Chicago dealer auto auction

Chicago dealer auto auction - Government Car Auctions

Chicago dealer auto auction

are you thinking about buying a new or
used car this year hi I’m Kevin hunter
after pouring thousands of hours of
research into publishing my top ranked
video 13 car buying mistakes I’ve
recognized car buyers want more facts
and more ideas on how to get a better
car deal
so before I share my top 10 tips I want
you to promise yourself you’re going to
set aside some time to do this right
Chicago dealer auto auction
buyer so those of you who want to take
shortcuts just keep watching this video
and go out there and get taken advantage
of by a car dealer so those of you that
appreciate it a little education let’s
move on it is a well-known fact that
educated buyers always get a more fair
car deal those people who walk into a
dealership and ask what they can get
approved for are the people on the other
side and they repeatedly get ripped off
because they’re clueless so here’s my
top 10 tip number 1 financing if you’re
planning on financing your car talk to
your own bank or credit union and get
pre-approved before you go car shopping
now occasionally I’ve had people tell me
I’ve talked a lot of different banks and
none of them would pre approve me
keeps looking those all kinds of great
financial institutions out there that
would do exactly this here’s why you
want to do it your banker will tell you
exactly how much car you can buy in
order to meet your payment goals do you
have any idea what your budget is and
what payment fits into it this takes the
finance question out of your bargaining
process later and you’ll be surprised
how much money it saves you if you’re
planning to pay cash keep that our
little secret until much later in the
process I’ll let you know when number
two your trait if you have a car to
trade in write down all the details on
it the year make model trim level like
what it has in it is at the top of the
line middle line or a basic model then
walk around your car looking at both the
interior and exterior on a scale of 1 to
10 10 being the best what do you think
it is be very honest with this
assessment then call three dealers with
the info most dealers will give you an
over-the-phone appraisal but some will
call a few so you have an average range
then check to see what your car is
selling for on the market both by
private party sellers and dealers dealer
retail will always be the highest
private party sale is just below that
and trade values are lower still if your
Summit’s are a lot lower than 2000 and
2500 below the private party prices you
saw you might think about selling the
car yourself if everything does seem in
line however right down the trade value
you’re looking for be reasonable you are
going to add this trade value to the
numbers you present on your car deal
later number three narrow down your
options have a clue what kind of vehicle
you’re looking for go online and check
out prices there is an abundance of
information on the web for both new and
used cars
what other makes and models are in the
same class of vehicle you’re looking for
what are they running right down the
range as you find because you’ll need
this information again when you present
your own car deal later does the price
range you’re finding fit within the
information that the banker gave you if
not you may be biting off more than you
can chew assuming that everything lines
up once you have a fair price range
established and a rough idea of what
kind of car you want you’re ready to
spend a day of test driving that brings
us a step number four test driving day
don’t go out on this first day with the
purpose of buying a car you’re learning
more about the car that you might buy so
promise yourself you’re not buying
anything and then keep that promise and
just go out and drive several vehicles
and see what you really like or don’t
like dealers have hundreds of cars on
their Lots for a reason test-drive them
take a notepad and paper and write down
the dealers you visit who you talk to at
the dealers the cars you looked at and
the pros and cons of each when you get
home later in the evening if you took a
spouse or significant other with you

Chicago dealer auto auction - Government Auctions Cars For Sale

Chicago dealer auto auction
discuss what your impressions were do
not ruin your day by letting the
salesman get you to sit down and look at
the numbers before you leave that’s the
most common trick in the book to start
the sales process trust me when I say
you’re not ready you should have a
business card from every person you saw
it is common courtesy to visit the same
person when you return to a given dealer
especially if they did a great job of
help you and respecting your process
here’s a big hint pick salespeople who
focus on customer service those people
that you would refer your grandparents
and your mom to go see not the guys who
are busy trying to push stuff down your
throat number five talk to your
insurance agent the next morning you’re
gonna call your insurance agent and let
them know that your car shopping tell
them what cars you liked best and ask
them to give you an insurance rate quote
without this information you haven’t
honestly considered your budget I’ve
known of cases where people bought a car
only to go home and find out later that
their insurance rates would either
double or triple you don’t need these
kinds of surprises you’re also going to
ask your agent about an insurance policy
called gap get a quote on the cost
you’re going to need that information
later ok now let’s take a short break
and recap first of all if you’ve done
everything that I’ve suggested this far
you are lightyears ahead of most car
buyers you sent a loud and clear message
to any dealer or seller that you are
nobody’s fool if you have a car picked
out at this point you are probably ready
to make a trip back to the dealer you
like a few details you need to know here
make sure you have a driver’s license
with you insurance information a check
or cash for a down payment if you’re
financing or the right amount of money
available if you intend to pay cash on
the entire deal now again if you are
paying cash you still keep that our
little secret until the very end trust
me you don’t say a word about it until
you’re in the finance office number six
set an appointment for a mechanical
inspection and possible car deal
talk to the salesperson at the dealer
you like tell him or her that you want
an independent mechanic to look at the
car you like any honest dealer will have
no problem with this whatsoever if they
decline you need to move on to another
dealer immediately
assuming that they’re good with having
it inspected set an appointment with
them drive the car you intend to trade
to the dealer and take your car you
intend to buy to your mechanic if you
don’t have a specific mechanic call
another shop in advance and set up a
time you can visit with one inspections
aren’t that expensive and well worth the
peace of mind if the car is brand new
you’re welcome to skip this step here’s
what I want you to do before you pull
out of the car live to go through your
own mechanic ask the salesman to have
their used car manager look at your
trade and come up with an estimated
don’t be a part of that appraisal
process you already know what shape your
car is in and they’ll try to use you to
degrade your own vehicle you want them
to have their trade appraisal done
before you get back
number seven presenting your car deal
yes I said your car deal assuming the
car passes inspection you’re ready to
roll you should have a price range
written down on the car you’re looking
at an appraisal amount for your trade
already figured out and written down and
all of that should be with you this is
your car deal inspect the vehicle you
intended to buy one more time just to
make sure everything’s okay make sure
you are completely satisfied that
everything is good and then ask to sit
down with your salesman put your deal on
the table the one that has the sale
price you’re willing to pay and the
trade value are expecting on the car
you’re trading it don’t waste any of
your time going through lengthy
explanations of how their process works
and what they want to follow you aren’t
here to negotiate or quibble you’ve
already done your homework tell them
they have 15 minutes to drop the deal
that you’ve written up if they come back
playing games it’s really simple thank
them for their time get up and walk out
the door unfortunately you’ll have to
restart a few of the steps of your
process elsewhere but you’re well on
your way to getting the right deal for
you number eight assuming everything
worked out fine ask to sit down at the
finance man before this time you should
have given every indication that you are
going to finance with the dealer now you
should be sitting in the finance office
and you’re going to tell them you’re
either paying cash and get ready to
write a check or tell them that you’re
already pre-approved at your own bank or
credit union believe me you have just
dropped the bomb on the finance man
negotiation phase on card price and
trade went easy for you because they
thought this shark sitting across the
table from you was going to empty your
pocket they were counting on a healthy
dose of what they call back-end profits
a phrase well known in the car business
lucky for you that’s not going to happen
step number nine be aware that you are
still being sold after your short loaded
discussion with the finance man he may
have told you to take a seat out in the
lobby while he got your paperwork done
this process actually only takes a few
minutes but the more time that goes by
is you wait the more game-playing that
they’re doing in that office from
document fees delivery fees gap policies
window edge theft protection insurance
policies exten
warrantees etc the list goes on and on
they’re just trying to pack your deal
with stuff they call products most or
all of it you’re gonna want to say no to
they may also send you to see a delivery
coordinator which is actually an
accessory sales person they just want to
see if you’re willing to bite on floor
mat splash guards paint sealer fabric
protection stuff like that they’re going
to tell you you don’t want to take your
new baby off the lot not make sure it’s
going to stay crystal clean do you I’ve
known of cases where people spent
$13,000 while they’re waiting for their
paperwork to get done and I’m sure
there’s a lot bigger numbers out there
than that number 10 signing the deal
hopefully you survived the gauntlet I
already described you now have round two
in the finance office and you need to
review the documents with a fine-tooth
comb hopefully you didn’t decide to go
this alone and you have either a spouse
a friend boyfriend/girlfriend with you
and then ask the finance person to step
out of the office while you read through
the fine print is your document be
higher than 75 bucks if it is refused to
pay it is there anything more on your
contracts than just tax title license
transfer sale price trade and cash down
payment and don’t forget to watch out
for gap insurance it’s the favorite
thing dealers like to add to
documentation and it ranges anywhere
from 400 to thousand dollars remember
when I said talk to you insurance agent
about this beforehand you should know at
this stage that you could buy this
policy for as little as thirty dollars a
year from your own agent the other thing
to watch out for is theft protection it
ranges anywhere from $2.99 to $8.99 it
is nothing more than a window edge
product that is a bogus set protection
program and then check to see if there’s
things like delivery fees extended
warranties etc make a mark or draw a
line to anything that doesn’t make sense
when you’ve done this review invite the
finance person back in get everything
fixed that wasn’t right and sign
yourself into that new dream car you did
all this work for here’s the little
bonus I’m gonna give to all the people
who failed to do this right if you got
ripped off with all the nonsense I just
talked about in steps 9 and 10 here’s
the good news you can get all that stuff
cancelled people always think that once
they sign the car deal they’re stuck
with everything that’s in it no no
and no it doesn’t matter if it’s hours
days weeks months or even a year or two
later you can still cancel stuff that
was sold to you during the car deal I’m
not talking about sale price or the
trade value I’m talking about everything
else that’s in the car contract is
negotiable or can be cancelled well
after the car deal the other really good
news is is that if they took advantage
of you on interest rate and you think
you paid a higher interest rate than you
should have you can refinance your car
deal at any bank or credit union without
any additional cost to you I’ve known of
many cases where people refinance their
car after buying it at the dealer and
save themselves many dollars sometimes
even 100 or 200 bucks a month on a car
payment it’s not unrealistic to have
that happen thanks for watching my top
10 tips and getting the most fair car
deal for you I also have other videos
out there on the web on cheaper car
insurance and a highly popular video
titled the 13 car buying mistakes which
has more detail than some of the things
I elaborated on here if you liked what
we shared here give us a like on the
video leave a comment and please
subscribe to the channel again I’m Kevin
hunter thanks for watching

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