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Chicago police impound auction

hey how’s it going dirtiest whole furs
are in the market for a used car but I
want to make sure you’re buying a decent
car and not a complete lemon if that’s
the case for your nun because today I’m
gonna go over the top five items you
need to check when buying a used vehicle
so whenever you go to checkout a used
car for purchase you want to make sure
you inspect it while the engine is cold
because both the engine and transmission
may run differently when they’re warm or
cold Chicago police impound auction
a visual inspection of the engine and
transmission and I always start off by
checking the condition of the engine oil
it’s going to be impossible for you guys
to see the oil and this dipstick because
this oil is brand new that’s okay
because pretty much the only reason I
checked the engine oil is to make sure
that it’s not like a milkshake because
then that would suggest that there’s
potential problem with the head gasket
where coolant is getting into the engine
and you obviously want to stay away from
that but even if you see dark oil that
just simply means that oil is old and
needs to be replaced doesn’t necessarily
indicate a problem with the engine next
if the car comes with one you want to
open the radiator cap or if it’s got a
cooler reservoir you want to open the
cap to that and inspect the coolant
again you want to see nice clean coolant
and no milkshake stuff because again
that would indicate coolant mixing with
oil another tip I can give you is if
you’re inspecting a car that has a
radiator cap you obviously not only want
to inspect the radiator cap but also go
ahead and take a look inside the
overflow tank as well because if there’s
a problem with the head gasket and
milkshake Lake coolant gets inside of
this it’s really hard to try to hide it
whereas if it’s a small leak with the
head gasket let’s say they can just
clean this off top off the coolant and
then you may not be able to tell whether
there’s a pollen or not next up if
you’re lucky enough to have a dipstick
for your transmission it’s time to check
the condition of the transmission fluid
matter how well you is gonna be able to
see but basically brand new transmission
usually Luc’s pink worn transmission
looks like dark brown which is the case
here and that’s perfectly normal
now if the color of the transmission
fluid is really dark but not just that
it also smells really bad and that’s a
bad sign it probably means that the
internals of the transmission like the
clutches are breaking apart causing that
smell and you want to stay away from
that vehicle so next we’re going to
inspect the oil cap as well
now when inspecting this if you see
milkshake on this do not be alarmed
that’s usually simply moisture that’s
inside the engine how
you want to inspect this for build-up
because if you see a lot of buildup on
this that may mean that they have not
been keeping up with the maintenance on
the engine like oil changes maybe
there’s a problem with the PCV system or
other things

Chicago police impound auction - Government Auctions Cars For Sale

Chicago police impound auction guide
next you also want to check out the
power steering fluid and make sure it’s
nice and clean and also your brake fluid
as well now the odds are that brake
fluid is usually pretty clean but if you
see dirty power steering fluid you may
be alarmed because that means there
might be a problem with either the power
steering rack and pinion or the hose and
the tubing that goes to it next we will
do a quick inspection of the battery
terminals and make sure there’s no heavy
build-up like we got here because that
could mean this battery is on its way
out and indeed that’s the case this
battery is actually completely dead next
you want to inspect the drive belts it’s
gonna be really hard to show you guys
but basically you want to see the inside
of the belt and make sure it’s not badly
cracked or damaged and also if the
engine on the car you’re inspecting
comes with a timing belt you want to
make sure and find out exactly when it
has been replaced because the timing
belt hasn’t been replaced on time and it
breaks and if you have an interference
engine the valves are gonna hit your
Pistons and basically you’re going to be
in need of a new engine alright so
there’s the visual inspection of the
engine bay so next we’re going to check
our tires because as you may know tires
can be very expensive to replace also
it’s not going to be simply checking the
treads on the tire cause even if you
have good threads on a tire that doesn’t
necessarily mean that’s a good tire
alright so basically you first you
obviously want to check out the treads
make sure there’s enough meat both on
the outside of the tire and also get
underneath and check then make sure that
the inside of the tire is not worn out
as well so in order to properly inspect
tires you want to put both of your hands
on top of the tire and then run them
down and try to feel for any unevenness
or any bumps if you feel any bumps that
may mean there’s a problem with the tire
maybe it’s going bad or there might even
be a problem with the suspension that’s
causing that also if you don’t feel any
bumps but your hand is catching every
edge on the treads on this tire so what
I mean is when you’re running your hand
down it’s catching every edge like this
and it’s not allowing you to run your
hand down the tire smoothly that usually
indicates a problem with either the
struts or shocks
they’re either bad or worn out and I
lying for your wheel to bounce up and
down as you’re going down the road
damaging the edge of the treads on your
tire all right up next we’re gonna go
back to inspecting your engine and
transmission while the car is running
actually first get in the car put the
key in the ignition and turn it to the
on position and when you do that you
want to make sure your check engine
light your airbag light and your ABS
light if your car is equipped with one
comes on and next we’ll start the car
alright so with the engine running you
always see one listen for any kind of
ticking or knocking noises those are
definitely bad signs
next we’ll get in the car and rev the
engine and again make sure it’s not
making any unusual noises say engine
first like you can think I’m gonna buy
my own car alright next we get in the
car put a foot on the brake pedal and
then we gotta run the gear selector
through every gear all the way down and
then back up waiting about a second or
two between each gear selection and
obviously after each gear change we want
to make sure that the transmission
shifts smoothly and there is no big jolt
because then that would potentially
indicate a problem with either the
transmission or maybe the mounts but
either way we don’t want any hard shifts
so here’s Reverse not bad
neutral Drive neutral reverse Park
alright so there’s that but next we’re
going to scan our cars computer for any
fault codes and also check on the
emissions monitors as well now you
obviously need a scanner for this but
these are not very expensive you can get
one for under 30 bucks probably on eBay
or Amazon but again it’s important to
make sure the one you buy can not only
scan for codes but that you can also
check on the emissions monitor readiness
as well and then we plug in our scanner
and operating these is pretty simple you
basically go to read codes and it will
scan your car’s PCM as you can see we
got a p 0 0 1 1 which is a cam position
actuator a bank one timing over advents
again this is why it’s important to try
to get a scanner to do this because not
always you get a check engine light when
you have a code stored in your car’s
computer alright so now we go back and
we’re gonna check our emissions
monitors we go down here to where it
says I am monitors enter so up top as
you can see we got three or KS for those
three monitors sometimes it’s going to
say ready
depending on your scanner but right here
on the bottom where it says incomplete
for those monitors that means that that
system or that monitor has not gone
through a certain number of drives drive
cycles now every time you erase the code
using a scanner or you can do the same
thing in other words erase the coiler or
reset your car’s computer by
disconnecting the battery each monitor
has to go through a certain number of
drive cycles now sometimes people get
check engine lights like for that code
that we had and they disconnect the
battery or erase the codes in order to
get rid of that check engine light and
sell their cars but if you have a
scanner that can read the emissions
monitors you can see if you have an
incomplete one that means that car has
recently either had the cose race or the
battery is connected to reset the course
computer now if you see if one of the
monitors is incomplete don’t rush into
judgment and assume that the seller is
trying to hide something but they do
have to have a good explanation you know
if the battery was replaced they need to
have a receipt or if the car was at a
mechanic shop where it had the codes
erased the Odyssey needs to provide some
receipt and paperwork for that as well
all right so next we’re going to check
the body of this car and make sure the
frame and the cell frame are okay and
that this car has not been in a major
collision previously so I usually start
at the farther car I check the gas
between the hood and the fender make
sure not only there even all the way
down but also they line up perfectly up
top and on the bottom in this case with
the bumper as you can see it’s a little
off here we’ll inspect this further in a
bit you want to check and make sure this
air gap here up top and on the bottom is
nice and even all the way around now
these plastic bumper cover is a little
bit more tricky to check because people
are always banging their cars into
shopping carts and stuff and these move
around a little bit so if it’s a little
and even right next to the headlight or
on the edges it’s probably not a big
alright so next well straighten out our
steering wheel and then we look at our
front wheels from up top and make sure
if they’re coming out of the fender is
by the same distance on both sides also
you want to make sure the distance
between each tire and the front panel is
the same from front
to the back alright next we’re gonna go
on the side of the court and make sure
all the body lines line up perfectly
from one panel to another now I find
that if you go to the back of the car at
about a 30 to 40 degrees angle you can
tell a lot better whether the body lines
are lining up or not
also from the rear you can tell whether
this car maybe was in a collision and
one of these doors was replaced or maybe
that was a dent here where this door
stuck out a little bit from that angle
you can tell better because you’re gonna
be able to see the gap more easily so
for example this gap right here this
front door is sticking out just a tiny
amount now however when we open the door
we can see that this door has the same
bin number as the car so this is the
original door so if door was damaged
previously it was not bad enough where
it was required to replace it so it’s
probably not a big deal especially on an
old used car like this alright so next
up we’re going to open the hood and
first we’re going to check this front
radiator support especially this front
lip area because if ever this car was in
a frontal collision where damage was
done to this ready to support it’s going
to be really hard to try to plan that
out and make it look like factory again
also you should look at the welds around
the corners make sure they look the same
on both sides and look factory also
inspect the bolts that are holding the
fenders in because as you can see these
are painted and if these fenders were
ever removed we’re going to get a socket
on these it’s gonna scratch them up and
be obvious also if there’s a VIN number
sticker on the fenders make sure they
match with the car and the same goes for
the hood all right next one go to the
back of the car and over the truck or
the lift gate in our case and again
inspect the factory plug welds you see
here make sure they’re nice and smooth
and also check the seam sealer that they
put on these when they call the factory
and make sure both sides look the same
or very similar at the very least also
if you don’t have this mess going on
that we have here you can always inspect
the spare tire well and check the seams
and make sure they look factory as well
all right now keep in mind I made this
video shortened to the point for a
reason but as a result it left out some
things including the drive test now when
you want a drive test
I suggest that you know again you start
off with the cold engine and you start
accelerating slowly and make sure you
feel every shift from each gear to the
next and then once you reach the top
gear and you start slowing down you feel
every downshift and all are smooth after
that when the engine is warmed up and
the transmission is also warm then you
can accelerate faster still
you know don’t floor it that sometimes
actually hides problems with the
transmission and again once when you’re
accelerating faster try to feel every
shift and make sure everything is smooth
so that’s it hope this video helps you
avoid buying any lemons out there now if
you want to know what cars I suggest
buying for any for different price
ranges I’ve put some links to videos I
made recently on this side of the screen
that you can check out there will also
be links down below in the description
box as well all right thanks for
watching I’ll see you guys next time

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