Chevy Volt | Oil Change

Chevy Volt | Oil Change - Government Car Auctions

Chevy Volt | Oil Change

hey guys what’s up today we are going to
do an oil change on the Volt so it has
been sitting around for a long time
almost a year and the oil is kind of
dark next let me show you it doesn’t
have very much mileage on it I can’t
remember how much but and you can see
it’s pretty dark it’s like brown and it
has a smell to it so it is mobile one
fully synthetic but it’s just been too
long so we’re gonna change it let me
show you guys what I bought I got the
extended performance mobile one fully
synthetic I figured this probably be
better and I got this ultra synthetic
filter I got a wrench so so first things
first we gonna jack up the car and I
don’t know if you guys can see but
there’s where the jack will go that’s it
we’re gonna jack it up slowly but surely
alright guys so I moved the car onto the
driveway so the jack seemed to want to
sink into the grass
anyways hijacked up the side and here
you can see underneath we got our oil
filter right here and the drain right
there the the size on there the nut size
is 10 millimeter and that size right
there so just get our oil pan and then
unscrew this bolt Wow I can’t remember
this is my first no that’s not my first
time changing and I think I already
changed well before this car in any case
let’s see yeah I should have changed a
little reading school
whoo yeah I did because I put a magnet
right here if you guys can see weather
tonight all right guys so the the magnet
barely had anything on it so it’s but it
did have a little bit of accumulation of
some kind of metal I guess just a really
thin layer so yeah I actually put this
magnet in there I do it in all my
vehicles it’s a good idea to catch any
kind of debris magnetic debris in there
so I know the filters supposed to do a
lot of that work but just in case

Chevy Volt | Oil Change - Government Auctions Cars For Sale

Chevy Volt | Oil Change
something comes through and it looks
like it was very fine stuff so I don’t
know if it’s good or not that I’m
catching it but in any case that’s what
I’m doing so I’ll put this back in dog
wails almost done and rainy so should be
able to put this back in soon and that’s
it has a rubber o-ring on there so it
does get pretty tight easily
feels good I need sort of Jhansi so
there we go
just tighten it up I usually just use my
hand tight you don’t just feel it
something reasonably tight isn’t good
enough that’s it and now we’ll move on
to our filter so actually I bought a
wrench so it should be easy for me this
is only like three dollars a hallmark
and this is a sender if you guys can
read it’s a 74 to 76 millimeter filter
wrench it’s a 74 to 76 goes on there
perfectly no we’ll just use our ratchet
I guess I put this one in real tight
yeah it’ll come right off just make sure
you get oil pan ready to catch the drips
simple as that let it drain a bit so the
less mess you make the better but you
got it aimed right where you need it
no problem anyways alright guys so
before I put the oil filter on I usually
put some oil in here but since this
filter goes in like this horizontally
I’m gonna put a lot I’m just gonna put a
little bit so get it a little bit and
you always want to fill them put a
little film of oil on this rubber so
once it does go in once you tighten it
it can slide real good on that oil so
see if I can put a little bit in there
right in the middle is where you want it
I should be pointing actually that might
actually come out I think I might have
put too much me any case you just wanna
put something in there so it has a
little bit so there you go
so filmed this real good like this get
some oil on it and now it’s ready to go
in everything looks nice and clean then
just put it in there like this and roll
it on none of that came out so that’s
good there we go so I’ll get it hand
tight pretty good
obviously that’s good wipe somebody down
here there were there some we’ll look
you played dirt and normally what I
would do is I’ll just turn it until it
becomes a little bit harder and from
there I would turn it like about a
quarter of the turn maybe a little more
and that should be plenty right there
because if you do any tighter it’s super
hard to get off play I think last time I
made it a little bit tighter than usual
but that was pretty tight see so I just
don’t like the idea that this is kind of
loose it could come out but anyways this
should be more than enough so yeah
that’s how you put so basically down
here you’re done this is tight this is
on so now we go up and add oil alright
guys so this is what the old lawyer
looks like so it’s right at there’s a
gauge hits right at five a little bit
lower than five quarts so so technically
this should think you should take about
five quarts I can’t remember exactly how
much it is but maybe it’s like 5.2 or
something but should be ready what we
need so make sure it’s not too dirty
here where you gonna drop some sand in
underneath a so just go up it up and
pour it right in there I don’t have a
funnel solids at the port like that
hopefully I won’t miss it see if I can
get this thing aimed right at it Oh
missed a little bit but most of it went
in just fine sometime just gonna flow it
in there nice and easy steady hand is
the key
and that’s it if you could see or not
and all the well that’s how I got
anyways alright so this is it put your
cap back on ever it goes on and then you
would want to check the oil
alright let’s see what’s going on so I’m
gonna wipe off the first run here make
sure it’s clean just like that then
we’re gonna go in there come out and
that’s our level so it’s a little bit
high it’s like right here well that’s ok
because our oil filter is not filled yet
so it should be just right once the
engine thing alright so the thing about
the Volt is you have to get the hood
open for the air in order to engine the
idols alright guys after you power on
the Volt then you should be able to pop
the hood and you want to watch for that
oil light that was here make sure that
it’s not gonna glow so pop the hood and
the engine cranks as you can see
so there’s no oil light coming up that’s
good and the engine started here I can
go outside and show you guys hurry up
engine is running
so when the hood is open the engine runs
he pulls the hood it’ll stop running and
look underneath to make sure you ain’t
got no kind of oil looking down from
anywhere so think it’s good
that’s basically it just close the hood
and the engines should stop but it’s not
stopping because I guess it’s doing
something normally it stops but
sometimes takes a little bit for it to
stop so oh yeah that’s how you change
the oil in your car and that’s it so I’m
going to wait till the engine stops and
then I’ll turn off the car and that’ll
be done alright guys well thanks for
watching this video and if you like this
video please hit the like button and if
you want to see more stuff like this
please hit the subscribe alright thanks
for watching peace

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