Chicago auction cars for sale

Chicago auction cars for sale - Government Car Auctions

Chicago auction cars for sale

just recently I was asked what I look
for when purchasing a used vehicle so I
figured this a great opportunity for me
to put a video together and show you the
things that I check out when I’m looking
to buy a used car
whether it’s stock or modified so let’s
start off with the exterior the first
thing I look at is the paint so I’m
looking for dents any types of scratches
or a paint job to see whether
something’s been covered up or if
there’s bondo or not for the example of
my 240sx Chicago auction cars for sale
here we can see that there’s different
shades of red so the front end I know
has been repainted because my brother
did it and you can tell just by looking
at it that the shades are different
another telling sign that a car has been
painted is looking at the rubber trim
this on the 240 is very very obvious
it’s obviously been painted over
somebody got lazy my brother and painted
the black rubber trim along the side
skirt here but on other vehicles you can
find it up here on the glass trim
especially if it’s a mako paint job they
usually don’t mask it well at all
so that’s really easy to tell here’s
where I look for overspray and as you
can tell on the s2000 I don’t know if
you can see this or not but there’s
definitely some overspray along the edge
here from a paint job so that to me is a
quick easy one of the first ways to tell
if a car has been painted or not plus if
it’s chipping like this well then you
obviously know that this isn’t the
original paint either a repainted car
isn’t the end of the world it just
depends on your budget and what you want
the car for as is the case with our ass
mm we don’t really care that the paint
is really bad on it so we were able to
say you know what screw it it’s fine
we’re gonna take the car as is but if
you’re looking to build something that’s
a little bit nicer or a show car then my
recommendation is find a car that
already has really really good paint
because paint jobs these days are not
cheap they can range from anywhere to
like from three all the way up to eight
$10,000 for really really good quality
ones so my books buying a car with the
cleanest nicest looking paint job is
always the best way to go don’t let
anybody tell you that oxidation and
paint fading is an easy fix with a
buffer or polish it really isn’t as is
the case with my 28 BMW here I knew that
this was just going to be with it for
the remainder of me owning the vehicle
or until I decided to paint it but I
still bought this car because obviously
it was a good deal and it was clean of
rust and that’s the next thing we’re
going to look at for those of you in the
southern states you might as well just
skip through this part because I know
you don’t got a deal with rust so

Chicago auction cars for sale - Government Auctions Cars For Sale

Chicago auction cars for sale autos
consider yourselves lucky for the rest
of us though here’s usually where I look
for rust I start off by getting down on
my knees having a look underneath the
vehicle checking all the seams the frame
rails and the floorboards even in the
trunk area because usually those are
common areas where you can find rust
for example this BMW here it had a
massive hole in the back despite it
actually being a very clean car
everywhere else because it’s a Virginia
car so it hadn’t seen a lot of snow
there was a big hole here and I found it
a little bit too late well Dave actually
purchased this car for me so he missed
it on his original inspection but it
wasn’t a big deal I was still able to
patch it up and fix it however there are
some cars that are really rotted that
you want to stay away from especially to
40s man the amount of 240s I see up here
that people are selling with pretty much
rotted frame rails or holes in the
you know strut towers that’s another
great spot to look at because they can
rust out those cars are pretty much ship
piles go down so pick one up bring it
back especially if you want to modify it
and work on it you’re going to thank
yourself later this oily deposit here
may be unsightly but it’s a good sign of
me because it means the cars been rust
proof or oil sprayed for the wintertime
which reduces rust and oxidation so
that’s a good thing you can always find
this as well inside the engine bay or in
the trunk area so if you see this to me
that’s a good sign that someone’s
the time and effort take care of their
car when it’s time to check the engine
bay I look for a couple main things if
it’s a stock engine I’m looking for oil
leaks if the belts have been changed or
not and if the fluids have been topped
up because that all shows care and
that’s what your ultimate ly looking for
you want to buy a vehicle that someone’s
taken care of rather than just like run
into the ground and trying to unload it
when you’re checking out the engine bay
of a modified car especially one that’s
had an engine swap my advice is look for
attention to detail someone that’s taken
time and effort into completing a proper
swap means you’re not going to have
headaches when it comes to driving it
around however if it’s been hacked
together that’s where there’s a lot of
concern you’re gonna run into a whole
bunch of issues and for me I usually
walk away from those vehicles also
wiring is a great way to figure out
whether this vehicle is gonna run well
or not if there are frayed wires or
they’ve been poorly crimped together
then you know right away that you’re
gonna be in for headaches and wiring is
something you really don’t want to deal
with I’ve done in the past and I
definitely hate it as I’m sure most of
you do so in my books make sure to
really pay attention to the wiring on a
swapped car or even a modded car if you
watch our ass 2000 series from the
beginning you’ll know that this is a
salvage title car and the reason is it
was hit on the front left side here and
repaired so when you’re in the engine
bay now’s a good time to have a look
look for any areas that have either been
painted or for example like on the last
2000 I have like a little rough patch
here you’re like oh what happened I
don’t know well maybe it was fixed so
always make sure to have a look around
the engine bay and examine it carefully
because you never know what you’re going
to find and if it’s something like this
where it’s structural you really want to
make sure you take a lot of time and
effort to get a checked out like we did
because we had this car actually on an
alignment rack to make sure that it was
a hundred percent true before we
purchased it when you’re checking out
the wheels and tires on a modified car
or even a stock car always look for
variances and tread patterns so if
there’s camber where it’s going to be on
the inside if it’s cupping you’re gonna
have not a smooth feeling tread pattern
so those things are all tall tale signs
of the car is going to need an alignment
or there could be further issues maybe a
subframe is tweaked or something like
that when you look at tires don’t always
just look for tread depth which is the
obvious thing but for different signs
because that might be something that you
want to further investigate before I get
to driving the car I really don’t know
how the suspension is but what I do and
can check is figuring out whether
there’s play in the ball joints and that
I do by grabbing the wheel and moving it
side to side if it clicks or is easy to
move then you know right away there’s a
ball joint problem which means which
usually means person hasn’t spent the
time or care to replace any suspension
vids and that’s always a concern when
I’m starting a car one of the first
things I usually look for is smoke out
the tailpipe
because if they’re leaky valve seals or
a burnt turbo seal or even coolant I had
crub blown head gasket something like
you’ll see it out the tailpipe if it’s
white it’s coolant black / light blue
usually mean oil so let’s see if I got a
problem with this car that I don’t know
looks pretty clean to me so the next
thing that I usually listen for is any
noises or odd sounds and probably as you
heard the starter on this car is about
to go I haven’t gotten around to
changing it because it just seems to
last I don’t know why it’s a foolish
thing I need to get around to doing it
but listen for odd sounds if you hear
any type of noise like a timing chain or
belt flapping then you know there could
be potential issues that could end up
blowing up your engine and be very
costly in the future the interior is
somewhat self-explanatory what you’re
looking for here is I think just again
care and maintenance if someone’s got a
ton of junk inside the car trash they
haven’t even taken the time to clean the
car before they’re selling it that
usually means that they haven’t taken
the time to maintain the vehicle either
so I’d be wary of that but if the car is
clean inside the interior looks good and
that’s something that I definitely think
the cars been taken care of and if
you’re starting to see the theme the
cars well taken care of usually that
means it’s a decent vehicle to purchase
when it comes to mileage there are
certain telltale signs whether the
odometer has been rolled back or the
clusters been replaced and that’s
usually I look at the steering wheel if
the steering wheel is really worn out or
the seats are really worn out or you
know like the floor with it where your
foot rests is worn out and it’s showing
90,000 miles on a vehicle then usually
you’ve got to start thinking man maybe
there’s been some tampering going on
with the odometer as is the case with
this vehicle the interior is in pretty
decent shape
it’s got two hundred and twelve thousand
miles so again this thing looks clean
and that’s why I bought it
air conditioning is somewhat of an item
that’s overlooked if you don’t check it
and it’s not working and you want it to
work well it can be very very costly to
fix so in my books always make sure to
see if the air conditioning works which
in the case of this car it does but the
fans a little loud so man
tradeoff you drive around cool but you
got to listen to a loud fan here’s my
method of testing the clutch what I
usually do is I’ll put it into third
gear and then slowly start releasing the
clutch and adding just a little bit of
gas and see the car wants a stall
instantly so I know that the clutch is
good and grabby if for some reason you
do the same thing and the car starts
driving off then you know that the
clutch is either going to is slipping or
it’s an older worn-out clutch that’s
going to need to be replaced before I
get into my thoughts on test driving a
vehicle you’re going to have to bear
with me here because I’m in downtown
Toronto trying to battle through traffic
here so it’s a bit of a war zone so if
I’m all over the place and I apologize
for it but here we go one of the first
things I look for is slop in the
steering wheel so if I’m driving and I
going like back and forth with the
steering wheel and if the vehicles not
being dirty around the road then that
usually means there’s slop in one of the
suspension components or the steering
rack which is going to end up being a
costly repair
another thing to look out for with the
steering wheel is wheel vibration so if
the steering wheel shakes while you’re
driving that usually indicates out of
round wheels or a wheel balancing
problem if it’s a wheel balancing
problem then that’s usually a good thing
because that’s inexpensive to fix but I
mean if your wheels are bent that’s
going to end up costing a lot of money
the issue with the wheel vibration is
that it’s causing a lot of premature
wear on the suspension component ball
joints hubs it’s not easy on them
especially when you’re going down the
road at 100 kilometers an hour and it’s
vibrating so that to me means it’s going
to end up wearing the components out
quickly and costing you more money which
we really don’t want we’re looking to
buy a car where we don’t want to sink
money into from the get-go right one of
the last things I look for with steering
is tracking so if I let go of the
steering wheel does a car track straight
or does it pull to the left or right
usually pulling means this is a sign of
a bad alignment but in the worst case
scenario it can mean a bent chassis or
something along those lines so you may
want it book further than that if the
pulling is quite significant
what I’m looking for when it comes to
engine acceleration is whether the power
band is linear and smooth there are no
hiccups or misses or flat spots because
that can usually indicate either a
mechanical issue or tuning and in the
case of a modified car if it’s an
aftermarket EC where a flash and it’s
been tuned poorly that can lead to a
whole host of problems including future
mechanical failure like an engine going
up or bad ring lands if the cars running
too lean so be very weary of purchasing
a vehicle that has a bad tune or that
doesn’t rev properly I mean again it all
comes down to price right if it’s super
cheap and you’re willing to invest the
money into a new engine or fixing
mechanical issues then by all means go
for it but like I said I always feel the
best way to do it is to buy something
that operates properly drives well you
have way less headache and you’ll be
happier in the long run
the way a checking transmission is by
quickly downshifting and upshifting it
if there’s no grinding or real notching
this and it goes into gear freely that
odds are the synchros are good and
you’ve got a proper operating
transmission in the case of an automatic
if there’s any type of harshness in
between shifts or downshift or when
you’re pulling up to a light then that
can mean something’s wrong either with
the valve body or the torque converter
and that’s always a costly thing so if
you’re looking at an automatic
transmission car and it has any type of
shifting issues in my opinion that’s
something that I usually walk away from
I also forgot to mention when you first
start the car check to see where the
temperature gauge is because if it’s in
the middle then ask yourself whether the
owners driven the car recently or not or
if they could have potentially started
the car warmed it up before you showing
up to mask a cold start issue or a tune
issue because I’ve had that happen in
the past and it bit me in the butt so my
recommendation is
make sure to start a car and see how it
operates when it’s cold if at all
possible what I’m always looking for
with suspension is whether the rides
compliant or not if it’s a bouncy ride
or super harsh then the dampers could be
blown and that’s always a costly issue
in a modified car if you hear a lot of
clanking sometimes the top hats the
spherical bearings in there have worn
out and again that’s going to cost you
some big bucks so those are both things
to really look out for buying a car
whether it’s modified or stock is a very
emotional experience and it’s tough
sometimes because you look at a vehicle
it’s super cheap you’re like man this is
a deal I’m going to buy this right away
without actually thinking about it
logically and once you see all the
problems and headaches it might be
better off to go spend more money
because you’re going to end up sinking
the same amount of money into the car
that you just purchased fixing it and
that is exactly the case that I’ve run
into with modified cars so remember I
know the excitement and joy that comes
to buying a modified car but always
always always do your research do your
check the VIN ask for previous owner
history if the cars been sold five times
over the past year that’s usually an
indicator that there’s something wrong
with it and you’re going to be in for
the same type of headache
so if you’re unsure of whether to buy
the car and your guts kind of on the
fence about it then go take the car to
one mechanic get a second opinion
have somebody look at it that way you
know your hard-earned money goes towards
something that’s going to ultimately
make you happy and not cause you
headaches in the long well that wraps up
this video I know I’ve missed a lot of
pointers and tips as to what else to
look for
so I’m hoping you guys can leave some of
your feedback and experience in the
comments and together we can make buying
used cars a much easier and less
stressful experience we have these
crossing the road I haven’t seen this in
a while

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