Chicago police impound car auction

Chicago police impound car auction - Government Car Auctions

Chicago police impound car auction

joy is in New York City hi joy welcome
to the Dave Ramsey show you too how can
I help
I had some questions about buying a used
vehicle I know that you know on your
show you talk a lot about buying these
vehicles and I just I’m not vehicle
savvy and I just needed to know I guess
some tips or different points that you
could give me just for things to look
out for what are you talking about how
much are you talking much spending
somewhere between 10 and 16,000 I have a
sedan now and then I need a van yes I
Chicago police impound car auction
saying yes okay so I just didn’t want to
be taken advantage of and then also I
didn’t really want a ton of meanness
issues either the car I have now I
bought new previously before that
I had bought used but then I had a
mechanic that would still you know still
live nearby that was able to just check
things over and he retired now into
Florida so okay call call him and call
him and find out who in the area you can
trust to check things over he’ll know
some other guys that are still in the
business okay and you have a way to get
in touch with him I’m not sure
definitely try or are you a member of a
church I am okay ask her well ask around
the church ask ask your pastor and a
couple of guys around there who you can
trust to have a good look over a car
because it’s a good thing to have a car
inspected in a situation like you’re in
before you buy a mechanic just have a
look at it and go hey what am I getting
into here okay and they’re looking for
two things one is is this a brand of car
make of car that is constantly breaking
down do they know this car is you know
one of those right or hey this one’s
pretty steady this one’s going to be a
tank you don’t have to worry about this
one it’s good the second thing they’re
doing is they’re looking at that
particular vehicle and saying this
particular car you know you need to put
hoses and belts on this thing or you’re
gonna have to do a brakes on it or
you’re gonna have to do whatever as soon
as you buy it or within six months of
buying it because it’s got these things
going wrong and at least you know what
you’re getting into and then based on
that you can make the decision that so
that’s how you do the mechanical side of
it they actually if you really want to
get super technical and nerdy I never
have but I’ve heard of this being done
you get permission and current owner of
the vehicle for you to pay for an oil
change and your mechanic can learn a lot
about the quality what is happening with
a car by changing the oil and looking at
the oil you know it’ll tell you the
condition a lot about the condition of
the engine and that you can actually do
a technical chemical analysis on it and
if you really want to go crazy again
I’ve never done that but that’s you know
that’s you just look the car over have
it inspected with a quality mechanic

Chicago police impound car auction - Government Auctions Cars For Sale

Chicago police impound car auction guide
that can give you some advice that’s
thing one thing too is he with the most
information always wins in a negotiation
and so I want you to become an expert on
vans if that’s what you’re looking at
and you just start reading articles on
consumer reports you start googling that
van and scrolling down three pages into
Google and finding anybody that wrote
anything about it look up look it up on
YouTube see what pops up on that van and
then you’re also looking at pricing
you’re jumping on auto trader and Kelly
Blue Book and you’re looking at the
pricing of the different vans and the
different options that are available and
you’re gonna narrow down really what
really really do research like you were
getting paid to do it
because you are as to what that vans
really worth this van is worth fifteen
thousand four hundred dollars it is not
worth seventeen and if I can get it for
fourteen I got a good deal you need to
know that because you’ve looked at the
numbers and you’ve broken it down and
you know and I go in last car that’s
rated I went in and said okay here’s
what Kelly Blue Book says this car is
worth and I need
on the trade-in and here’s what your
invoice is and here’s what I’m willing
to pay for the car and and the guy goes
well we can’t give you that for the car
and I said well it’s what Kelly Blue
Book says it’s worth you can give me
that for it and I’m you know I’m like a
little off so you can make a little
money on it but I went in armed with
what the knowledge of what the car is
worth and that helps you a lot in the
negotiation and then lastly you know is
patience take your time don’t get car
fever this is a big purchase the bigger
the purchase the more complicated the
purchase the more time you should take
on the purchase you’re buying a pack of
gum buy it and get out of the way
everybody’s in line behind you shut up
when you’re buying a car you don’t
impulse that you’re buying a house you
don’t impulse that you take your time so
patience and knowledge and inspections
and if you do those three things very
thoroughly like it was your job and you
were being paid to do it and if you did
it wrong you were gonna get fired
you’re not gonna get ripped off then
you’re gonna be in a good position of
knowledge and confidence and you’re
gonna be able to make the decisions that
you need to make very carefully and very

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