Chicago public car auction

Chicago public car auction - Government Car Auctions

Chicago public car auction

hey guys Sam here again behind me is my
2015 Fiesta ST I paid $2,900 for this
car at the Copart auction now I was just
for the damaged car when I bought it I
had no clue what I was doing
and I bought it sight unseen I got it
shipped to me totally damaged this was a
great starter car to rebuild since I did
most of the mechanical work myself but
there were a lot of surprises along the
way and I learned an awful lot a lot
which I’m hoping to show you in these
few videos I make how to buy the car
that you want at a salvage auction for a
fraction of the price fix it yourself
and have a good as new car let’s get
started I’m going to show you exactly
how it goes so I’ve got this Ferrari up
here and that looks pretty terrible and
it’s it is kind of interesting to look
at cars like this but I want to actually
start with a car that should have never
been sent to the salvage option and
those are the sorts of cars you always
want to look for I bought a 2015 Lincoln
MKC late last year now when I saw these
photos I was kind of wondering what in
the heck is doing at the auction things
don’t look that bad there’s got to be
more wrong so kind of self-taught this
was the second car I bought and it ended
up working out very well you see there’s
no airbag you see that you see the
pillars up here which I’m going to show
you in a minute why that’s important but
you see the pillars it’s no airbag
deployed any type of steering wheel

Chicago public car auction - Government Auctions Cars For Sale

airbag doesn’t go off that’s a good sign
because usually that or this pillar
airbag are some of the first to go off
see here again very good condition you
can see this car out 24200 three miles
you can see in the window here’s the
engine bay this is always important you
see all this plastic up from the engine
bay we’re going to see a few more
example later when the car gets in the
front end usually
the stuff just shatters or cracks air
intake boxes things like that break so
to see the onion bay in good of
condition as this is and it’s in a dirt
of – you know it’s got the dirt on it
which is good it has it been cleaned
some of these not hiding anything and
one of the things that I’ll tell you in
these videos are the more you see the
less that is being hit because in photos
they usually try to hide some of a lot
of different problems so here’s the

Chicago public car auction
majority of the damage here and again if
you look in there you can see right here
is where the front frame rail joins to
the core support of the bumper support
with over the core is the radiator
support in there it’s straight you know
it’s tough to really see but it is
straight and it was indeed straight at
this car I won for what did I pay about
I won the bid for ten thousand five
hundred dollars now keep in mind this
car retails used for about 33 to 35
thousand with the options inspect that I
had and I wanted for ten thousand five
hundred the parts total buying
everything at the Lincoln dealership
which consisted of this fender this
bumper I reused these grilles few grow
what this one was missing here the light
was missing so I ordered that this head
lay had to be replaced this fender the
hood was reused these grilles were
reused and a few little miscellaneous
pieces under here a plastic I paid under
fifteen hundred dollars for everything
and that’s from the dealership on
Lincoln parts which aren’t cheap the
wheel is completely fine oh the control
arm was bent underneath that with the
other piece that was replace I only take
fifteen hundred dollars in parts and of
course I paid some labor for assembly
and I paid to have these panels
repainted in the metallic white that
this car was painted originally and it
turned out almost brand new this car was
an excellent deal and
I have since sold it I really bought it
because I saw this and said this can’t
can’t be that bad and it really wasn’t I
was happy I drove it for several months
before I sold it it I’m Lorent in you
know small export of your cars as you
can tell with the s3 and the Fiesta this
was a great all-around car to throw
stuff in and again the deal was
incredible I did cost me how to chip
down here there was auction fees
involved if you’re interested in this I
can give you more final numbers later
but I’ll tell you right now that once I
was done I was in it for about half of
what a traditional one would cost me
that’s used retail and it was an
unbelievable value because the car was
in my opinion safe no airbags have been
deployed and it was just excellent so
you want to look out for stuff like this
but I’m going to show you a few cars
that look just as good at this or better
damaged and there’s more hiding so let’s
go back to this Ferrari that’s really
bad and this car has what is called a
certificate of destruction I mean look
at this my god let’s see here this is a
R this is called a non repairable title
and it’s very important we’re going to
start here with the doctype which is a
document type it’s the title most of
what you’re going to see is says salvage
this is a non repairable now obviously
this clearly earns a non repairable
title I mean look at this I don’t think
anybody in their right mind would think
that they’re going to fix this car
anything is fixable this is pretty
extreme but this would take a whole
nother car essentially you spend way
more money in parts than it’s worth and
at the end of the day again it’s got a
non repairable title but that
specifically means you can’t rebuild
this car and ever make it Road worthy at
least without jumping through a ton of
oops and I’m not repairable I got
another Ferrari here this one is called
a certificate of destruction it’s
basically the same thing as a non
and you look at this car it looks to be
in fairly good shape this is a Ferrari
nothing majorly wrong by the photos but
there’s a number of reasons you can see
this is shifted a bit there’s a number
of reasons why it could become a
certificate of destruction and look this
good I won’t get into them now but I
just want to let you know that if you
see certificate of destruction and
you’re planning on buying the car to
rebuild and in title and register
yourself I wouldn’t I would just pass
over these because they’re not of any
use now these are extreme scenarios if
you see it cars it’s a certificate of
destruction and say that it’s the same
car as the car you’re rebuilding those
are great because that you can buy a
second car for substantially cheaper
than you buy a salvage title car for use
it to harvest parts one that’s really
what certificate of destructions are
very good at so we have certificate of
destruction this one is a salvage here
but this one was a non repairable same
idea you kind of want to tend to stay
away from those now I’m going to bring
up this Subaru because we’re going to go
to the next so the odometer you know
exactly what that is there’s the amount
of miles on this car twenty thousand
eight hundred thirty six actual miles
actual means they put the key in the
ignition and the odometer shelves
sometimes the electric will get so
battered in an accident you know wiring
harness severs or whatnot or sometimes
the they’ll cut a battery terminal if
the first responders a fear of a fire
because of all the twisted metal they’ll
cut the battery terminal and sometimes
they won’t be able to get an actual
mileage reading so once in a while
you’ll see another number it will say
not axle that’s when you need to dig a
little deeper sometimes it says not
actual and it still is the actual amount
of miles but it’s just some sometimes
they’re going up the last history
so I could say that hey got an oil
change at 20,000 miles and it really
could have 40 it’s just that nothing
ever about reported so you need to keep
in mind axial versus not actual next
thing you’re going to look at Highlands
engine start program coal Park has three
different things one of them is run and
drive one of them is engine start and
one of them is an enhanced vehicle so we
go back to this Ferrari this Ferrari is
really enhanced and enhance just means
they cleaned it that’s what they tell
you is what it means I don’t see a lot
of cleaning done to this Ferrari starts
in this case means the engines started
but they couldn’t get the car to drive
forward a bad word so if you look really
quickly a lot of that is usually
suspension trouble in this case if we
look at this front corner tire see how
there’s some of the fender and maybe
some other parts touching this might not
even be attached completely easy I don’t
know because I haven’t seen this calm
person but likely there’s some reason
why this car will drag forward or
backward it could be as severe as a
transmission problem but the engine does
start and one important thing is to know
that even if the engine starts and has a
really loud knock to it or say that in
the case of a run and drive let’s see if
I have a running drive up here so this
is an R which is a running drive another
certificate of destruction even if it’s
a run and drive the engine could be
completely knocking it could be terrible
sounding it could have major significant
mechanical issues as long as they can
put a run and drive into gear drive it
forward and backward and we’re talking
about feet
we’re not talking about miles we’re
talking about it driving forward and
backward a few feet they classified as a
run threat doesn’t mean it doesn’t have
a mechanical issue it’s important that
you know that
now here’s another certificate of
destruction car now this is the type of
car I look at and say hey this is an
interesting car to bid on now it doesn’t
have a flood I tend to stay away from
those but the condition of this car is
really good so why the SERPs
of destruction again there are so many
reasons for that I’d love to do a
livestream with you guys one day if
you’re interested and go through some of
the major reasons why they might have a
nice-looking car certificate a
destruction like this Porsche but yeah
that’s that’s what the difference
there’s a running drive here’s the start
and we’ll go back to this for our is an
enhanced vehicle so those are your three
main different definitions you’re going
to look at by the way there’s also
another auction house that I use it’s
called the the IAA I which are the
international auto auctions
incorporating and I’m going to pull up
on this Audi a little bit later and go
through how they list things out but it
is all extremely similar to Coppa if you
understand exactly what I’m saying on
coke bar here it’s going to translate
right over to that so then we want to go
to primary and secondary damage in this
case this was a flood vehicle so the
body is perfect but they was in a flood
so obviously it has that issue secondary
damage would be if the car was front
ended and rear-ended it was a front end
in primary is what’s the worst and then
secondary would be well what’s the
second worst so if it’s damaged all over
it will just say all over one thing you
want to take a look for in secondary
damage sometimes this will say
undercarriage or it will say it will say
suspension so suspension typically means
something broken causing trouble with
the car driving the way it should in
suspension undercarriage if you look
underneath the car you’ve got your
ending transmission right up front
you’ve got a driveshaft you’ve got all
sorts of parts but on the sides you get
a lot of sheet metal so if that’s all
completely torn up under there you can
be looking at some really serious repair
bill and it’s not easy to be welding and
working underneath the car unless you
got a lift and the ability to do all
that again it’s not the most ideal place
to be working but you know undercarriage
damage can be classified by the
insurance company of some scratches
underneath the car as on my s3 there was
ratch on the gas tank and it’s just a
cosmetic scratch they marked it to have
it replaced and that’s one of the
reasons that car got totaled up so let’s
go to the next thing here the estimated
retail value this car the 2014 Porsche
Boxster they’re saying that retail it
would run for forty to fifty four
thousand eight underneath I does I
completely ignore this because as we
know retail varies on condition all
sorts of things and they put the highest
price absolutely can on their to get you
to bid more the VIN number is the VIN
number you know it’s important when you
go to do a history report that’s
something that I’d like to expand on in
maybe a live stream because history
reports can be nonsense some of them you
know all these will show that there’s a
title problem but a lot of times they
don’t even show the accidents that these
cars earn everything else the things
that you know you know what the details
of the car the only other thing I look
for is the keys and this one says yes
most of them that I’ve seen say yes and
that basically means you don’t have to
go out and buy another set of keys and
on newer cars it’s kind of a pain to get
keys because you have to prove that you
own the car and then they’re
substantially more expensive than an
older car we’re talking in the two to
five hundred dollar range depending on
the make and model so let’s get rid of
this Porsche let’s look at a few other
cars here here’s a certificate of
salvage 2012 Porsche Boxster with an
enhanced vehicles this car doesn’t run
or drive but it’s telling if the primary
damage is on the side the secondary
damage is on the rear run so if we look
on the side there’s damage here’s the
rear end and I mean that kind of makes a
lot of sense it does not have the keys
and probably why it doesn’t say run or
drive or start because they don’t have
the ability to do it without the keys
obviously so keep that in mind when
you’re looking and if you don’t see that
it wants start to run the drugs you
might say off it’s probably really good
well in this case there’s just no keys I
would imagine this car would at least
start maybe not drive because this
damage right here so
here’s a few more interesting things
that I wanted to show you talking about
cars that don’t look like that
damage I have two different
mercedes-benz CLA 250 s both of these
are for sale they even have BIOS on
around $16,000 both of them these are
really interesting so these have Salvage
titles and by the way Salvage is the
title you get after it’s been claimed
the total loss from the insurance
company rebuilt is once you’ve gone
through the process of fixing it and
having an inspected making sure it’s
Road worthy a lot of people say that
those are the same things and they’re
not and another question that comes up a
lot is what makes them salvage out of
vehicle is it 80% of the cars worth it
is 50% there’s no real value that’s
another thing that I found to be a myth
in the case of the Lincoln that I showed
you earlier they totaled it why they
totaled it
I don’t know but each adjuster is going
to be different and some of them might
be more picky in the case of my Audi s3
there was a scratch on the gas tank so
they say we’re going to pay for the
labor in the parts to replace that and
guess what they do that everything adds
up and it ends up becoming so many for
some of the car they totally let’s go
back to this Mercedes has a salvage
title meaning you could rebuild it and
it says it has primary damage in the
front end now look at this doesn’t look
that bad it looks better than the
Lincoln that I did on notice this airbag
went off though if your car is in a
minor fender bender wouldn t airbag go
off notice the front here there’s a
plastic shroud missing this is the sort
of stuff that I want to help you guys be
able to see and notice when you’re
looking at cars now I don’t know a lot
about this specific model but I can tell
you that Mercedes does a very good job
maybe the engine bay look extremely
clean and all these wires and things
that you see on normal cars and Fords
and whatnot you would never see this
they’d be concealed on the Mercedes you
might see the battery you might be a few
things but there’s definitely a plastic
right here it is missing so we continue
looking missing and Grille and this line
for the hood looks very bad which you
know I look this wheel also is chipped
off there’s segments of the wheel
completely missing so what sort of
accident would cause that it’s pretty
strange looking right well the reality
is someone doctored this car up I’m
going to show you how to tell 100
percent of the calls dr. death is a
trick I encourage you to use on every
car you look upon Copart from now until
whenever and even if the car looks
perfect I want you to always use this
trick so look at this hood line one
thing about cars when they get into
accidents if things aren’t put back
properly or they’re put back quickly
things don’t line up like fenders like
bumpers like hoods like doors every sort
of body line will not match up go back
to the lot details here’s the trick take
this VIN number it’s a very easy trick
and summing priority not but just take
this lot number or the VIN number excuse
me and search it on google so you can
just copy it or in this case I’m on
Chrome so I’m going to search on Google
now here’s a bunch of listings showing
the same car at the Copart auction but
let’s go to the images and boom this has
been ends in seven two two four look at
the first photo that was on a third
party broker site seven two two four
here is that same exact car somebody
took the car they put a new hood on it
they put a bumper on it and they did it
quickly without the frame is completely
bent in the front here your two front
frame rails are completely trashed
things don’t line up they hang this
stuff right on the car they pushing it
as best they can and they run it through
the lot now look at this photo and look
at this vote this is the same exact car
you’re bidding on this all they did was
buy this car for substantially less than
$16,000 may
look we bought this car then they made
it look like this and put a $16,000
price tag on insure well that car
retails for 40 grand so you know you’re
you’re paying less than that this has
way more issues than you can see in this
photo and that’s what I want you guys to
be able to spot also notice in these
photos how there’s no that there’s no
roof line you can’t see the roof line
well that’s likely because the well I’m
not likely or possibly because the roof
airbags went off the curtain airbags you
can’t see a lot of times that they go
off they’ll cut them out of the photos
they’ll literally cut them out of the
car with the scissors or knife so then
you can’t see them in the photos or
they’ll tuck them back in so that’s
that’s a really good example of a car
that’s been doctored up and sent right
back to option you can make more money
doing that than rebuilding it and
selling it as a rebuilt because they
didn’t spend much money on this car I
can assure you when I say not much it’s
a Mercedes so the parts alone are
probably worth somewhere between six and
eight thousand dollars but now they’re
asking 16 if you were to actually put
the time and effort into rebuilding this
and fix it and it would only sell for
say 20 we’ll know you got a lot more
time and a lot more money involved
everything that’s hidden behind here is
not repaired I can almost guarantee you
and I will explain that in the next
video because of the money cajeta it was
one of these doctored up cars and I’m
going to show you that next video so
here’s another CLA 250 gun looks pretty
good look at the hood line is completely
off something that you start to notice
it doesn’t look too bad from this side
when you see this you see the bumpers
and straight you see the bumpers coming
up over and down completely off there’s
more to this story now the sides and the
rear look really good here’s an airbag
again it’s it’s sloped down this is
interesting right here a glovebox open
is always interesting this could mean
nothing or this could being this cause
hits so hard
that the dashboard popped out forward
and now this glovebox won’t even close
I’ve seen that occur on certain cars
again you can’t really tell I don’t see
any current airbags popping out but now
look at this phone it’s kind of what I
think I talked about with my Fiesta ST
have this similar photo which I’ll do a
video on all you see is this engine
cover you don’t even see the rest of the
engine bay that’s because they’re
obviously hiding something there’s no
way they wouldn’t show you the complete
engine bay
unless there’s something really wrong
with it so if you’re going on this Carl
has a thousand miles to and they’re
emphasizing oh hey here’s the majority
of the damage okay so let’s do our trick
really quick grab this VIN number we’re
going to search Google for it images
here’s the car right here is the same
exact car on the third party broker site
and they took it
that’s why look at the HUD I don’t even
get replace the hood I think they just
pulled it forward now maybe they did to
replace it looks alright but I mean look
look at this car and one way you can
tell sometimes you’ll do a google search
it will come up with a car that looks
really similar and maybe it’s not the
same car just look at the wheels so
that’s what I always do look at the
wheels nine times out of ten they’re not
changing stuff on these cars so look at
the wheels on this car the same
identical wheels this is that car but
again they’re asking sixteen thousand
five hundred dollars for and they
probably paid half that now mine’s
they’ve got fees and things to deal with
but this right here is really the sort
of stuff you gotta look out for and
protect yourself from and that brings me
to the difference between a dealership
car in an insurance car
now the four cars I bought at damage
three of them were insurance cars an
insurance car is going to be like this
Subaru it’s not going to be pretty but
the nice thing about it is you see the
damage up front
this car might be wait far gone for some
people it is definitely for myself but
you can see what’s wrong with it look
you can see the curtain airbag popped
out the photos here the side seat
airbags went that everything is in plain
sight and you’re not the insurance
company is there – they write a check to
the their client they put the card off –
whatever it sells for and they move on
because they’re billing people like you
and me
car insurance every month dealers on the
other hand are making a game out of
taking this taking this and making a
look like this
so dealer versus a versus insurance
company it’s always imperative to look
who the seller is in this case it’s USA
a big insurance company you might see
Geico you might see progressive here’s
USAA that’s a good one this Mercedes
look what it says on the seller says
nothing most of the time most all the
it’s a very high percentage probability
this is well when you see tricks like
this is usually a dealer and I’m not
pinning all dealers in the same category
there are some dealer cars and char
worthy of being bid up especially one
that go really really cheap this car
goes really cheap terms of dealers not
going to release it because it’s got a
reserve on but if it goes really really
cheap that hey it might be a good deal
that that is really one of the biggest
things you have to look for as a dealer
versus an individual and last let me
show you really quick this Audi on the
insurance auto auctions so the reason
why I prefer the layout of the interns
on auction will be more is because
everything’s kind of in plain view and
there’s substantially more as far as the
ratio goes there’s more insurance cards
to dealer cards we’re on Copart
I think there’s a pretty even ratio of
dealer cars to insurance cars
this one right here tells you right up
aggressive casualty insurance car again
all the same information we’re used to
seeing these good photos that pretty
much showcase the entire car here’s a
lot of damage right here here’s the
wondering what a beautiful car to be at
an auction you’re sitting in a are
sitting in a salvage yard but look at
this this is a brand-new car with 1,000
iron 81 mile line anyway the other
reason I like it is because airbags
that’s what we’re going to talk about in
the next video
airbag damage is extremely can be
extremely expensive this tells you if
any airbags went off and in this case no
airbags went off which is great we’re on
the other pictures they don’t tell you
Copart doesn’t tell you of any airbags
went off and sometimes you have to find
out when the car gets here so hopefully
now that you have some more to go off of
when you look at these cars on Cobra and
on the IAA I are at any auction you’ll
have a better idea of what the car is
worth once you can start putting
together hey I need to buy this bumper I
need to have this repaired this wheel or
suspension problem a lot of times you
can get within a few thousand dollars uh
a guesstimate what this or any other car
would cost to repair before you even get
in your possession and that’s obviously
really good to know it keeps you within
a budget and you can win some very good
quality cars that can be repaired
without doing any major overhaul any
major part or system in the car in the
next video we’ll talk more about the
type of damages and hidden damages that
most all cars have especially the
airbags are deployed hidden damages with
hidden costs what else to look for in
these photos and understanding the car
the your interesting buying or bidding
on so when you get it there’s little to
no surprises you rebuild it and have a
great car thanks for watching if you
like this video please subscribe below
and please comment I love to answer any
questions you might have about any of
the cars I’ve showed you any of the cars
or any car in general take care and I’ll
see you next time

photo by: Lisa Padilla
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