person and not a bank
and to get to that video you could click
the screen or find the link in the
description below hopefully this video
is helpful and if you’re not subscribed
to consider subscribing for a new video
every week stay tuned the engines warmed
it shits nice
for a 2.5 liter this thing has pretty
good pet

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