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hello ladies and gentlemen good
afternoon Chicago welcome to Chevrolet
where America’s heart continues to be
where we run deep and we make it our
number-one priority to help you find a
new road that means no matter what your
lifestyle needs are we will find you the
perfect vehicle and if you ever need for
speed guys come on by
my name is Sahara and I’m standing next
to the fastest most capable and advanced
Corvette ever this is the home you 2019
which is truly stunning and beautiful
completing the c7 family now we’re gonna
pick up where we left off with the zo6
and make it even better you guys like
the front grille does not look me you
need a lot of airflow for this one you
actually have five additional radiators
from the zo6
why because you need it we’re giving you
an all-new engine underneath this pure
carbon fiber halo as a matter of fact
we’re giving you a lot of use of carbon
fiber you guys want me to pop the hood
you can see how cool it looks no problem
you demand we deliver we make a habit
out of that here at Chevrolet underneath
the way though we’re giving you an
all-new engine
it’s a 6-2 v8 and it’s called an Elsa
five its hand-built and it’s a company
with a for local supercharger that’s
fifty two percent larger than the one we
offer in the current zo6 what does that
mean to you guys buckle-up 755
horsepower 715 foot-pound of torque
all right Chicago who here knows the top
speed shout it
take it yes but higher than 201 how
about I give you 11 more 212 miles per
hour what’s really cool about Chevrolet
aren’t you in the zr1 you’re getting a
new technology called
duel fuel injection system to get
additional fuel during high-performance
peak moments and if you love the
Corvette you love this the other one you
know it has only been available in a
coupe and only in a manual transmission
up until now so for 2019 obviously
there’s a convertible option just like
the one sitting next to me and the
beautiful new Sebring orange package it
features a premium potent top that will
go Walkertown going as fast as 30 miles
an hour there’s no media latches
involved whatsoever what does that mean
to you
don’t even bother to pull over and then
we’re gonna give to you an option of an
8-speed automatic transmission with
paddle shifters check it out best of
both worlds but if you’re a purist you
want to go to the track and have lots of
fun you’re going to get that coupe
you’re gonna get that 7-speed me and
your active rev-match transmission and
then you’re gonna slap on a
high-performance ztk package what that
means you’re gonna get a massive rear
wing that sits high just about here and
it’s functional it pushes down 90 150
pounds of downforce this Corvette c7 is
a perfect 50/50 weight distribution I
need to remind you guys that front
engine rear transmission 19th and 20s
with the Michelin Pilot Super Sport
tires but with the ztk package we’re
going to take
instead give you the cup tubes nice and
bold and sticky to make sure you get all
the grip and stay glued on to that truck
winglets on the front and then we’re
going to tweak out magnetic ride control
but why stop there
here at show tonight we got your back
we’re gonna take it a step further make
sure that you pay complete attention
when you’re visiting the track to hit
those egg boxes you have a built in
house performance out a reporter that
sits right there in your windshield this
is Renault’s worth Motorsports that way
you can save the memories and improve
your lap time each and every time you
visit the track not to mention if you’re
impatient you can pull over and upload
directly to social media because this is
year 1 just like the rest of our entire
lineup is a rolling Wi-Fi hotspot ladies
and gentlemen the king is back and
better than ever you know what I love
about the book time you literally
compromise nothing when it comes to your
favorite car no matter what your needs
are so if you want to know how much your
dream Corvette will cost you it depends
on your level of need for speed the king
next to me is ready to take on the most
of the supercars in the world for a
fraction of the price the Corvette
Stingray’s also here starting at just 56
thousand dollars the one next to me if
you want to know how much it cost you’re
gonna have to stick around and talk to
me that’s what I’m here for
my name is Sahar I can tell you more
about your customized Corvette other
than everybody thank you so much for
joining us on your journey of finding
welcome to Chevrolet and welcome to the

Chicago auto sales - Government Car Auctions

Chicago auto sales
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