Chevy trax oil change , Chevy Trax transmission fluid change process

well I’m under the Shiva T my chevy trax
and I’m about ready to drain the
transmission fluid out of the
transmission and the first thing you
need to do is remove this little
protective shroud that goes over the
transmission housing because you have to
get to that little bolt right there and
if you I suppose you could but if by the
time you drain the transmission fluid
out deep all over everything so you have
to remove this pushpin this screw this
pushpin and this bolt and I think I
should be able to pry it down far enough
to take care of to get this right out of
the way so I can drain the oil so with
that I will
proceed these these little screws here
are that one screw is a Torx head so you
got a which is this little number right
and I forgot a screwdriver so I’m gonna
have to go get one we’re back
right there is the the drain plug for
the transmission you have to take out
I believe it’s a 11 millimeter yes this
plug here is an 11 millimeter drain plug
okay we’re back for a short intermission
as we were talking in before I’m
draining the oil out of the transmission
and living it drain really really good
and while I was letting that happen I
decided well I thought I’d change it
well in the transit part of the engine
while I was at at it and underneath of
the trailer here and I’d like to get my
hands on the brilliant engineer or the
mechanic who tightened the heck out of
the drain plug the engineer who designed
the drain plug and or the technician who
tightened the drain plug last time
because I tried to remove the drain plug
and as you can see I was a bit it’s this
is I’ve already loosened it up and I
when I initially started to unloosen it
it’s an 11 millimeter nut on the end of
the air I guess you call it nut on the
end of the drain plug and
i I did everything you’re supposed to do
I cleaned it off tapped as a couple
times to make sure it was not sealed too
tight took my loving millimeter wrench
multi-point put it on the drain plug and
strip the hell out of the the duct

Chevy trax oil change , Chevy Trax transmission fluid change process - Government Car Auctions

Chevy trax oil change , Chevy Trax transmission fluid change process

Chevy Trax transmission fluid change process
wouldn’t that come off this is not the
first time I’ve had a sonic which has
the same setup went to change the oil on
that did the same thing so I don’t know
whether it’s the a lousy drain plug nut
they put on these things or the guys
that are changing the oil on these are
tightening the drain plug up too much
and once it sets for a while or it locks
up but it is a pain in the butt to get
off so what I’ve done what I had to do
is I tried
chiseling if you can see I ended up
taking the entire shroud that covers
this area and the area by the over the
transmission drain plug took that off so
I can get to it
first I tried to take some vice grips
and go on the large end of it on the
outer edge and loosen it up wouldn’t go
I then I took my chisel and tried
chiseling this thing off it wouldn’t
come off and then I ended up taking the
vise grips on the flat side of the bolts
and it finally finally came off and what
I’ve done is I purchased online a new
which will take care of the torn-up plug
that I currently have here so Oh what
we’ll do here on the transmission will
forget about this for right now but I
just wanted to admit I just wanted to
mention that to you while it was under
here and wanted to point out the
problems so if you go if you go to
change your oil be very careful with
taking a drain plug out or it will strip
out and you’ll end up having to go out
and buy a new drain plug mm bolt so okay
it looks like the the oil is pretty much
totally drained out of the transmission
just down to a couple drips so I’ll do
is I’ll put the plug back in
take it up
they want to over-tighten it you could
strip this thing out – that would be
strip the case out that would be a very
bad thing so what we have here is on the
bottom of the need some light over here
on the side of the engine is in a
relationship to the there’s the drain
plug and right up there if I can set the
light down so you can see right up here
is the side plug for the transmission
and it’s a sight that would be a sight
glass if you could cite it but you can’t
see down it so what happens is you after
you’ve drained and I drained about ah
I’ve drained about four and a half
quarts out of the transmission and the
best way to do this is and I’ve done
this on the other cars that I’ve had
particularly son antics but it’s the
same setup is you take this side plug
out iíve added like three quarts of
transmission fluid in and it’s dextran
six I’m using Castro but ACDelco makes
but I chose to pick and I get that use
Castro put about three quarts in or
until things start seeping out of the
side side hole right there are the once
the plug is removed and then put the
plug back in start the car up run it go
through the gears get the three quarts
that you’ve got it in there situated and
then continue to put in theory it’s
another since I put three I’ll probably
end up putting three quarts in Tet you
know run it through the gears and then
put the plug back in fill it up all the
another quart in half it should be
because I’ve taken out four and a half
quarts so three quarts plus 1 and 1/2
equals four and a half so put a lot four
and a half quarts back in and then run
it through the gears take it out for a
test drive and the important thing is to
have it level so that sight glass is or
the drain side plug is level and that it
will slowly drip out if the level is
correct but pours out then you put too
much in so what I’m going to do is go to
the top side and add some oil and well
go through the procedure real quick like
I just described
okay YouTube we’re back on the top side
and what I’m going to do is this is the
dexstar on our deck Castro rather
dextran six that I’m going to be putting
inside the trans of the chevy trax
and I want to show you where the filler
cap is for that and it is down you can
see my light nicely it unscrews and this
is what it looks like
put that up here and we’re going to put
this you have to have a flexible one
because it is a bit of a curve to get
past the hoses and everything so here we
go see that that’s where the drain plug
is where the filler plug filler plug is
for the transmission like I said we’re
gonna be putting already putting about
three quarts in then we’ll go below the
check it
okay what the caps on three three courts
are in back in and I just thought I’d
show you my setup makes a lot handier if
you have access to an open a trailer
that has an open bottom to it this it
works out nicely because the car is
level on the trailer so you’ve got it
that way plus you can always double
check it there’s the level double check
the the bubble level this way basically
level across there and that’s that’s the
important part you want to make sure
that the car is basically level so that
when you open that site plug it’s at the
cars level and the fluid will trickle
out appropriately with the car being
level alright so what I’ll do is I’ll
start the car up and just shift it
through the gears and try to get the
level down okay we are back underneath
the tracks and I try to put a light in
here so you can see exactly what’s going
on I have already started the car with
it sitting here ran through the gears
ran it for about two or three minutes
put it in park neutral reverse drive
just sitting in one spot and I’m about
ready to
remove the drain plug and see where
we’re at from a level standpoint you can
see right there is the plug is right
there I’ve got the socket on it and I’ve
extend again an extension out of it
going through over here so I can ratchet
it over here
okay as you can
I’ve removed the plug there’s nothing
dripping out of the hole so I’m gonna
try to replace it and put more fluid in
and see we’re at
they couldn’t have put the sight glass
any more inconvenient spot that’s why
they try to wanted to take you to the
dealership and have all this maintenance
done this so I’ve just snug this bolt up
here just a little bit and I’m going to
go to the top side and add another quart
and see where we’re at from a level
sampling okay I’ve just added one more
quart which makes where quartz I put in
and ran it through the gears again
sighted it up but it’s a Park reverse
neutral drive for about two or three
minutes and we’ll check the drain field
okay no no CP yeah put this back in
accord in and I think they’ll drive it
up and down the street
all right now taking the car up and down
the road
Oh about ten minutes or so
he did it up get transmission working
real good came back here ran it up on
the the car ramp and the trailer and
like I say it works that works out real
nice because the trailer is level and
the car is level on the trailer so got
it back up here got underneath checked
out the pulled the plug out with the car
running be sure when you pop the thing
off the recap I and the after I drained
it put the plug back into the drain plug
back in topped it off with three quarts
with the drain plug open and then I
closed it up
ran through the gears some more shut it
off put another quart and a half in it
and ran it up and down the street came
back put it up on the ramps on the
trailer got underneath it pull the drain
the site plug out and checked it with it
running you have to have it running and
with that running it was 32 just this
seep out as I pulled the the site plug
out and so I put it back in and took
care of it good to go
one thing I’m the one thing if you’re
concerned about how much oil to put in
it because
GM doesn’t tell you anything the best
way to do it would if you’re concerned
about how much oil you’re taking out and
putting back in I would put it in a
clean pan drink when you drain the oil
out measure that the amount of fluid
that you put it back and I usually have
some old quart bottles laying around and
they they fill up each one of those
quart bowls up to the full line on the
bottle and with the oil that’s drained
out of the pan and that way I know
exactly what I’ve taken out and then
when I go to put the stuff back in
pretty comfortable about how much needs
to go back in because it’s gonna equate
to what I exactly I took out so I don’t
have to worry about under filling it or
over filling it that would be my
suggestion with that I’ll wrap this up
and as always please subscribe please
like if you liked this video and if you
have any questions at all put in the
comments below and I’ll respond once
again have a great day take care

Chevy trax oil change , Chevy Trax transmission fluid change process - Government Auctions Cars For Sale

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