Chicago area auto auctions

Chicago area auto auctions - Government Car Auctions

Chicago area auto auctions

hello and welcome to order portal the
car-buying website that helps you via
better the used car market in India has
been growing steadily
in fact at about 3 million used car
sales each year it’s even bigger than
the new car market you believe that
there are even more users who want to
buy a used car
but they don’t because they have
concerns like what are the used car
turns out to be unreliable what are the
documents that I would need well we’re
here to talk about all of those things
that you should keep in mind while
buying a used car all of those things
that would help you with your next used
car purchase I’m your host bunker Drake
Chicago area auto auctions
analyze you need you need to be
absolutely sure about what kind of car
you are looking for whether it would be
a small hatchback or a bigger sedan or
an even bigger SUV you might decide this
based on your preference family size and
also your budget once that is done you
can start looking for all relevant car
options two different channels like
friends brokers and online forums the
most important thing that you should
keep in mind when buying a used car is
reliability and this should take
precedence or all other things that you
may have in mind say color music system
any other accessory perhaps now there
are some tricks that you can conduct
that would help you determine the car’s
condition and in effect its long-term
reliability we start to the engine which
is also the heart of the car to see if
it’s okay or not start when it’s
absolutely cold run it for at least
thirty minutes or so after that check
the engine oil condition by removing the
dipstick in general of a healthy engine
would have golden brown or reddish brown
color completely black engine oil is an
indication that car has not been
serviced since long time open the engine
oil filler cap if there is creamy sludge
it’s an indication that head gasket is
probably damaged and will require major
repair check for rubber hoses belts and
radiator to confirm that none of them is
in bad condition or is leaking or broken
the color of the coolant tells a lot
about engines
dirty brown liquid in the overflow
container indicates an issue like blown
head gasket or cracked cylinder head or
block check the color of the exhaust
blue color is an indication that the car
is burning engine oil an extremely dark
black smoke is an indication that the
car is having issue with burning fuel
while persistent white color smoke is
not good either and it is an indication
that there’s coolant leakage into the
combustion chamber also put your finger
in the exhaust to check if there is any
greasy grime this indicates even deeper
problem stay clear of all these cars
coming to exterior minor dents are
nothing to worry about but be wary of
cars that have undergone any major
accidental repairs different tone for
different body panels any rough patches
for inconsistent panel gaps patchy
welding marks etc give an indication
that car has been in a shunt you can
also find this out by visiting the
service station or by contacting the
insurance company – you can never be
sure of the quality and the extent of
modification that were done on a car
therefore you should avoid considering
cards that have telltale signs of heavy
modifications like large spoilers etc
check that the equipment like headlights
air conditioner indicators bootlid
shocks power windows taillights etc
unblocking condition have a good look at
all the seats and check if there are any
signs of damage have a good look at the
dash boats
tearing away and confirm that the
variant tier correspond to the age
that’s shown by the odometer reading
also open the trunk and confirm that
it’s in good condition

Chicago area auto auctions - Government Auctions Cars For Sale

Chicago area auto auctions guide
any signs of rust and wear and tear
confirmed have usage a test track would
reveal almost everything what has so far
not become apparent take a comprehensive
test drive and grab it in all gears and
speeds and all kinds of roads with music
turned off watch out for any unusual
sounds that might indicate the extent of
wear and tear of suspension and steering
components drive without holding the
steering and check if the car pulls to
one direction even on straight roads it
would let you know if there are issues
with wheel
Langman test the brakes under gentle as
well as hard braking pressure and notice
if there are any unusual sounds or
vibrations also see that car does not
pull to one side under braking there are
some other important things that you
should keep in mind one is engine size
lot of cars comes with different engine
sizes nowadays verify that engine size
mentioned on the registration
certificate match the badge that’s there
on the car have a good look at cars
service manual and confirm that it has
been visiting the authorized service
station as Patricia do apart from
checking that the engine and chassis
number match with the ones that are
present on the RC make sure that you
absolutely get all the documents that
are listed here before finalizing the
it’s very likely that the used car that
you’d purchase not be perfect but make
sure that you handle hard on all the
defects that you can see in the car it’s
always better to take a friend or
trusted mechanic along if you’re not so
sure of your own judgment I hope this
video would have helped you to some
extent and would inspire you to look for
your next car in the used car market
we’ll keep bringing you more such videos
it’s goodbye for now drive safe

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