Chevy sonic oil change – Changing the oil on a 2014 chevy sonic

Chevy sonic oil change – Changing the oil on a 2014 chevy sonic - Government Car Auctions

Chevy sonic oil change – Changing the oil on a 2014 chevy sonic

all right we are going to do an oil
change on a 2014 chevy sonic get around
the side this is the one with the
hatchback my wife’s car you’re noticing
all the pink and that’s what they look
like alright I’ll change let your car
warm up for about 15 or 20 minutes get
that oil nice and warm
get your oil pan and then we’re going to
go down underneath to where the oil
comes out on the bottom
all right here’s the front of the car
there’s the hood we’re going to go down
underneath I’m going to put the oil pan
right underneath there’s a this big box
right here okay you’ll have the exhaust
coming out right here and then you’ll
have this big box right here underneath
which is the oil pan right here at the
bottom of the oil pan back right hand
corner you’re going to have the drain
plug so now we’re going to get a wrench
so we can pop that up and it’ll drain
the oil down in an oil pan now what you
want to do is when you get that nut
it’ll come out probably about a half an
inch you want to undo it but be careful
cuz your oil is hot so you don’t want to
have your hand directly underneath there
so what you want to do is you want to
like spin the nut and try to let it fall
away into your pan away from you so you
don’t get any oil in your hands get oil
in your hands as possible you could end
up with burns so be very careful of that
depending on how long you had your car

Chevy sonic oil change – Changing the oil on a 2014 chevy sonic - Government Auctions Cars For Sale

Chevy sonic oil change
running that all should be super hot end
up with burns so we’re going to let this
drain out and then we’re going to go
back up top so we can pull the well it’s
kind of like a filter oh and one more
food for thought this is a thirteen
millimeter bolt American car metric
bolts go figure that one huh
all right we were back up top we’re
going to look down in here here’s the
front of the motor depending on which
way your motor is facing you’re going to
look on either side of the exhaust
manifold and just to the right of this
one let’s see if I can get in there so
you can see what it looks like and there
that’s what you’re looking for because
that is where your oil filter or
cartridge is going to be I’m going to
show you what I mean by cartridge all
right I got a hurry the cops are coming
for me this is your oil filter cartridge
five seven six seven four is the
reference number that you might want to
use this is your cartridge man they are
really coming after I guess maybe it’s a
fire department paramedics let’s watch
them go by yep paramedics
I can turn that thing off now we all
know they’re here ah hurt my ears
cartridge that’s what’s going to be
inside there so now we got to get a
socket big enough to go on that we’ll
have to figure that one out if you
haven’t figured out what your oil is
right here on the top this is what it
says you want to look at the oil fill
cap and it’ll tell you exactly what type
of oil to get which we ended up getting
Mobil 1 this well Mobil one’s a really
good brand and what you have to look at
on the front it’s not just a 530 but it
has to be Dec sews now some of your
mechanics might say it doesn’t have to
be you guys might know the way around
this but for us that don’t know we’re
looking for Dec sews there’s several
different brands that come with Dec so
this is fully synthetic for your motor
alright let’s go ahead and pull that cap
I’ll find out what size that is for that
one it is going to be a fifteen
so actually almost 1 inch and this
fifteen sixteenths actually fit fit it
really well but we’re going to put that
in there that sits right on top of that
and then we will go counterclockwise to
undo that all right here’s a another tip
I’m sure I’ve told you guys for but some
of the new people may not know buy some
new towels take your old towels cut them
into 1 foot by 1 foot squares that way
you have towels for doing this so anyway
we’re going to take this out of here
but food-for-thought move your oil pan
over so that it’s underneath this
because you are going to drip oil if you
don’t want to get it on your concrete or
wherever you are move that over tis when
you pull that out of there it’s going to
drip a little bit here’s what we’re
looking at
there’s the cartridge we remember what
the other cartridge looks like it looks
just like that on the top on the bottom
it has these little plastic clips that’s
what’s going to
clip into the bottom so all we’re going
to do is we’re just going to yank this
straight out of there
there we are that one pulls straight out
and then we’ll put this like this so you
can see that there’s just a little
square Deeley in there and then that
just clips right in let me show you that
see it just clips right in and you’re
done then all you do is you take that
put it back in the hole make sure that
your rubber o-ring right here didn’t
come out of place because that’s going
to help to make the seal when you put
that back in there with your wrench put
it back in there counterclockwise which
is this way counterclockwise to the
right you’re going to screw that all the
way in until it stops once it stops just
a little tiny snug up that’s it you
don’t want to over tighten that because
you’re going to break the plastic you’re
going to break the nut piece on the
outside it doesn’t have to go in there
super hard super tight that’s what the
o-ring is for it helps to create a seal
in there so you’re fine with that now
we’re going to go back underneath we’re
going to go ahead and put some of these
tools away and all we got to do is put
our oil cap back on there take your old
your old what did I call that yeah take
that the oil filter put it back in the
box that can go in the trash you don’t
have to worry about that unless check
your area if you can’t put those in the
trash then you might want to have you
might have to take it to somewhere to
have it properly disposed of as far as
your old oil I always take my old empty
cans and I save them so that I can take
the oil that’s in the pan pour it in
here and then it’s easier to take to
your parts store to to drop off your old
oil so let’s go ahead and put that nut
back on the bottom underneath there all
right now once you get that nut finger
tight all the way on there you want to
go until it’s snug and then about an
eighth to a quarter turn more is about
all you’re going to need down there
because it also has a seal on it when it
goes up in there especially when they’re
new when they’re older you might have to
go a little tighter or get yourself a
new bolt to go up in there that will
have a better seal up top now that we’ve
got the bottom sealed we’re going to go
ahead and pop this off and then we’re
going to pour our new oil down in there
it should take about four quarts and
then we’re going to start it up move it
off of the going to move it off of the
ramps because you can’t check your oil
unless it’s on level ground so that’s
what we’re gonna do we’re in put four
quarts in there we’ll start it up drive
it off let it sit on level turn the car
back off and then we’ll go through the
process of checking the oil well then I
forgot to add is it does come with a new
o-ring so put that new o-ring on there I
took this off so I can show you see
there’s the old o-ring this one’s just a
little bit fatter a little bit newer
because these vehicles are good for
6,000 miles the oil change on this 6,000
miles or six months whichever comes
my wife’s had this car for a year she’s
put almost 6,000 miles on it so every
six months we have to change the oil all
right believe it or not five quarts
actually fits in here
so the entire jug that you bought goes
into this little car so thank you for
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to do an oil change in a mobile home
park that’s where I do everything at
this this gives you the ability to be
able to change the oil on your own I’m
not trying to denounce any shops out
there but you know if something can go
wrong something can go wrong and if you
don’t want to take that chance then you
can do it yourself now there are a
specific torque settings torque how
tight to put that nut on the bottom if
you are into that then you might want to
ask your your shop or whatever at what
at what setting that should be or your
auto parts store they might be able to
find it on the computer so other than
that we are doing with this oil change
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and uh see you guys on the next video

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