Chicago area car auctions

Chicago area car auctions - Government Car Auctions

Chicago area car auctions

so a lot of people that are subscribed
to my channel are people about my age
they’re either in their later years of
high school or they’re in college you
know they’re at that age where they’re
looking to buy their first car so
there’s a lot of lists out there that
are going to tell you you know these are
some great cars you can buy for a good
price that’ll get the job done do just
what you need to do but I thought I’d do
something a little bit different and
tell you guys some cars that you
shouldn’t buy so without further ado
here are nine cars that you should never
buy so first up is a mid 2000s Mazda
Chicago area car auctions
really wanted when I was young you know
I thought it looked really cool I didn’t
really know much about it but I thought
it’d be a great first car but it has a
1.3 liter rotary engine that produces
238 horsepower which is amazing for a
car that side or for an engine that size
but there’s a reason why rotary engines
aren’t popular anymore and that’s why
the rx-8 is no longer being made because
there were so many problems with its
rotary engine for example you couldn’t
turn the car off right after you started
it or else you’d flood the engine and
this was a common problem with all
rotary engines but you had to keep the
car running a bit you had to make sure
the engine warmed up before you turned
it off or else you could have some
serious problems
engines weren’t really all that reliable
and aside from the engine it didn’t
really look that good had some weird
styling traits like there were triangles
everywhere I don’t know why Mazda chose
to use triangles but there’s too many of
them they don’t look good at all so next
up is a mid-2000s Lincoln LS this car
was the first American car to feature
Ford’s new at the time obviously
computer-controlled five-speed automatic
transmission and with having a new
transmission there were obviously a few
problems with it for example you
frequently have really hard shifts
weather up shifts are down shifts the
car would also take up to 10 seconds to
put the reverse which is just
unbelievable the LS also featured a v8
developed by Jaguar that had countless
problems with ignition coils and timing
belts and chains which if not fixed
immediately caused thousands of dollars
worth of damage out of warranty next on
the list is the Suzuki Forenza
this car was manufactured only in the
mid-2000s and during its five-year life
it had a ton of problems of the engine
owners complained of the engine
completely failing while the car was
still under a hundred thousand miles
other problems include blown head
gaskets and the car refusing to turn
over and there’s a reason why Suki
doesn’t really import anymore it’s

Chicago area car auctions - Government Auctions Cars For Sale

Chicago area car auctions
because their cars did not sell well
here in the US and going back to that
point if you do have one these cars and
you have an issue getting parts for it
is next to impossible because you’d have
to pay for overseas shipping most the
time where prices would be insanely high
here in the US so just not worth it for
a car that looks quite horrible and
performs just as poorly so next on the
list is the 1992 mid 2000s Land Rover
Discovery Land Rovers have long been
known for their high maintenance costs
and horrible reliability it’s a car that
you usually buy to only keep for a
couple of years before upgrading but the
discovery required maintenance much more
often than other cars in its price range
and that began to take a toll on owners
wallets you see major electrical
problems with these cars and problems
sometimes so complex that not even the
dealerships were able to figure out what
was wrong and fix them the discovery
also had a v8 in it so not good gas
mileage at all I think it got about 14
mpg combined so next up is the early to
mid 2000s Mini Cooper the CVT
transmission in this car is probably one
of the worst transmissions of all time
there were so many issues with it and it
was just horrible all around it was
actually so bad that owners filed a
lawsuit against the company to try and
get some reparation for
the issues they had with their cars
along with that there were issues with
the power steering pump going out and
completely failing and if you bought the
S model which obviously has the lower
profile tires stiffer suspension and
more power you need to make sure that
that supercharger was built a rebuilt
around a hundred thousand miles or else
you’ll probably have serious problems
with that too they’ll do damage to
itself and the engine which will be even
more costly to repair number six on the
list is the Land Rover Freelander pretty
much any model Europe was built it was
notorious just like its brother for
having horrible issues going from head
gaskets failing which actually happened
way more often than it should – timing
belts constantly failing I mean the
repairs would stack up so quickly that
it would cost much more than the car is
worth to replace them so it’s
essentially just a massive money pit
that you’ll want to avoid I was doing
some research on this car online and one
more thing I found out about is that it
also had a lot of problems with the
brake pads and brake rotors which is
something that is extremely dangerous
and that you never want to have to deal
with because that could honestly be the
difference between life and death so
again just stay away from the Freelander
next up is a mid 1990s to early 2000s
Mazda millennia the millennia was
supposed to be the trademark Mazda car
it was supposed to be its luxury luxury
car it’s big saloon but it completely
failed and the company ended up going
through with it anyway and to
differentiate it from its other cars
they decided to put a supercharged v6 in
it which was a total disaster
everything on that car leaked from oil
covers to supercharger seals anything
that you can think of the supercharger
also used a ton of oil much more than it
should and being a luxury car like they
claimed it to be it didn’t have a lot of
the accessories to it that you would
expect from a big luxury car and as
these problems all start to build up and
culminate it gets to the point where
that car is cheaper to scrap and part
out than it is to repair so that’s what
a lot of owners ended up doing and
there’s barely any of them on the road
today number eight the notorious crowd
killing Mustang specifically the v6
automatic model please I implore you do
not buy an automatic v6 Mustang it is
the whipping boy of the auto industry at
the time it produced 210 horsepower the
early 2000s and mid 2000s models which
was less than their edge SUV which had a
3.5 or 3.6 liter v6 which produced 265
horsepower so the bass Mustang was
getting beat out by its crossover
brother Mustangs are also known for
leaving car meets in a rather reckless
so number
is the Toyota Prius and no list would be
complete without it despite it being one
of the most popular cars in America and
around the world it is hated by car
enthusiasts it looks like a cheese wedge
and it performs like one kind of stole
that from vehicle versions but it’s a
great point and I found it pretty funny
if you do drive one of these you will
get zero respects by people who even
care the slightest about cars there’s no
upside about it except for the fact that
it gets 80 million miles per gallon
which 99% of people who like cars don’t
even care about so I hope you guys found
this video informative and helpful I was
just trying to do something a bit
different you know instead of making
cars that are popular and that sell well
make something that’s not popular you
know something that’s a total failure
and that sucks so I hope you guys found
this video informative if you did please
drop a like below and subscribe if you
haven’t already thank you guys for all
the support you know it really helps me
to make more videos and if you’ve got
any suggestions for future videos just
comment down below what you like to see
because I’d love to make content that
you guys like so
once again hope you guys enjoyed this
video and I’ll see you next time

photo by: Lisa Padilla
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