Chicago police auction cars for sale

Chicago police auction cars for sale - Government Car Auctions

Chicago police auction cars for sale

what is going on guys today I want to
talk about how to get a great deal on a
used car and how to find good deals so
for this video I’m just going to be
searching on Craigslist and other sites
and showing you guys how to find what
cars are going to be good deals which
ones are going to be scams etc and if
you guys like this and like to see more
I could make a video on how to negotiate
Chicago police auction cars for sale
for now let’s go ahead and get started
so the main site that I recommend using
when you’re looking at a used car is
Craigslist now if you do want to get a
good deal and if you are looking to save
money you definitely want to go private
party because dealers are going to
charge you a markup because they’ve had
the car professionally looked at they
made sure it’s a good solid car for you
but when you buy private party you know
I mean the owner can always say that
they did that but you can’t always trust
them so they can’t necessarily charge as
much so private party is definitely the
first big key in trying to save money so
if we go under cars and trucks so you
want to go under cars and trucks by
owner not by dealers so we’re gonna
click by owner and let’s say we’re
looking to spend no more than five grand
on a car here so I’m gonna put $6,000
for the max price because there’s always
room negotiate so let’s go ahead and
start looking at some of these here
we’re not gonna be looking for any car
in particular just for the sake of time
and ease for me so just generally
looking through here of course if you
guys have seen my series on used cars
that you should avoid you’d already see
some of these right off the bat are
probably not going to be good buys but
one that is striking me right off the
bat here is this rav4 right here so this
is a 2000 rav4 and it really bugs me
when they barely post any pictures of
the car that’s another thing that you
want to look for if they in the ad if
there is no information this ad has a
fair amount of information but some ads
will just say clean title runs good cold
a/c like they don’t tell you anything
some of them don’t enlist the miles of
transmission stuff like that so some
some ads will write write you a whole
essay telling you what’s wrong with the
car what’s good about it
all the mains
and those are the good ads and this one
is solid so we’re gonna go ahead and
trust this one so now that we see okay
nineteen hundred dollars for I what is a
seventeen-year-old Toyota but this is
honestly from my opinion a fairly good
deal and we’ll verify that in a second
but nineteen hundred dollars a hundred
eighty thousand miles on a Toyota that
really isn’t a whole lot in all honesty
you can see it the pain is a bit faded
the car does look clean from these
pictures there aren’t a whole lot of
dents of course if you do pursue this
further you’ll want to ask for more
pictures and of course we can go to look
at you’ll actually inspect the body to
make sure it’s all safe and sound
so now that we see that okay this one is
in we’ll assume that the interior is in
pretty good condition it probably is a
bit worn but the exterior the sun damage
on the paint that’s very common in
Arizona for especially car of this age
so that’s gonna hurt the value a little
bit so now we’re gonna go over to Kelly
Blue Book or you could use Edmunds those
are the two that I trust but I
personally prefer Kelly Blue Book more
we’re gonna hit my car’s value so then
we’re just gonna go ahead and put in
basic information about the car so 2000
Toyota rav4 and a mileage a hundred
eighty thousand so what Kelly Blue Book
does for those of you who don’t know is
they take a look at all the transactions
for 2000 Toyota rav4 that have happened
and they say okay what’s the average
price depending on condition what like
how much these cars go for pretty much
and that’s how they based what’s called
their true market value or TMD off of
this so it’s red and we’re gonna say
it’s in good condition because if it
runs and that’s accounting everything so
the paint is a bit faded we’re gonna
assume that the interior is a bit worn
considering its mileage and age so it’s
definitely not in good condition or very
good condition it’s definitely not in
excellent condition but it’s not in fair
condition either and you can switch
these out once you look at it more and
more so now oh I messed up there I only
put eighteen thousand miles so give me a
second one this loads and I’ll change it
but you’ll notice if you do play with
I’ll jab it the higher and higher you go
with the mileage it doesn’t really
matter like the difference between
180,000 miles and 250,000 miles really
isn’t that much in value so now they
have trade into a dealer get an instant
cash offer or sell to a private party so
we want to do sell to a private party so
in good condition this car is worth
twenty five hundred dollars and that’s
about what I would say this car is in
now if it’s in fair condition which is
the worst condition it’s still worth
twenty one hundred dollars and that’s
saying like the car has dents on it it
might have a check engine light stuff
like that which a coin to the ad at
least this car doesn’t so I’m gonna say
that this car is worth somewhere between
twenty two hundred and twenty five
hundred dollars now as you can see if it
was in much better shape it’s worth over
three grand so you can also verify this
on Edmonds but I personally don’t really
like to go through the hassle of that I
just think that Kelley Blue Book is the
best is the easiest to use so I suggest
Kelley Blue Book so good condition now
let’s say that you do really want to
pursue this rav4 let’s say that the true
market value of it is only fifteen
hundred but you still really really want
this car what you can do is you can go
ahead and print out this report and you
can show that this is worth even though
it says twenty five hundred ruin assume
it’s worth fifteen hundred and you can
show to the seller hey according to
Kelley Blue Book and Edmunds this car’s
not worth that much so you’re gonna have
to be willing to negotiate on the price
and of course when you do go to buy a
car the price is always negotiable even
if they say price is firm if they’re
asking nineteen hundred and you show up
with like seventeen hundred cash and say
I can give you seventeen hundred right
now chances are they’re gonna accept
that and I’ve just kind of learned that
through buying my two cars so here’s one
good example of a car that’s a fairly
good deal and now we’re gonna go try and
find another one that is hopefully
another good deal and then we’ll also
look at one or two that’s not a good
deal so let’s go ahead that’s not gonna
be very good I haven’t looked at any of
these ads yet so bear with me here so
here’s a 2011 Ford Focus that’s for sale
for twenty eight hundred dollars and you
think man
$800 that’s such a steal for a car
that’s only six years old but then when
you look at the ad and it’s not like
they’re trying to hide it from you they
tell you it but you can see right here
salvage title salvage title cars means
it was either in an accident it was
stolen or something significant happened
to it that required a lot of repair so
salvage title cars are not worth nearly
as much as clean title cars so I always
advise to stay away from salvage title
cars unless you’re gonna buy this as
like a track car or something and you’re
not gonna be daily driving it or using
it often which the four-cylinder Ford
Focus who’s gonna be doing that honestly
it also has a hundred fifty thousand
miles for a car that’s only six years
old so that’s a lot of mileage so
despite having a very appealing asking
price of 2800 I would suggest to stay
away from it just because of the salvage
title it does still look like it’s in
tremendous condition though so I will
give them that and the ad again is just
a fair amount of information it should
be better but it’s really not terrible
now of course I would also suggest using
other sites as well another big site
that I like to use is offer up and a lot
of the other sites like auto trader car
gurus stuff like that that’s a lot of
dealer sales so if you want to go
private party and save money I suggest
just staying away from those usually all
right so here is a 2002 Silverado that’s
only on sale first thousand dollars so
as you can see again very vague ad that
really bothers me so it says it only has
a hundred ten thousand miles for a 2002
and again only one picture so for all we
know the paint on the roof there could
be a huge thing in the door here which
for this price there probably is and
honestly some people are just not aware
of how much their car is worth like I
have seen cars that people post for sale
for ikn dollars that the true market
value of them is worth five or ten times
that like some people just I hate to say
but they just aren’t smart enough or
don’t care enough to check for people
like us who are looking for a good deal
I mean you just got to take advantage of
them in all honesty we’re gonna go ahead
and go back to Kelly Blue Book and try
this again and see how much this is
worth so once again everyone go to my
you 2002 Chevy Silverado Silverado which
one is it there’s so many we’ll just say
I it’s only a 1500 yeah you can tell
yeah it’s not it’s not one of the big
heavy-duty trucks and a hundred ten
thousand miles so if you are being
really particular you can you can pick
out all the options with the car that’s
another nice thing about Kelley Blue
Book’s so you can do selector options so
this one had the 5.3 liter v8 like they
said we don’t know any of this stuff by
the ad so that’s why I usually just set
price with standard equipment so then
we’re gonna say good condition again and
let’s see how much this one is worth my
guess is that this is another good deal
but because of the ad is so vague it is
a clean title so because the ad is so
vague we don’t know if there is
something wrong with it because wow that
is a stunning like that is a damn good
deal this car has been posted for two
days so my guess is that it sold two
days ago and they just left the ad up
I mean honestly if you did want to
pursue one like this you would not say
hey this car is worth fifty eight
hundred dollars in the condition it’s in
because that’s just that’s not smart
bargaining that’s just giving them
leverage so if you did want to contact
this person Oh which look they didn’t
leave contact information so I guess you
can even if you wanted to but if you did
of course the first thing I would do is
ask for more pictures because if it’s
got a huge dent in the door or something
like that I mean even that wouldn’t cost
that much to replace when you compare
how much this is undervalued so I really
do think that this is still a good deal
unless it has severe or really
noticeable damage to it or has something
that’s very wrong with it so now we’re
gonna try and find something that is a
bit overpriced so
a lot of these are actually not looking
too bad in terms of price okay here we
go 1999 Mercedes C 280 this one’s
probably a bit overpriced how many miles
does it have they do not say how many
miles okay if they don’t really say how
many miles Kelley Blue Book will always
post the average miles for that car
which is nice so you can usually just
guess the price based on that but I
don’t really want to bother with that
and give you guys a bad number if this
one doesn’t list the miles okay 2005
Mazda 6
this one looks overpriced to me in all
honesty because these Mazda 6 is
especially these v6 ones were not very
good in terms of reliability even though
I’ve didn’t really make any of the list
yet so again very vague ad it does give
the information that you need but it
doesn’t really tell you a whole lot and
OBO if you don’t know what that means
that means or best offer so they’re
saying that I want 40 to 54 but if you
want to offer me four grand I’m more
than happy to negotiate with you which
honestly you would offer them less than
that and try to negotiate but anyways
let’s go ahead check the true market
value on this one
this car is in very nice condition
though so that’s probably part of the
reason why the asking price is higher
you can see this is in very very nice
condition so I will give them that
that’s definitely part of the reason why
it is priced higher clean title of
course so let’s go ahead and price it
and see how good it is and this it does
not say what spec it is well just we’re
gonna guess the middle spec because I
think that’s fair in terms of what the
price will turn out to be so we’ll do
price with standard equipment
red paint I think the reason why they
asked you to give the paint color is
because sometimes that affects the value
usually not by more than like ten or
twenty dollars but just that way they
can give you the best value possible so
it’s saying even in very good condition
or in excellent condition which I would
say this car is probably in very good
condition it’s still overpriced so if
you did really want this car if you’re
someone who just

Chicago police auction cars for sale - Government Auctions Cars For Sale

chicago police auction cars for sale
to get a car they want something that’s
clean like this what you can do you can
contact this guy and you can say okay
you you want forty to fifty but
realistically this car is worth about
thirty four hundred dollars and you can
print this out and show it to them and
they can’t really argue with you on that
because I mean this is based on all
mazda6 sales so of course after that you
will negotiate with them you will try to
talk down the price stuff like that so
if you guys would like to see more
videos kind of make this like a
miniseries I can do you know a video on
inspecting the car figuring out what’s
wrong than a video on negotiating stuff
like that if you would like to see that
let me know down below in the comments
these are just a couple examples of some
good deals some bad deals just some
generic ads that you want to look at and
stay away from so if you have any
questions definitely let me know down
below in the comments I hope you guys
enjoyed this video I hope you found it
informative thanks so much for watching
I’ll see you all next video

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