Chicago police auction cars for sale

Chicago police auction cars for sale - Government Car Auctions

Chicago police auction cars for sale

hi honeybees welcome back to money dip
Monday I did lose my car in the 2016
historic flooding Louisiana so I was
pretty much forced to start from scratch
and buy a card again there are things
that I did this time around that I think
really helped me to save money and make
a smarter purchase when buying my car so
I’m going to give you guys those tips
and what helped me so before you even
step on a lot one of my biggest tips is
to get pre-approved this is going to
help you determine exactly how much you
Chicago police auction cars for sale
I even decided what Karm getting how
much I’m spending I found out what I was
approved for when I went in the
dealership I told them I don’t want you
to try and sell me a car run my credit
run my numbers tell me what I can get
and then we’ll go from there so the next
step you choose a car I would say go at
least 25% lower than the maximum amount
that you’re approved for the car dealer
is going to want you to buy the most
that you can possibly get for your
credit but here’s the tip don’t always
go for that and if they try and push you
towards something more expensive walk
out when you are getting your car make
sure that you’ve done all the research
on it so the first place to go to is
Kelley Blue Book comm on Kelley Blue
Book they will give you a fair market
price for how much you should be paying
for that car in your area what a fair
market price what a fair market good
deal is so you want to never take what
the MSRP is but what I like to do is
once I’ve chosen the car I want I
automatically go in Kelley Blue Book I
put in my zip code and I find that fair
market price it’s usually going to be
anywhere from one to four thousand
dollars less than the sticker price at
that point you want to show them that
they can’t run over you and you know
what you’re doing give them a price
that’s at the lowest value of the fair
market price if you can get all the way
down to the lowest fair market value
even better but anywhere
in that area you’re good you can use
this for new cars as well as used cars
they have a estimator where you can put
the amount of mileage in and it will
automatically calculate for you what a
fair market value is they’re going to
make up so many excuses oh I have to go
talk to my boss I can’t lower the price
you say okay well let me talk to someone
who can that’s like one of the biggest
tactics that they use is to try and tell
you they don’t have the power to lower
it or they can’t lower it for whatever
reason they can always lower the price
so if they try and throw you that who
God they cannot lower the price you walk
out or you threaten to walk out at any
point if you’re not getting the deal
that you want walk out you’re going to
either give you the deal that you want
or you’ll be able to go to another
dealership and get the deal that you
want so don’t be afraid to walk out
don’t like get too attached to any one
vehicle at any one dealership another
tip is to go at the very end of the
month that’s when all the salesmen have
to get their quotas in and they’re
willing to go down on the prices a lot
because they want to get in that last
sale I went on the very last day of
September and I was pretty much able to
get whatever I wanted because they were
really trying to make that sale the car
salesman did whatever he could to
accommodate my request once you get the
sticker price to the fair market value
price in you’re going to want to
negotiate the contract terms now this is
something that a lot of people overlook
because especially when you’re financing
a car the total costs of not only the
car but of any warranties taxes title
documentation fees there’s a lot of
small little fees that add up so you
want to pay really close attention to
how much you’re paying for your warranty
how much you’re paying for your gap
covered a warranty can be good Dave
Ramsey recommends that instead of paying
the price for warranty you put back some
cash and whenever anything goes wrong
with your car you pay it out of that
that is an option but the other option
is if you do want to take it they
of the warranty you can negotiate this
price whatever cost if they show you for
the warranty don’t accept it tell them
that you need them to cut the price down
you can negotiate the price of the
warranty you can negotiate the price of
your gap insurance gap is so important
gap is basically if you get a new car or
like a newer car it’s going to protect
you if your car gets in a wreck or if
it’s in a flood your gap insurance
coverage is going to pay off your car
that’s so so so important ever anyone
asked me about that coverage I tell them
to do it I’m on my fourth car now and
I’ve had to use gap with every car that
I’ve had
whether it’s totaled whether it’s lost
in a flood whether I trade it in gap is
always your best friend but you don’t
have to pay full price for it
negotiate down whatever the price is of
the gap negotiate any warranties you can
negotiate documentation fees any of
those smaller fees cut that down and if
they say that they can’t cut it down
walk out or attempt to walk out I
literally just bargained with the
salesman I told them this is the amount
I want to pay and if I’m not going to be
paying that amount I’m walking out even
put on my sunglasses got my person got
ready to go and at that point they’re
like okay we’ll give you the deal and
your ground be very confident don’t let
them see you sweat know your information
going in and really be able to bargain
down those prices your cost of your
transportation in total should not be
more than 20% of your monthly income
that includes maintenance repair service
like oil changes tires gas all of that
so your total monthly costs of your car
including the car note including
including the maintenance or anything
else car washes whatever gas should not
be more than 20% of your monthly income
so you want to get anywhere between 10
to 20 percent of your monthly income for
the cost of your transportation so if
you guys don’t take anything else away
from this
my biggest tips are to first do all of
your research when it comes to pricing
the car how much you can afford and how
much you’re approved for negotiate
negotiate negotiate every price of
everything that is about involved when
you’re buying your car is negotiable do
not pay full price for anything if you
are paying full price for anything you
cheated yourself somebody asked me on my
video I have a vlog where I talk about
getting a new car and I have a card tour
I’ll link both of those below but
somebody asked me um do I lease my cars
or do I buy them I never recommend
leasing I think leasing is the worst
thing you can do leasing is literally
like throwing your money away I did do a
lease on my very first car but it’s only
because I had circumstances where I was
only keeping it for two years and I just
really didn’t know what I was doing to
be honest I had no clue about the car
buying game it was my first car ever so
I did have a lease for two years from my
first car and then my car got totaled
and luckily I was able to get out of my
lease but leases are a horrible idea
because I don’t build any equity so I
don’t recommend leases that’s my opinion
I just don’t recommend it it’s not for

Chicago police auction cars for sale - Government Auctions Cars For Sale

Chicago police auction cars for sale info
me so ever since my first car every
crafter that I’ve bought it or I’ve
financed it so that I could own it and
in terms of new or use I definitely
recommend getting a used car getting one
that’s two to four years old is where
you’re going to get the most for your
money new cars do tend to depreciate 70%
in the first four years so if you get a
car that’s in really good condition
that’s four years old that’s a perfect
option this time around I did get a
brand new car it literally had zero
miles when I got it it was like gummy
new in my last few cars
I’ve bought new
my next car I definitely will be getting
used something that’s a really really
really good car that has not a lot of
miles on it that’s like 2 to 4 years old
so depending on what your budget is what
your needs are
try to go gently use certified pre-owned
cars are really good because you can
usually get a warranty on those and
coverage on those and they’re certified
cars they’re usually really good cars
just make sure you do the CARFAX as well
as the Kelly Blue Book Fair market value
price based on the mileage get a
mechanic to look at it and if everything
checks out that can be a great car
because you can pay cash that’s the best
option but in general those are some
tips that I think are really important
things I wish I had known when just
going on a car lot you never go on a car
lot not having an idea of how much you
want to spend what you want to buy what
you can get and so forth so I hope that
helps you guys make sure to leave a
comment below if you guys have any more
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will see you guys in my next video
level up give me cross-eyed chicken out
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got a barfly of the time that’s a show
gotta do no sad

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