Chicago auto auction inventory

Chicago auto auction inventory - Government Car Auctions

Chicago auto auction inventory

okay guys I just want to go over what to
look for when you’re buying a car used
off of maybe side of the road you want a
cheap vehicle for a couple grand a few
things you want to keep in mind first
thing you want to do is don’t buy it at
night take a look at it in the daylight
you want to see it in good sunlight and
you want to be able to compare panels to
each other to make sure that they all
look uniform if it’s been painted first
warning signs stay away it’s either been
in an accident or it’s rusty if one
panels rusty most likely another panels
rusty and it’s on its way out the tires
are very important if you’re spending a
few grand on a vehicle even eight grand
if the tires of war you’re looking at
could possibly another eight hundred
thousand for new boots so you want to
look at the tires you want turn them all
the way out one one way and you want to
run your feet your hands over and make
sure that it’s wearing evenly if it’s
feathered at all where it’s cupped it
means it’s a bad alignment and that
could be worn parts and you’d have to
replace those suspension parts or again
it could be in an accident so make sure
that your goods are in good shape
underneath the hood first and foremost
you can you want to check your
transmission fluid usually a yellow
handle you want to look for nice red
fluid that’s not low and you want to
smell it make sure that’s not burnt you
want to check your engine oil make sure
that it’s not low in any means and that
it’s in good shape nice and clear and
again doesn’t smell good oil isn’t as
telltale because
there was an issue they would have
changed the oil beforehand and you can
actually tell the how much you brakes of
war but how much fluid is left in your
reservoir this is the brake fluid
reservoir if your brakes are wor that
means that your Pistons are coming out
farther and this reservoir will be lower
if it’s full it’s a good sign that your
brakes are in good shape but somebody
could have topped up the fluid as well
so what I’m saying is low oil means that
the brakes are wore when the reservoir
is full it means it could be could have
really good brakes or somebody’s topped
it off so we have to take that with a
grain of salt
you want to check over belts general
condition of it you want to check make
sure there’s as little corrosion and
rust on exhaust and aluminum parts and
check your antifreeze when it’s cold
make sure that there’s no oil or
anything in there and it looks nice and
green or pink depending on what what’s
in there now obd2 reader you can pick
these up really cheap now this one I
paid forty five bucks for and every
single car built after 99 has a overlay
the console turn your ignition on and
best case you want to look for zero
diagnostic out of codes you can read the
VIN you can read the codes and so just
hit enter it checks your can bus which
is your computer for anything logged and
hopefully it will come up no diagnostic
trouble codes now that either means that
the car is in good shape they just
replaced the battery or they just
cleared the code so another way to see
how long it’s been since they cleared
the codes is to go underneath and wait
for a readiness test now readiness is
important for a test every emissions
monitor has to go through so many cycles
before it’s

Chicago auto auction inventory - Government Auctions Cars For Sale

Chicago auto auction inventory info
so by going through there and if all of
them are complete you know that the
vehicles been driven a good amount of
time since the last time it that the
computers been cleared so that will also
say whether your car is ready for a knee
test or not so you want to look for all
these completes anything that’s
supported needs to be complete anything
that’s not supported is not important
like a heated cat does not support that
they don’t need that for a knee test
that’ll also save you $30 when you go
for your test knowing that your monitors
are ready so when you’re driving it you
want to turn your fans off I’m gonna
turn the radio off listen for any noises
anything that ticks or knocks or squeaks
or squawks it’s a warning sign that
that’s probably gonna cost you money
don’t let the customer talk to you or
whoever selling it just tell them to be
quiet you want to listen to it you could
talk when you’re outside the vehicle
keeping these things in mind hopefully
keeps you from buying something that is
going to be a problem further on but
check your reviews online and see what
is good about the car but realize that
for every one person that says something
bad about the car there’s 200 that are
driving and happily that but just not
posting about it so once you find a car
that you like and that you’re interested
in call a dealership and we’re sorry
don’t call dealership call a parts store
and ask if there’s any there’s been a
lot of parts ordered for this particular
car whether it’s got bad wheel bearings
bad brakes bad transmission or anything
else and that might save you in the long
run so yeah there you go
conversions and repairs to anything from
Ferraris to change us and check out the
tape boss my newest invention that’s
coming to market

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