City of chicago police auction

City of chicago police auction - Government Car Auctions

City of chicago police auction

rub up your engines today I’m gonna tell
you why you shouldn’t buy an auction car
no over the years I’ve got a lot of
customers so Scotty I’m thinking about
buying an auction car what do you think
of that well in my entire life I bought
one auction car but I’ve had a bunch of
customers that have bought auction cars
and most of the deals ended up badly
here’s the reasons why most auction cars
are at an auction for a reason and it’s
City of chicago police auction
many of them are wrecked flooded stolen
or repossessed cars by banks and
needless to say those cars have not been
taken care of very well and they may
have been totaled by an insurance
company no end of you’re buying a car
this case is my motorcycle it’s saying
the title the previous owner in this
case it was Gulf Coast BMW even though
it was a trying motorcycle and it has
the mileage on it so I know it’s a real
title and that it’s a clean title if
it’s been totaled it will either say
salvage title refurbish title they have
lots of names for them but they all mean
that the car had a really big problem an
insurance company toll of that or it was
stolen and found and now they’re just
trying to sell a stupid thing realized
with the price of modern new cars being
sky-high everybody’s looking for a good
used vehicle so if there is a good used
vehicle out there people are able to
sell it very easily because there’s lots
of people looking for them but and an
auction they’re bought and they’re sold
quickly the people get whatever money
they can get and it’s gone a good car
doesn’t need to go to an auction because
there’s plenty of people waiting to buy
it give you my experience with buying an
auction car it was a Toyota pickup truck
and so we had the pickup trucks
generally unless they’re over so I
figured what the heck I was getting it
from my son I was like 1500 bucks so it
wasn’t all that much money but when they
brought it in on a tow truck to my house
it did start but it didn’t even have a
fan belt on the alternator cuz the
alternator had rusted up solid and was
locked on and it didn’t have power
steering either cuz
Belted falling off but the main problem
which you can see in this video is that
a lot of a-frame was completely rusted
or what about being a mechanic I went to
a metal store and I bought this plate
steel they cut me size as I wanted then
I welded it all together now was a
gigantic job and you’re not gonna be
doing this kind of stuff yourself and if
you paid someone to do it correctly
you’d actually have to replace the whole
frame which would cost thousands and
thousands of thousands of dollars
creative this was an out-of-state
auction it was done on the Internet
so really all I saw was the pictures
they took it of course they didn’t go
under it and take pictures to show that
the frame was rotting away but even if
you’re at the actual auction in person
they just drive lost cars through
general you don’t get much of a chance
to check it out you can’t have a

City of chicago police auction - Government Auctions Cars For Sale

City of chicago police auction
mechanic’s road test it and then use the
scan tools to see if anything’s wrong it
flies through there it isn’t people
start bidding on it now I know
professional car dealers and they do buy
cars at auctions but they’re pros and
sometimes they’ll go to an auction and
they meant by ten cars for twenty or
thirty thousand dollars total so they’re
gonna sell each one of those for
anywhere from six to twelve thousand
dollars a piece even if they get a bad
one or two or three they’re still making
a healthy profit and for professional
use car businesses quite a few of the
auctions give them a limited guarantee
whenever they pay for that car so they
paid $1,200 if they say oh our mechanic
says there’s too much money there’s
gonna need to fix it up they’ll actually
give them the $1,200 credit back for
buying another car at the next auction
but I have yet to see or hear about one
that does it with private individuals
who go to a car auction it’s pretty much
as this buyer beware of a big sticker
that says as is no warranty and perhaps
the most hilarious story that never
happening to us a customer of mine went
through water and it blew up the engine
in her Toyota Celica so she solved it to
a junkyard well I get a phone call about
a month later from this guy who says oh
I got this Toyota Celica can i towed
over you can
so he talked it over and lo and behold
it was my customers old sonica and I
knew it because I had taken the hat off
the engine to see that the engine was
destroyed and I put it in a trunk and as
soon as I open the trunk that was out of
the engine and I said my customer got
rid of this car cuz it’s worth nothing
now cuz the engine got blown up and
flood water what are the odds of that
one so really in this case just use
common sense if a deal looks too good to
be true a great car for only fifteen
hundred dollars or five hundred dollars
it’s probably a bad deal to buy one in
an auction so if you never want to miss
another one of my new car repair videos
remember to ring that Bell

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